Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

This picture is one I found off of It is amazing some of the beautiful places we can find in ones backyard. That is what I wanted to do yesterday, go and search for sites in my city, However I was not having a great day so I really took it easy, managed to do a bunch of drawing and sat back and relaxed. But this is still my wish for the week. Today is supposed to be another beautiful day, My husband does not go back to work for another ten days! I am just so glad for him being at home so we can spend some time together....note to self, I probably will be glad when he goes back to work. note to self, that's enough Cinner. One thing I do know is that we could never work together! We think differently, one of us must be right sided brain and the other has to be left sided....does not mean I don't love him...just some space is good. I also want to make an eye exam for both of us this week. I need a new pair of glasses badly, how do I know this, I can no longer read the newspaper. Just the cheap reading glasses can do damage to the eyes, because they don't take into account if someone has an astigmatism or the degree of axis the lense needs to be rotated to be optically correct. So I think I will go to my old workplace and have them made and have a bit of a visit with some of the staff I used to work with. note to self...could all be new employees by now. Also I am making a
Thankful list.....
1. for my husband, family, friends, pets
2. for the beautiful weather
3. for the color of the leaves changing, falling, covering the ground like a warm coat.
4. being able to spend time with my husband
5. for keeping me strong in my mind to face anything,
6. for being comfortable in my own skin
7. For loving a simple life
8. For valuing every precious moment and learning to waste none of it.
Hopefully I have more exciting news tomorrow for you, today I got lost for hours while I was drawing, I just lose all sense of time and find it very relaxing! So I hope everyone has a great start to a new week. I really am going to have my best day...note to self, smile and the world smiles with you. Until Tuesday Be Well.


  1. Love your new background. How nice to have your hubby home!!! Enjoy!

  2. I love your positive attitude and needed a boost of it this monday morning...thank you !

  3. I love your #7. My hip was hurting over the weekend but it is alot better this morning. My hubby is getting ready for his morning bike ride for his exercise and I am enjoying reading some great blogs like yours. Enjoy your time with your sweet husband.

  4. HI CINNER -

    I love you gratitude list - quite similar to mine. :-) I love most, #7.

    Have a lovely day.

    Love Gail

  5. You are the best medicine for the blahs and complaints. Lips now zipped against them and brain working to see the truth of things. You are a blessing.

  6. love your gratitude list - it's beautiful, just like you.

  7. hello sister, i sure needed that gratitude list after the day i had yesterday. But on a good note i am having a great morning with Rod, nothing like sleeping in. Being in the arms of someone who loves you. Among many things I am grateful to have you a sister. Luv u

  8. enjoy your time with hubby! sounds wonderful to have 10 days together! but I know what you mean about not potentially being able to work together. love my hubby, but I do wonder how we will do once he retires (which in this economy could be YEARS from now).

    how neat to spend the day drawing; what a great talent that is to have :)


  9. Betty, yes I will, this economy is brutal for everyone isn't it. I like to draw, always have!
    It is very calming for me. Take care, have a great day.

    Penquin, glad I phoned you. Things will settle down for you I am sure, all in due time. love ya,

    Char, your a darlin for saying that! Big hugs to you today.

    Holly my friend, your the blessing, your not a complainer either! take care. big hug

    Gail have a great day, you are an inspiration to me! I thankyou for that.

    TechnoBabe, I hope your hip gets better, just enjoy your day reading in blogland. you need a quiet day once in a while or every day. Let everything wait until tomorrow. Take care.

    Beth, I hope your day turns around for you. I will be by to visit later.

    Hi Lois, glad to hear from you, I will enjoy his time home with me. take care,

  10. Enjoy having this time with your husband especially since we are having beautiful weather...would love to see one of your drawings.......:-) Hugs

  11. Oh, what a gorgeous picture, Cinner.
    It's great to have all those things to be thankful for... I have so many things in my life I am thankful for.
    Thanks for sharing yours!

    And enjoy every special moment you have with your husband while he's at home.


  12. Lovely picture Cinner..and isn't it nice that your hubby is home with you for awhile. It's nice to have time to reconnect. It's the glue that hold things together :) All couples need that kinda time together...but we also need the time apart!! LOL Enjoy your time together Cinner :)

  13. Thanks Crista, I am so glad for the company! Time is flying by too fast that is for sure. Hope you are well.

    Margie, I found it on FreeFoto. It is great to know you love your life, I can feel it in your poetry. Take care. Be well.

    Bernie, have a great day, I will post a drawing soon. Big Hug.


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