Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I Content!

There was no sun in the sky again today, so I am settling for this picture that I took on my way home to the farm in early October.  My sister always drives, so I just sit back and have the luxury of enjoying the scenery. She always says she likes going on trips with me because the time goes by so fast, I think what she means is that I very seldom am really quiet. I don't know if you have ever had someone that you could talk about anything with, and then think to yourself, gee what did we talk about for the last ten hours, don't know, it does not matter. It just happens! One of the things I have found with my Cataplexy is that making conversation can be very tiring for me, if I am around people that  are hard to talk to well I get really tired fast and I get really tired when I go out of my home. My doctor says that that could have nothing to do with my illness, that some people are just wired that way. I used to be one of the most outgoing people I knew! Now I am so content doing my own thing, on my own time, Your going to laugh but the highlight of my day today was going for a nap in the afternoon and getting into bed on fresh clean warm flannel sheets, I sighed and thought, oh this is so good! I remembered days of hanging laundry on the clothesline and smelling them later as I was folding them. Maybe my life has become to simple. Just a thought! Or do I value every little thing that comes along that maybe I would not even be aware of something awful if it landed on my head! Oh yeah, the over analytical Cinner has emerged at 810 this evening. It tells me that I am tired, it tells me that it was such a cool dreary day that I am going to throw my pjs in the dryer so I can jump into them warm. I hope I dream of days filled with sunshine and flowers and a good book, laughing children, balloons, singing birds, where nobody ever gets tired. Then I remind myself if it were not for the tired days, I would not appreciate the  energy filled days as much! If you are reading this in the morning I will be off to another doctors apointment. If it is a nice day out I am going to try and get some more photos before the snow comes, hopefully it will stay away for another month. I have lived here too long, knowing that usually if it has arrived by this time of the year, that it is most likely the snow will stay the next time, oh well if it does I guess I will build me a snowman, not just any snowman, but a jolly one with a huge carrot for a nose.......Sorry I just have to say Goodnight my friends.


  1. Hey you....this stuff is THE stuff. Many people never take the time to just appreciate....all the tiny moments it takes to make up a day. As a result of the tree incident I'm seeing a subtle change in Suzanne again...tho we argued about her compaint concerning the lack of quiet time for herself. My rebuttal is quite simple....I told her she has plenty of time when she "makes the time". We all like to say we don't HAVE the time because of this or that.....but that is the ol' 'victim' attitude rolling in again on of those 'easy places' to hide. There is always time to do what is necessary for our 'spirit'.......but we have to ditch some of those other favorite denials in order to just sit and appreciate...

    Great post Cindy....all the best for tomorrow hon...and say hello to the ol' man too.

  2. I love quiet times too....sigh.
    There aren't enough of them.
    AND warm PJs....and naps!
    We're probably sisters!!!

  3. By deciding ahead of time that you will have a good day you have a positive attitude and know how to take care of yourself. I like the warm pj's. Sometimes I throw a towel into the dryer and fetch it for when hubby gets out of his shower. He likes the warm towel. Hope your trip to the doctor finds you snapping lots of new pictures.

  4. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed flannel sheets during the winter....I have a large towel warmer and on cold nights I put my nightie on it a couple of hours before I go to bed so I love how you put yours in the dryer too get warm, now I feel normal.....glad you rested and enjoyed your day......:-) Hugs

  5. Bernie, I went to bed right after I wrote this and now it' 1 am and I am wide awake, so voila here I is to loving flannel sheets and flannel pjs. Hope you had a good day too.

    TechnoBabe Thanks for the idea of the warm towel,,,when we first started going out I tossed some cold water over the curtain....I thought it was pretty funny, I am sure he would appreciate that warm towel better. We were able to laugh about it.

    Jackie, I think maybe we could be. It just made me laugh when I crawled in and I thought oh this is nice! Glad you like it too. I remember seeing on tv where they would put the old irons(I thinks thats what they were into the bottom of the bed to keep them warm at night.HUGS!

