Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes We Have to Let the Stress Go!

So this is my house with a little picket fence, and this is our truck.
Lately as with so many others we are having a difficult time, not personally, but one thing seems to keep piling up and that is the bills. Today we had our truck fixed, to the tune of 2400...the sad thing is we have purchased extended warranty, but this is considered general wear and tear! So in the last year with insurance, we paid 5200 for a broken waterline, and now 2400 for the truck which is necessary for my husband to get to work and the drive is over an hour to work. So 7600 should have been covered...I have no faith in insurance companies what so ever. I have a slight disability cheque I recieve every for fun tonight when my husband knew I was stressed over money, this is what he came up with...1.IF your a bill collector, better get in line, 2.Sorry we are unable to come to the phone as there is such a pile we can not make it over the top in time to answer. Do not leave your name and number as there is no pen that writes. Thankyou for calling us with such wonderful news. 3. DUE TO limited money, we have decided to go and spend our last remaining money at mcDonalds...note to self ,see if we can get ketchup packages. 4. Then he came up with this one. If they call, we will pretend we have won a cruise, you know the ones that leave a message every day. Meet us at the ship! Anyway it got more and more ridiculous than bill collectors are calling because we are just making it. You see we were a two income family and went to one income. I am not complaining, it is just how it is! So we owe more money, we will deal with it, and really as long as we have each other, our sense of humor, we will make it through the tough times. I have been through lots in my life, maybe oneday I will tell my stories, all I know is not to give up, just keep doing, just keep believing. I used to think one day my ship will come in...Maybe it is here right now, maybe I just can't see it. Does'nt matter...Today is My Best Day, and every day after that I plan to have another!


  1. Love is greater than money.
    Love is with you and money will come.

    hug and love
    Ribbon :)

    PS.. cute home you have

  2. more...

    love all the things you wrote to say to the debt collectors.
    very funny :)

  3. Thanks Ribbon, we will be just fine, it just seems when it rains it pours. Take care. If we can keep our sense of humour, we can accomplish anything. Have a great weekend.

  4. cinner - good to see you always have your sense of humour.

  5. I am so with you here hon...struggling to stay on top of things..not so much. What can ya do but laugh. Crying does not help!! You almost could have purchased a new car for those prices - ackkkkkk!!!! So sorry - I hope things start to look up a bit!! Thinking of you!
    Hugs, Sarah

  6. your love for each other and sense of humor will keep you happy and wealthier than most....

  7. HI CINNER -

    First, I love your house.

    Those messages for bill collectors are great. I/we could use some of those. :-)

    And I SO understand about income - with me on disability or monthly income was cut by about a third - so it is tough to adjust. I love your attitude though - we maintain the same - so we are all gonna get through and beyond just fine.

    Love you my friend

  8. happy and cheerful always..

  9. So many people struggle these days to keep things going. There are either the very wealthy or the struggling regular people like us. I know what you mean, at least you have each other. I would rather live in a tent with my hubby than be without him, so I am one of the lucky ones too. Hugs to you both.

  10. Cinner, your home is adorable. Like you. The rest will be as it will.

  11. cinner, I think everyone is feeling the pinch today, if only they had your sense of humor. Just knowing you are doing the best you can and a great attitude is everything when times are tough, keep smiling my friend, and remember this too shall pass....:-) Hugs

    PS: Love your house with the picket fence!

  12. love your house! I like the picket fence around it. love your attitude too; seems like so many of us are having tougher times but its the attitude of how we deal with it that is going to get us through it; and lessons learned from it so we learn to be content with what we have, no matter how little that might be

    thanks for stopping by our journal and your nice comment :) Koda truly is one spoiled dog; I have to remind him a lot that he is just a dog :)

    enjoy the day


  13. :) I know the feeling well

    chin up girlie - I'm trying to keep mine up too

  14. You know what I have decided is that I have the best bunch of followers{friends) I could have ever imagined here. You are all so kind and you all really make my day! I must need a nap cause I just got a little teary,,,very, very happy tears. Big hugs to all. Until next week! c

  15. The fact that you and you husband share such a fantastic love means that you are far richer than most ... Keep smiling :)


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