Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Do you see what I see? It freaked me right out today.
This picture was taken when we had our last fire in our firepit,
I had looked at the pictures and thought how nice they were of the fire,
But now that Halloween is looming around the corner,
I have obviously taken a different viewpoint!
That or maybe my imagination is running rampant,
or I had too much Baileys in my coffee!
Kidding I am not much of a coffee drinker,
oh sorry, I mean Baileys!
Years ago I went to Florida to go to Disneyworld,
I have to admit I did not fare so well,
We went through the haunted house on a train ride.
My sister and I were side by side and I looked over at her,
and there was a ghost sitting right between us.
I screamed so loud I scared my sister,
This is before I got sick with Cataplexy!
Now I would not be able to go,
beccause being startled is one of the trigger points!
No horrow movies for me either!
So let me know do you see what I see?


  1. Omg theres like a goblin face in the fire thats freaky :S

  2. I see a wee ghostie come to pay a boo-call! That's great Cinner and the good news is, it may be a goblin, but there's not a power line in sight!

  3. Holly you made me laugh, now thats the kicker, yeah me, there is a clothes line not too far away. I often think why would they have put that in so close to the firepit...i am assuming the clotheslline was there first. things to make you go hmmmmm!

    As for you khande it is a little freaky isn't it? how was your visit with Mom and Dad, when do they come back. Love you. p.s. we got about 2 more inches of snow last night. They say it is supposed to melt on the weekend. Believe that when I see it. I have not gone out to take pictures or anything yet as I hope it all goes or winter will be really long poohkey!

  4. It is a bit eerie, but like you say, it is the season for it. Nice fireplace for cozy evenings.

  5. i see a hot hot beautiful fire...

  6. The visit is great they are going home friday night so i have been skipping a bit of school to see them :P

  7. LOL that is a cool face in the fire.

    I would love to have a fire pit.

  8. I see a duck!! Very cool that you were visited by ghost. My dad has had many "visitors" in his life...I'm not so "lucky".

  9. yea, Halloween gives me the willies, I'm SUCH a woose! I'm going to pretend I don't see anything but a fire ... nice fire pit, too, Babycakes!!! You could nap out there, huh?

  10. Toni, it makes me feel a little eerie. I could nap out there by it for sure, laugh out loud.

    Cypress sun, I had to really look to see a duck, but yes I can now too.

    Char, lol, this past season we did not use it alot, although most years every other night, I love a roasted marshmallow or smores. yum.

    Shadow, it was a hot hot fire.

    khande, have a good time with them. hope you are okay, catch up on your school work good girl.

    TechnoBabe, hope you are feeling better, it is eerie isn't it. Take care.

  11. Yup you have a goblin in your firepit....the question is where does he go when the fire goes out?......Luv ya....:-) Hugs

  12. Bernie, he better go right out the yard when the fire is gone. lol. hugs.

  13. I swear it looks to me like a ghost smokin' a stogie.

  14. J.S. I know, how the heck are you!

  15. Cinner...I really had to look at your fire..but I do see what you see...I see the skull of a person. Do you??

  16. Crista, I see a ghost, the face and the arms are outstretched. Weird hey, Hope you had a good day.

  17. I see what you see and I have had no baileys. Need some now, I hate freaky things .

  18. Liss, I hate freaky things too.

  19. Yeah I see him lerking their with his funny face! So sorry you can't watch a good scary movie any more...so I'll watch them for you! Me, my daughter and her husband love them...can't wait for the new "Saw VI" but before we watch it we are going to watch "Saw V" again when they some home for Thanksgiving in November. My son-n-law sweats when him watches them! ahaha!
    Take care my new friend!


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