Saturday, October 17, 2009

Colorful Day!

So magnificent the morning,
when gazing upon the view,
it arose with little warning
I guess thats what sunrises do!

Somedays you just know it is going to be a great day, the sky filled with color,  the neighborhood became alive today. Most of the yards were filled with neighbors getting ready for the winter that had arrived a few weeks earlier. Today all signs had vanished! It seemed like just any other fall day. You could tell everyone was glad to be out of their houses, glad for the chance to be outside before the long winter will set in. In our yard we were busy raking leaves, disassembling the water fountain, throwing balls for the dogs, rescuing our cat from being chased by our two dogs. In the house they all get along, however, in the yard apparently it is cat hunting season. They have never hurt her and honestly I think she could hurt them, but we rush to open the back door and the cat runs into the house relieved I am sure to be safe from those strange animals.
One of our neighbors came over with a bottle of wine that he had wanted to give us for Thanksgiving!
He is a lovely man originally from Jamaica, we love his stories! He is always smiling and makes us laugh. I swear I could sit back and just litsten to anyone with an accent. He had a fire going in his firepit today so the smell of burning wood lingered in the air, reminding us of the many times our three houses all in a row would have the firepits burning in the evenings, the laughter filling the nightair. Sometimes we all get together, although summer went by so fast this year, that there was no time. I will make more of a point next summer.
My husband and I worked together well today, we raked so many leaves and remarked on the leaves still on the trees after our two weeks of snow. We know that with the next strong wind we will be out doing this job again. To me it does not matter, I just love being outside! As I am sitting at the computer tonight, my husband is making us an omelet for supper, Our little parakeet is whistling at him as he works in the kitchen, my cat is sitting on a stool beside me, and the two dogs are quiet after being fed their supper. The heat is coming from the furnace taking the chill off of the house. I think I must of had a bit of a chill, but I feel relieved as I am starting to feel the warmth ease my bones. I hope you all had a peaceful day too, and were able to be with loved ones, I am excited to see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully another beautiful sunrise, ......!


  1. A very peaceful post....
    Thank you sooo much for sharing.
    I love the way you write.....
    I can hear your parakeet...and I smile at the thought of the dogs chasing the cat (only outside..!! how cute...(probably not as cute from the cat's perspective...)....
    I love the warmth of your post...
    Have a restful evening.
    Smiles from Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie, thankyou that is very kind. the cat runs on the top of the fence from the shed to the back of the house, leaps over the fence and usually comes to the front door. When we got the cat, my husband had said yes I could get one, only if he got to name I said sure...The cats name is picture me at night calling here stinky, here stinky, Of course it is black and white like a skunk, and it has learnt to fetch rolled up paper balls...this is a sign of someone who spends too much time with her pets I think.I am glad I have met you in blogland, it is always nice hearing from you. I hope you are well, take care.

  3. I smile again! Yes, I have a picture of you calling your cat, "Heeere Stinky!! Heeeere Stinky!"....and the passersby not knowing what you are doing/saying...that does bring a smile to me. Smiles are good, aren't they. I'm glad I met you here in blogland, too. I enjoy your blogs, and I wish you nothing but the best...happiness and love from me to you...

  4. It has rained, been very cold and foggy. No being anywhere near the outside at any of this weekend...but there's always next week.

    Your day sounds divine. I'm always waiting to see what else comes through you, to me.


  5. Holly, I have been trying to read your blog for two days and it won't let me open it, so I am going to try again, yours and Sarahs! I can get into everyone elses...go figure. maybe when you danced for me you brought on the rain. lol. take care my friend, glad you popped by., big hugs!

    Thankyou Jackie, you made me smile too. Smiles and laughter are the best things. Life is too short to focus on anything else. Take care, c

  6. Working together outside. Bringing the togetherness spirit inside. Cooking, relaxing, smiling. That is what your world sounds like to me.

  7. Oh what a lovely day you had, husband, pets and neighbours, can't get any better than that.
    Have another great day today......:-) Hugs

  8. Bernie, I hope you have a great day! it was nice, today is quite cold here, so I am inside, all good though. Hugs right back at you.

    TechnoBabe, it was a nice day fpr sure. Hope your day was nice too. Take care, touch base with you soon!

  9. Cinner the picture here is so breathtaking!
    Gosh, you do have the best days!
    Sounds like this was a perfect one!
    All about sharing and caring ...I so like that!

    Hope today is another special one to be remembered!

    Wishing you much joy today, my friend!


  10. Wow sounds like a lovely day :) Love fire pits brings back wonderful memories for me. Marshmellows anyone???? I like mine burnt! Yummm.

  11. Crista, oh no they must be a nice golden brown, how about the days of making smores...yum,yum.

    Margie, how was your weekend, I really like the pictures of this sunrise. Lucked out with it. Simple days here my friend.

  12. Hi there that is one beauty of a sun, sounds as if you really had a great day!

  13. eh naw. me can 'ear 'em accent from here.
    this post warmed my heart cinner, warmed my heart and filled mw with happy tears.


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