Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers and Gratitude.

Eight years ago today, I went off to work as normal, just not feeling quite right, it was one of those mornings when you just feel like crying and having a hard time keeping it together. Anyway my boss sent me home as soon as he saw me, so I thought maybe I was getting the flu or something. Five minutes later I was home. We all know what happened that day. There were no borders that day to hold back the tears! How could have this happened? Last night I sat here wondering what to say, how to put into words what I still feel,what I remember were all the selfless acts, that heros were born and people came together. I remember all the innocent people that died that horrible day! And I have decided this, that we are blessed, that there is more good in the world than bad...All of our faith was tested and I still have to believe!I have to believe in kindness of others, in selfless acts, in all that is good, and continue to pray. I pray for all the men and woman who so courageously give of their lives every day. I admire their strength and determination all for a better world! And that is what I keep in my heart. There are no adequate words to express how I feel. But I appreciate every moment that I have been blessed with, my troubles are not so bad, I have life, and love, I have my faith!


  1. My Dear Friend...this is beautiful. Like you. From your American friend,

  2. I have mine too - thought it is flagging lately.

    I was sick that day too and went to the doctor's - little did I know by the time I left the doctor's office, the entire world changed.

  3. Holly, big hugs to you today my friend.

    Char, I know that when I went home sick, it was if somehow I knew something bad was going to happen, I know I sound like I am crazy, but when I turned the tv on, the world as I knew had changed. Char I have been thinking about you, somethings gotta come. Do you guys have unemployment benefits down there, I know they only last so many weeks. My best friend went through this herself and a the very end she found a super job! It always works out, just sometimes not the way we think they should. And when all else fails, punch your pillow and scream. If that does not help keep in mind how silly you would have looked to others if they saw you. Big big hug my friend.

  4. Amazing how you knew before you really knew something was wrong. Great post!

  5. Hi Lois, Hope you are well, you have an amazing family! take care.

  6. A wonderful post ..... the world is still feeling effects of that dreadful and horrid act. Thankfully most of it is of love, hope and faith.....oh but how the world has changed and there are people still giving their lives because of it........:-) Hugs

  7. Hi Bernie, love, hope, and faith, and everyone joining together! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day outside, have a great weekend, the weather is supposed to be lovely! Our truck has been in the garage all week, so I am hoping that we get it back so we can go do something fun. feeling a little housebound. I will keep my fingers crossed. Take care.

  8. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when our world changed the kid's school, at a parent meeting... and we stopped everything and crowded into the gym teacher's office and watched in horror on television something that would forever be lodged in our hearts and memories..... we were told that any of us that wanted to take our kids home could leave for the day....none of us moved....we couldn't believe what we were seeing...we were frozen....and then slowly one by one, we left and took our kids home...and cried...

  9. Hi Cinner -

    beautiful post - words from your heart - a tribute to faith and hope - and a nation strong.

    Love to you

  10. Beth it was hard watching it from here, I still can not imagine being right there, tears and more tears.Be well Beth.!

    Gail words from the heart, today it just felt like there were no words that could be enough, a nation strong and every story I have read show me there are no differences, just all sad, shocked overwhelming people in disbelieve.
    Big Hug my friend.


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