Thursday, October 15, 2009

Playing in the Snow!

I finally went outside today and took a few pictures of our snow,
it seems to have snuck up on us very suddenly about a week ago.
Trust me I was not ready, I still had water in my fountain,
plants in my flower beds, leaves to be raked, and plenty more to do.
Today I sat on one of the chairs and breathed in the fresh air.
That was heaven in itself, the air was so crisp and fresh,
After a few breaths I felt as though I was slowly coming to life,
as if the strings that had been attached to my limbs were being kicked off.
I threw a few snowballs at the dogs, they seemed dumfounded to see these balls of white
disapear as they splat on the ground in front of them.
Yes I had energy once more, so I decided I would shovel some of the walks
for exercise and to help my husband. It was that really heavy wet snow,
I went slow but sure, sat and rested a few times, threw more snowballs and proceeded
until the job was done.
It felt warmer, still cloudy, but somehow warmer,
Back into the house I went and made myself a hot cup of tea!
The dogs were just barking and when I opened the back door,
I heard the most beautiful sound, it was that of a bunch of birds,
chirping, playing, dancing,
as if they were sent by my friends whom also danced
and they sang in my heart today as well.
I grabbed my coat and went and sat delighted at how the day had unwound right before my eyes!
It was beautiful. peaceful, serene, refreshing, entertaining, delightful.
For a while today
It was my Best day!


  1. what a wonderful day. sounds perfect.

  2. Loved your day, it is melting here now and is suppose to warm up for the next several days and I am looking forward to it so that I too can finish my garden and ornaments....:-) Hugs

  3. Well, I did dance for the sun for you as promised even though the rain fell continuously out of the sky for me.

    But, when I hear you tell about this delightful day, it's fairly clear that the sun lives in your heart and how it looks outside really matters not at all.

    Another thing I love about you.

  4. noooooo.....not yet !
    it's just too early isn't it ?
    october just hasn't had a chance...november like weather came meddling in and ruined everything that october is all about and I'm not happy about that....

    but you are....

    and maybe I need to learn from you :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great day playing with the dogs and accomplishing a big job of shoveling snow. You keep passing along a positive attitude in your blog and sometimes I really need your reminders. You keep changing the background in your blog and each one is better and better.

  6. TechnoBbe, I love changing the backgroounds, just to see the differences, thats the artist in me I guess. I am glad if anything I write helps.

    Beth, we have had snow for about a week, 10 days, we usually don't get it until November, the odd time even in December. I fought it all last week and decided today well if it is here I am going to enjoy it! It is a reminder that I have to get outside everyday. I bet you capture some great winter shots. Hopefully we have more days of fall first though.

    Holly whaat a kind thing to say!, i thought get out there and live with it, make the most of the day, it did change my whole outlook.

    Bernie, I hope to have energy tomorrow so I can accomplish getting things done, p.s it is supposed to be sunny so I think the day should be great for us both.

  7. Char it was a nice day, hope yours was well too.

  8. sneaux, as Beth would say with a sneer ... but oh, does it sound beautiful! Accompanied by birds and energy and snowballs ... I haven't seen snow in donkeys' years, let alone made or thrown a snowball!

  9. Toni, today the sun is shining and it could be gone in a couple days which I am thrilled about or it would be a very long winter. I love it but just not yet. I Forget that there are things that I can do here that others can't, then again you can do so much more there.Have a great weekend, hope you do something fun. Friday will go by quick, I know how you don't like them. love to you.

  10. What a wonderful day you had Cinner.
    Loved hearing about it!
    I so love your positive attitude!

    Take care & have a great weekend.
    Oh, love the new look of your blog!

    A hug for you, my friend!
    And joy and blessings to you ... always!

    P.S Shall visit you again on Sunday or Monday as hubby is taking me away for the weekend

  11. Snow...hmmmm...something we don't see allot here and glad of it. The ocean has a way of keeping the air warmer throughout the winter. Last year we weren't that lucky and got allot of snow....but it simply isn't the norm. Glad you had a wee burst of energy won't your husband be surpised when he gets home!! :)

  12. Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog. I LOVE your attitude!! I would not give up the laughter either! It's nice to find people who have overcome their limitations and continue life having the best day yet! I will be returning here for further reading.....have a great weekend. Hugs and Blessings to you!

  13. Hi Cora, nice to have you drop by, I am glad you will be coming back. Have a great weekend too. Be well.

    Hi Crista, you would laugh because today all the snow melted, so all that effort yesterday was for nothing I guess, but it was so cold, I really did not think that the snow would go. Hope you have a great weekend and are well. Take care.

    Margie,Have a great weekend, I hope you have a great time. You seem to be whisked away a lot. lucky you. Take care,

  14. HI CINNER-

    I love being outside when it snows. I was right with you, shoveling, tossing snow balls, breathing deeply, rosy cheeks and feeling alive, so alive. And then a nice hot cup of tea - there are some things I believe we could talk about - places where my story is yours and your is mine. I feel that is true. One day, yes, one day indeed.

    And Cinner? Thanks for being you.

    Love Gail

  15. i'd love a day like this too...

  16. Shadow it really was lovely, it made me feel like a kid again. yeah.

    Gail one day well my friend. it is Saturday am and we are off to get a few groceries and pay bills. Cold and gloomy outside, I think we will watch movies today or go visit Wains Mom, Tired today, but need to get out. Until next week.

  17. I am glad that you had a good day....I smiled as I saw that you threw snowballs at the dogs...and their reactions to the white orbs flying toward them...but missing them!! How fun...for you and for them. I'm happy that you had a good day, my friend. The chirruping of the birds set the perfect tone.
    Smiles from Jackie


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