Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Goose Was Almost Cooked!

It was another beautiful day, I awoke with little energy but my husband insisted we go for a drive. We went to one of the parks down by the river. It was the best thing we could have done. Just being there briefly was like getting out of the city and into the wilderness where really my heart lies. I stood watching the birds in the water, feeling the warmth on my back and very happy to be able to do this, even though it was for a brief period of time. My husband and I sat on a bench and were surprised by all the photographers that were out taking pictures. It seems many of us had the same idea. We left and went to another park not very far away and talk about entertaining!

There was a water fountain and a bunch of Canada Geese, my friend Holly told me they are not Canadian geese which is correct. I wonder how many of us Canadians know that!Anyway these two geese must have thought to themselves,,,hey they look like they must have some food. I kid you not they started running towards us just staying far enough away to ensure their safety. We did not have any food, I don't believe in feeding them although they seemed quite tame. We left them and went and found a bench for me to sit on. Once sitting down I honked a couple of times like a goose, and they came running again. I got this wonderful closeup of the pair, and then they gandered away! It was so peaceful, I could have stayed all day but the heat was at the warmest part of the day, and I knew soon I would need a nap. We decided to leave and low and behold the geese were following us, just about all the way to the truck. I was so glad when they turned around and were safe from the road.
As we were leaving the park I spied this beautiful statue and we had to stop and take another picture! In a way it brought some peace to my mind, thinking of a mothers loss earlier in the day. Somehow I feel that it was a sign that life continues and all is good with the world. I knew I was tired so we had to leave. Todays outing is that there is so much in our own cities that we have not seen! We just have to take the time to look and really feel alive. Be well my friends!


  1. Yep, as a resident citizen of Canada, you are Canadian, but unless those geese have papers, they're just from Canada!

    You know what? I love them when I first starting seeing them in flocks. But, you know what? They've become almost a nuisance now and need to be hunted.

    Have you ever seen the size of the poops they make??? Holy Hanna, I was at a stadium one time up near the river in Pittsburgh, and it looked like a herd of Scotties had gone through and pooped all over the place.

    All indignant I say to Michael, "Who the hell would walk their dogs all over here and not pick it up for heaven's sake??!!" Just then a big old Canada Goose stopped and took a gynormous dumpola right next to me.

    Mystery solved. Holy CRAP is all I could say.

  2. I had no time to notice yesterday, they really came running right for us. I uaually just see them fly over in the spring and tha fall! Take care Holly, Have a good day.

  3. Ladies - maybe the Canada Gooses are coming to Texas, eh?
    I would fix them some poutine.

  4. That's a pretty statue. I am always making a point to get to know the city I live in. It's funny how most people want to travel OS before they have even seen where they live. This may be because we never see our own home towns as exotic and exciting, but all cities and towns have something to offer.

    Rest well.

  5. Aren't you glad your hubby insisted you two go for a drive and you two enjoyed such a wonderful morning together.

  6. What wonderful pictures of the geese!
    And the one of the statue is beautiful too!
    Cinner, it sounds like you had a perfect day out enjoying life and taking in all the beautiful sights around you!
    I'm glad for you!

    Take care, dear!


  7. Margie, we did have a great morning, thanks margie, too much heat for me though. so will be a quiet day today. take care.

    technoBabe, I sure am glad, it was really like we were on a holiday. take care.

    liss, that is true, I know there is so much here that I have not even seen! The statue was beautiful, I did'nt read about it, should have!
    Have a great day!

    Anne, you feed them anything you want..what goes on in Texas stays in texas?

  8. C-Woman -- the geese photos make me just smile and smile and smile. You and Beth seem to have a magnetism for birds -- how cool IS that!!!

  9. Toni, so glad to hear from you, yeah we are in sync I think. I need to have a magnetism for making some mula, that would be cool. R u still writing, I have not got anything from you in a while. bIG hUG!

  10. I always called them Canadian Geese..something else I have learned today.
    Loved reading about your day, what a wonderful husband you have....I know you count your blessings cinner and you have many.....:-) Hugs

  11. Hi Bernie, It makes sense though about the geese, I think most of us do that though. hope you are well. Big hug.

  12. Hello Cinner!! So glad to see that you have been out and about my dear friend!! Parks are beautiful places......Love to you honey.

  13. what ?
    canada geese....not canadian geese ?
    it might be right, but people around here would laugh at me if I said it that way....

    seriously, is holly serious ?

  14. Kathie, so glad you sstopped by. I have been getting out trying to see some of the sights...lucky you spring down under! love right back at you.

    Beth apparently she is right. It makes sense the geese would need their citizenship papers to.? That's how the story goes. Big Hug, right back at you.

  15. we have a huge flock of these geese at the local park as there are several large ponds. I love to watch them graze

  16. Char I could sit and watch them all day...oh just being outside anytime. I used to see more wildlife back on the farm, not so much in the city, but I do appreciate it when I do sea it.Take care.


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