Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey Wakeup! Get Moving! Come on!
shhhhhhhh, someone is sleeping!


  1. You look gorgeous as you sleep.....I hope you had a great nap my friend....:-) Hugs

  2. Very cute! Hope you got your full of rest! But, you're pretty enough already!

  3. That is a beautiful photograph!!
    You look gorgeous.
    Smiles from Jackie

  4. Good morning hon!! I wanted to pop by and tell you how very much you comments mean to me!! Huge hugs - ok very quiet ones..shhhhhh..have a good day hon, Sarah

  5. C-woman!!! I just want to come and go cootchie-cootchie-coo under your chin! You are sleeping beauty here!

  6. Cinner...I'm whispering because I don't want to wake you....

    "I love you...."

  7. Love this! and love the new look :)

  8. You look beautiful while you sleep... so peaceful. No need to get up just yet.. enjoy your rest.

  9. yep... truly lovely.. wonder where your dream took you!

  10. Dozing and looking peaceful. That is what I need right now. I have a cold and not feeling very energetic. Hope you are just resting and feeling good.

  11. Cinner my dear did your Turkey tucker you out??? I know Turkey does that to me. Beautiful picture of you peaceful.

  12. Cypress sun, there is nothing like a good rest, because your a mom you would know that for sure! take care.

    Crista, I think it did, there is trypta something or other that makes you tired...I must have ate the whole turkey. lol.

    Bernie, thanks I did, Hope you are well today, my appointment for tomorrow got changed. take care,..oh it is not until Monday now. Big hug.

    Char thanks, hope you had a great day.

    TechnoBabe I have homemade chicken noodle soup on my stove. too bad you can't just pop in. Get plenty of rest, big fuzzy sleepers and a blanket. Hope you feel better soon.

    Suzi, I very seldom remember my dreams, but I do know it was a great sleep. Probably somewhere warm in a sunny place with no snow.

    Thanks Sara, dreamy afternoons, love them. Take care.

    Dreamwriter, thankyou, I was thinking of changing it,,,I think I will wait a bit though!

    Hey Hollygirl, I knew you were there, I saw you tiptoe in. You had that scottie bag with you. love ya too.

    Toni, no cootchie , coochies here and that would be under my chins! Kidding! lol.Miss you much my friend.

    Thanks Sarah, that was so nice of you. I just say it like I sees it. Hope you had a great day.

    Jackie, thanks I sure needed the nap. take care, hope you are well.

    Beth, your such a sweetheart, your children are blessed to have you as their mom. I can just hear you saying that. big hug.

    Lois your too kind, hope you are well, be by to visit soon.

  13. I like your new blog layout. Very nice.

    I can't get enough beauty sleep, need more Sleep


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