Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Needed! One Sun!

                  Today I sat in my house gazing, looking outward to see if the snow was letting up at all. I had to chuckle to myself as it is supposed to be melting within two days. Not that I am distrusting of our weather anchors, however they have been wrong before. You know I just don't know what happened to this year. It was Spring, then my Dad died, I missed most of the summer, Slid into fall on the seat of my pants, and have now literally done a faceplant into the snow. You might be wondering what the heck I am talking about! It actually is no serious problem except there has not been any sun for about one week. I have a Variant of Narcolepsy with Severe Cataplexy, Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome. How do you explain to someone that yes I have just slept twelve hours, but I am exhausted. I love all the four seasons and try to make the most of my life....But when the sun is hiding, I need some major Sun Dancers to bring that sun out again so I can regenerate my system.  So if any of you are dancers I need you to shake it for me today, you just never know!  If I am not around tomorrow hopefully the sun has come up and I am outside, last resort I will be gazing out my window waiting, or sleeping. Take care all.


  1. this is me
    standing on one leg doing my sun dance...
    let me know when it works so I can stop...

  2. I will dance for you tomorrow, my friend!

  3. Thanks Sorrow, hUGS BACK.

    Holly, your a sweetheart you are!

  4. I would dance every day if I thought it would make you better my friend, we had a snow storm today and it is suppose to rain tomorrow...go figure eh!
    Take care and tomorrow will be your best day,
    luv ya......:-) Hugs

  5. I'm doing a dance...hoping for the sun to come out... Until then, I have my dancing feet going for you. (Have you tried a florescent lamp very close to you as you sleep?...having the light cast on you? I know that sounds dumb, but it worked for my daughter when she was younger.) The sun is the best....but try artificial lighting when you sleep.)
    I'm thinking of you.....
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. Thanks Jackie, I never thought of having it on when I sleep. I do take alot of vitamin D pills. Thanks so much. Smiles right back at you.

    Thanks Bernie, rain? Storm today, rain and melting....and they say it will be nice for a week. We are almost neighbors Bernie. Take care.

  7. I hope the sun shines for you but if it doesn't I know it will soon be shining here and I will try to post some sunny photos on my blog for you and hopefully warm the inside of your heart.

  8. I am a dancing queen or nut....whatever you want to call me and I am shaking by thang....for you right now !!!

  9. I have heard of sunlight machines that provide an artificial sunlight for people who need to have sunlight for their health. You probably know all about these, but just in case, I thought I would remind you. Perhaps it would be a good thing for you to have. I sure hope you feel good today!

  10. Well, I'm putting on the black boots and doing a Go-Go for ya, C-Woman ... and it IS a sight!

  11. Oh, I hope the sun will come out again soon!
    It's been very dreary here this week and today the sun is shining ...oh, the sun does so brighten up my days!

    Take care Cinner...sending good thoughts!

    Joy and blessings to you!


  12. hope it comes out for you...if not, turn on the lights, open the windows and wiggle a bit anyway. that's what I have to do lately.

  13. Take care, Cinner... and See!! Me and Kim dancing for you!!
    She's such a cutie when dancing and smiling!

  14. Monica, thanks, Kim is a cutie no matter what she does, dancing, smiling, or just laying there, If you can believe it it was melting here today but still overcast. I spent about an hour outside and do feel a bit better.

    Char, I did wiggle a bit and took some pictures outside today, and it actually has warmed up, so something you guys have done is working.

    Margie, yes on a sunny day I am like a different person.. IT is hard to stay up and happy when it is a gloomy day. I do always try to find the good. like you my friend.

    Toni, I knew you would dance, go go boots and all. you are a dear.

    TechnoBabe, I talked to my sleep doctor about that and he said that even on cloudy days I should go outside that you still get your intake required. It is like wearing sunglasses on a cloudy polarized glasses, still stopping the glare. I think I might get a uv light if this keeps up. Thanks for the info, I am going to talk to him again. R u over your cold?

    beth I am sure you would be a dancing queen, the snow started to melt today some, but no sun. go figure, hopefully tomorrow.

    Liss, with all of you my heart is warming up. I did go outside, the fresh air did me some good. It is supposed to be warm here on the weekend. So I think it worked whatever you guys are doing.

    I can just see all of you dancing for me and it is a beautiful vision going round in my head right now. Take care to all.


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