  6. SpottedWolf, I am so glad you dropped by, I often think of you and enjoy getting your emails, even the not political correct ones...whats a little old humour. The tree incident? I am going to have to go refresh my memory! I know when I was working I never had time for what I do now, although being somewhat of a workaholic things like this were not important to me....then again I never took the time.I often think maybe thats why I got sick. Who knows. These days I am doing as much as I can for my spirit...Thankyou so much for the positivity. Say hi to Suzanne, I will tell the old man you said hello. We did not get up that way this fall, much to the dissapointment of my girlfriend and I,,,so another time, you were rocking it out anyway with Zeidico which I absolutely loved. Take care, thanks so much for the visit.. Take care. P.s. You taught me a thing or two about my spirit of which I am very thankful. Farwell for now.

  7. I don't get much quiet time with 2 noisy kids and really need some as I have a bad headache tonight.

    PS: I love hanging out at home in my pj's!

  8. I love quiet times and fresh sheets, too. Or even spend quiet nap times on the fresh sheets, even the better!^^

    It's really nice to find joy in little things. A wonderful way to live life to the fullest.

  9. hey! this look is STUNNING!!!!!

    how i love conversations that just... well, flow. it doesn't always happen, so i know exactly what you mean here. i too have become more quiet and love my solitude. and i hope you dreamt of all those lovely things...

  10. I can understand how snow and cold would be isolating, yet also an opportunity to go within... I crave that sometimes down here in the bright sun. When it does get cold, there is no beauty of snow - just brown. I love the idea of warm pjs...but I would have to run outside to my dryer! :)

  11. Hi Cinner
    Oh, it's the simple things in life that give me the most joy ... like taking my dog on a walk or just sitting and having a nice cuppa tea ... I too love the feel of soft and warm flannel sheets on my bed.

    Hope all goes well with your dr's appt today.
    Sending you a hug, my friend.

    Have a day of joy!


  12. Hope all went well with your appt.
    Enjoy life's simple pleasures, and take care!

  13. beautiful shot - i would love hanging out in flannel pjs today as it's a chill here. i have a pork roast in the crock pot and am thinking of my dinner tonight. (hopefully it will be better than last night! LOL)

    i love peace and quiet - but i also love to talk - weird how that works out.

  14. Char, oh I use my crock pot alot too CharYour dinner sounds better than mine, I just had weiners and beans. lol. I am right there with you loving my peace and quiet, but if I have to pull a conversation from someone I may as well have a sleep. I know that sounds terrible.Have a great day. I WILL have to see if you posted about your supper!

    Thanks Monica, yes all is good, take care.

    Hi Margie, all went well, I will post about it, it made me laugh.

    Cypress sun, I always thought that would be so cool to have laundry outside. I do love our 4 seasons, although you might have to remind me when it is -35 degrees...Take care

    Shadow, thanks I like this look too! I am glad you have quiet time too, although I thought you must with all your wonderful poetry.There is nothing like a good easy conversation!

    Sashindoubutsu, it is a good day wiwth quiet times and fresh sheets. I try to live life the best I can!

    Liss, sorry about your headache, Your kids are so beautiful. I am sure you do need some down time for sure. my sister used to send her boys here every summer for about a week. When they would leave I would feel like a truck had run me over....but I would not trade those times for anything. Sometimes I think I have too much down time. Take care, hope all is well.

  15. I love the long stretches of quiet on drives. where the world outside the window is like a movie screen, and I am alone in my bubble, face against the glass, creating possibilities for the little houses that dot the landscape.
    I am more relaxed when listening I think, so I would either tire you, or just listen to your tales with rapt interest.
    May the sun come out for you tomorrow...
    PS, I hate your comment moderation thingy.. it always gives me fits..

  16. Sorrow, I am going to change that, I don't like doing that either, I like wondering about who lives in that house, or what happened to that old barn so quiet time is good too.I am going to change that comment thing before I forget. Take care, hope you are well.

  17. Driving around the Canadian countryside - sounds wonderful !!
    Peace and stuff to us all!


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