Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watching the Fire!

The night was cool,fall is here
I stared at the fire becoming mesmerized
The flames grew higher stopping my chill.
As I gazed at the fire the night grew still,
It's calming effect still makes me surprised.
It was so soothing that I felt embraced,
The crackle and groan and the sparks they flew,
Making colors of red, gold and blue,
I sat there watching, holding the hand of my dearest friend,
My husband and I had no reason to speak, no words need be said,
We sat and shared a magic moment, till the fire went out.
Today was my best day, of this I have no doubt!
By: Cinner


  1. I too love a fire, I use my fireplace almost every day during the cold months. I loved your poem and enjoyed knowing how contented you were feeling.......may you always feel this way my friend.......:-) Hugs

  2. Thanks Bernie, you know it was the first time all summer we used it. I really enjoyed it just gazing into it. I just have a little electic fireplace but I do like the ambiance. I
    hope you had a nice day today. You are always in my thoughts. Take care,c

  3. OH my! This is fantastic, Cinner! I love your wording, you make me feel good!

  4. Thanks Monica, it was fun, first time all summer or should I now say fall. Hugs

  5. Your words are so very dear. Nice one, Cinner. I'm liking the change to fall here... pretty!

    I was just saying last time we all sat around the fire...I believe the need to stare for hours at a fire must be genetically encoded in humans. We all do it, and we all feel the calm of it. It's very soothing I think.

  6. You changed your colors and photos again! Great poem. I can picture you and your husband in front of the fire holding hands.

  7. Cinner
    I love the new look of your blog and I love your poem as well!
    Have a great day, I just know you will!


  8. C-Woman, you are giving me all the tastes of autumn I need, which are absent here so far ... the poem is tender & inviting ... and the photo! oh, how I wish we ever needed a fire here! thanks for sharing that.

    Your new blog layout is luscious. Hey, that reminds me - when I'm visiting you, am I supposed to be hearing a bird sound? Like a bird tweeting? cuz I do ...

  9. That is lovely Cinner. And I love the new bog look... oh Autumn, how I love thee. xx

  10. Thanks Sara, I love the colors the best. have a great day.

    Toni, no bird sounds if you stay long enough you will hear my playlist....yes there is a bird! you make me laugh, The second song is beautiful. Have a great day. I am glad you are well.

    Margie, thanks it means alot coming from you. your poems are always so beautiful. Have a great day.

    TechnoBabe, I changed them again, Do you think I am addicted? No I thought I would go with a fall theme. There was supposed to be leaves falling down...but nothing I did worked.. Take care my friend.

    Thanks Holly, I like the change too, I know nothing more soothing. I am glad we took the time at the end of the day. Big Hug.

  11. Hi Cinner

    beautiful image and words to define a beautiful experience. :-) We have a wood stove with an open front so we can 'see' the fire's glow and warmth . ws warmed by your words and picture. Thanks Cinner.

    Love Gail

  12. what a wonderful way to spend an evening with the love of your life :)


  13. beautiful moment

    and I love the new updates to the blog

  14. Char, thanks I thought I would get with the season.

    Betty it really was beautiful.

    Gail, I so too love a fire, would love one inside, and the smell is fabulous too.

    Have a great day everyone. Take care.

  15. Beautiful words and photo too.
    I feel warmed by the fire :)

    Cinner thank you for being a much loved visitor at my blog.
    You are one of the inspiring people :)

    x Ribbon

  16. Very pretty imagery, Lady Cinner!
    I love that it's so... REAL. so very everyday, but everyday love that makes a special lifetime...

    Enjoyed it, Lady.

    And I haven't forgotten the tag and mention from earlier the week-- just my typical self in dormancy! lol! I'm getting it now for this weekend-- I already know five or seven that enjoy writing...

    Sorry I'm 'posting" in your comment section lol!

    Salinte, Lady!


  17.'ve chaned your blog again!! Beautiful poem!! Loved it allot, there is nothing I enjoy more but to gaze into a nice warm fire. As a child that is how we heated our home...there is nothing like wood heat to take the chill out of the air. I miss it allot. I'm so happy you found your sweet dog Cinner, I was very concerned for you when you posted that he had wondered off...but all is good in your world now :) Excellent Happy Days!!

  18. Hi Crista, thankyou so much, I knew you would love a fire, I was so glad we found him too. My world is good although tonight I am a bit of a grumpy pants...just tired I think...your probably thinking. what! But all is okay as soon as I sleep. I am never a person whom stays mad for long or cranky..Ha, ha, I don't even know what kind of a mood I am in. hope you aare well.

    Cygnus I was afraid you did not see it, thanks for dropping by. I would take a normal life over the limelight anytime.Have a great day!

    Thanks Ribbon, I love your blog and your sense of humour. And you are the inspiring one my friend. hope your move is finished and that you get a moment for yourself. Hugs.


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