Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who's House!

Here is one of the homes we walked by the other day when we were out and about in our fair city. I love this home. I find it so warm and welcoming and it just reminds me of a storybook house. I like the older areas of the city and I often find myself imagining life behind the closed doors. Just like the surface of our homes, so to do we disquise whats inside ourselves sometimes at least.Sometimes like layers of paint on an old door, we can reflect on the layers of our lives. We are all unique and individual, when my friend was here we were sitting outside and out of the blue she said, "Who the hell in thier right mind would paint the door that color?" I left that h word in there because this was a quote! I looked at her and I said, that would be me." I had a good laugh over this! A home is what you make it, in my home I do whatever I want, no current styles dictate my likes or dislikes. I get more from a feeling! Anyway what would this house look like if I owned it! Maybe I will dream it tonight, as I am on my way to a fairytale fast asleep....Before I go, it is
Wishful Wednesday
I hope you enjoy your morning, I hope you see the beauty all around you, I hope you know how lucky we are all to be alive, I hope you can show kindness to someone in a worse situation than yourself, I hope you can make someones day less lonely! It is in the little things that make wishes and dreams come true. Today I wish us the strength to be kind, to turn negatives into positives, to turn hardships of life into living better, to see past failures as not yet successes. I wish you to believe that anything is possible, I wish you all a day filled with peace!
Also in closing I was very saddened by the passing of Patrick Swaze. I wish we can all show the strength and dignity in his life and his death. He will be sadly missed! Whatever you do today, live your life as if it were your very best day!


  1. As Cinner wishes, so i wish for her to.

  2. That is a lovely house in the picture but I wouldn't mind living in the house you live in, it has charm and warmth.

  3. Cinner, I also like your dream home very much. It reminds me of two very old areas of my home in Baltimore where grand old houses are lovingly still being homes.

    And, your wishes are those I return to you.

    Your friend's comment and your response? LOLLLLL

    I promise you, that visiting with you helps to turn all my days into the best days for me.

  4. Hi, poping over her from Lens Us Together. You have a lovely blog.

    I think it's important to put your own stamp on your house. This is what transforms it from a house to a home.

  5. Hi liss, thanks for popping by, your right about your own stamp on a house to make it a home. I have been meaning to check out all the blogs from Lens Us Together. I love that Blog, although I am just a little red camera girl who is inspired by you all. Take care.

    Thanks Holly, thanks for always being so kind, I am so glad you come everyday. I will forgive you days when you are swept off to Lake Erie etc, LOL, Big Hug.

    TechnoBabe, You know I really don't want to be in a different home because of all the little things we have done here. Hope you are well, I was going to ask when you say bike what kind of bike. like a bicycle or a bike bike, Lol.

    Thankyou Rose, Take care,

  6. that house is beautiful and warm....but with all of our moves and all the houses we have lived in, I have learned that the outside of any house is just that...it's what lives and loves on the inside that makes for a wonderful home....

    I remember working as a casa and seeing some of the most awful houses in my life....but whent the inside was filled with love, the outside just didn't matter....

    so paint those doors and shutters any color...it doesn't matter...what mattesr is what color we paint ourselves....and you my sweet friend have painted yourself so beautiful and bright !!

  7. Oh Beth, you are too precious and so very kind.
    Beth what is a casa, I have never heard that word before, it definately is the love inside that makes a home. Big Hug today.

  8. Your dream house is gorgeous! I have a few of those too :) I take pictures of pretty houses quite a lot. I hope the inside (people) live up to the outside appearances. I bet they do. I am guessing a retired couple.

    Love your new blog look! Wonderful for Fall.


  9. Hi Karen, Oh I am sure they do. retired couple I can see., it looks out over the river and a golf course right across the street. Thanks about the bloglook, I am a nature lover for sure. Take care.

  10. beautiful thoughts Cindy - beautiful. I love doors and the older the paint, the more I love them.

  11. I love older homes, always have been drawn to them. I wouldn't want to have too clean them though especially all those windows. Perhaps if I were younger but I am quite contented in my small condo......I too wish you a wonderful day my friend full of love, kindness and good health.....:-) Hugs

  12. Is that stucco? Brick? I think it is just beautiful, Cinner! It does look like a house you would stumble across in an enchanted forest!

    Wishing you peace on your Wednesday!!!

  13. Oh, I love that house, it's beautiful.
    Cinner, you are so dear!
    Such lovely wishes there for everyone!

    God bless you!
    Joy and peace to you always!
    Have a wonderful day!


  14. Ahhhh lovely dream house. I have lots of those. I love the old homes the Victorian stye of home with the large patio's out front that you can sit on in a big soft chair...Ahhhh nice. I love dreams...in a dream there is a level of happiness. Simple but lovely.

  15. Crista, yes I could see us sitting having a nice gab. You can have the big soft chair and I will have a rocking chair. Dreams are always good.

    Hi Margie, hope you are having a great day!. God bless you too. Big Hug.

    Its stucco Cam, you must be getting excited about your move. That could be in an enchanted forest too. Take care.

    Bernie, I was just sitting outside with my husband saying we might have to move into a condo one day. Seems like a lot of work some days! Hope you are well, I think I may have got too much sun today...but I am not complaining. Be by to visit your blog soon.

    Char I have always had a thing for doors, especially the old wood ones. And the more beaten up the better...wonder what this means.Hope you had a good day. Take care.


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