Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out in the Sun

It was a beautiful sunny day out and this was one of my photos that I took today. No matter where we were there were people taking advantage of our beautiful weather. We did a little sightseeing in the morning, we also went for a nice walk with our two dogs. This evening I did some more drawing and am almost finished a project that I started about 2 months ago. It will be nice to get it finished. I feel like I have not been staying in touch with everyone, I have not been on the computer as much because of Wain being home this week. I will be back on track soon. If you can get outside, read a good book, take in some rays, it feels like summer again! And that makes for a very happy day.


  1. Sunny for sure! Don't worry about not making the rounds...we know you're there and we love that you're having a good time in great weather with your fab hubby being home. It's all good.

  2. That's a great picture, Cinner.
    Fall colors...beautiful!
    Nothing as wonderful as being outside and enjoying a beautiful sunny day and how nice to be able to spend those suuny days with your husband...enjoy!

    Have a great day, my friend!


  3. it's still like summer here, too and I.AM.LOVING.IT

  4. I am so glad you got out and are feeling well. Today hubby and I are taking his bike to the bike shop for repairs and then run some errands around town. I work tomorrow so I want to get things done today. Enjoy your hubby and finish your drawing.

  5. hiya cin... havn't had chance to catch up but just wanted to say hi while i had chance. Fingers crossed will be back properly soon. loadsa love xx

  6. they look like they're happy to be golfing - I am so glad you're enjoying your honey at home

  7. I always say people's priorities should be:

    God (if they have faith)
    spouse (if married)
    extended family/friends

    I think it is good that you are spending time with Wain while he's home and not glued to the computer 24/7. I always tell people that "journals will always be here" and sure enough they are, so don't worry if you aren't "here"; you are right where you should be, enjoying time with your love :)


  8. We too are having beautiful weather, and don't worry about not being on the computer....spend time with the love of your life while you can, we will always be here looking forward to your uplifting post and your best days ever. Have another good day my friend....:-0 Hugs

  9. what a beautiful photo, so filled with life.

  10. Hello everyone, thanks for all the wonderful comments. I am exhausted today, I think maybe playing myself out a bit, so off to bed for me. Hope you all had beautiful days with friends, family, yourself. Until tomorrow.


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