Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weather, sleep, sunny and Busy!

This is at one of the lakes that is maybe one and a half hours away from where I live. It is going to be so packed today. We are having some amazing weather. Our outside pool had closed after the long weekend but they have reopened for the weekend and possibly next week. Lots of times we can have better weather in September than we do in August. I love Fall, actually every season I go into I love it, the only one I am not particular fond of is winter and that is only due to having to be more careful with my cataplexy and I have what is known as SAD, which is seasonal affective disorder, I need me some sun! I think everyone feels better when it is a sunny day versus a cloudy or rainy day. That is how I am. Yesterday, wain and I went to a 35th anniversary celebration. They are really good friends of ours. We had a great time, went at noon and home by 3 as I am only good for about 3 hours. So the visit was short, but it was very nice! Ny friends know how much of an effort I go through to see them! Then in the evening Wain had a Seniors Ball windup, His team came in first, so he went to that and he must of had a good time, let's put it this way he was quite happy when he came home. I could not go as I only make it for one outing a day and I was already a bit uneasy on my feet. So I stayed home, listened to Celtic Thunder on TV, I could watch it over and over, they have such beautiful voices. So that was my weekend, I was sound asleep and all of a sudden the cat ran over me the dogs were chasing her, so voila I am awake in the middle of the night and thought I could get my post done. All 3 pets are fast asleep, so back to bed I go. Plenty of sleep, make Cinner a much nicer person by far. I plan on having a wonderful day tomorrow. We are going to go for a drive, I want to get some photos of a few sites around the city, and then I am going to draw in between nap times. Have a fabulous Sunday, I hope you get to spend it with family, friends, and loved ones. I think it will be My Very Best Day!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day with Wain and your friends and are writing in your blog when you can't sleep. Sometimes I do that too. Wake up in the night and get up and work on the blog. We don't have pets but hubby snores and sometimes I just don't sleep well. Hope today is everything you would like it to be.

  2. Every day I can visit with you is a very best day!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your visit yesterday. And enjoy your day today. I love going for drives. xx

  4. I had to laugh, the cat/dogs woke you up and then they were able to go back to sleep probably with little effort and you found yourself awake enough to make a post; so funny about these animals of ours

    glad you got to see your friends a bit to help them celebrate a very special time in their lives :)

    enjoy the day


  5. So glad to hear you had a lovely time with your friends and have a great time tomorrow!

  6. I love visiting you, your up beat attitude and how you never quit, just keep yourself moving forward....ah a wonderful place to come to get motivated.....:-0 Hugs

  7. Thanks Bernie, I am not a quitter, just sometimes a slow starter, I am glad you feel motivated when you visit. I hope all is well with baby Lucy. Bernie, how come youu changed your picture? I loved that yellow car.

    claire, thankyou, today was quieter than I wanted but I still had a fabulous day.

    char thanks, hope your doing something fun!

    Betty the cat is the insigator, wakes the whold house, some nights it will be 3 or 4 times. and other times no troubles for weeks. gotta love thier personalities. Does Koda like cats. take care betty

    Sara I love going for rides and I like to people watch. It is always good to get out of the city for an afternoon.

    Oh Holly, you are too kind, my day could not be my best day without our friendship. you know that.

    TechnoBabe, I think we have similar sleeping patterns thats for sure.Thanks for your kind words.


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