Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bright Side!

There is a blanket of snow upon the ground,
The air outside is cold.
So today I stay Inside and let my world unfold!
It is peaceful here today, here and in my heart.
My husband is home reading his morning news,
He said we have no plans, but we can do whatever we choose!
I choose to be Happy and know I am truly blessed.
But you know I can't proceed with my day until I am dressed!
I guess it will be a sweater and fluffy slippers too.
When we put our minds to it there is nothing we can't do.
On this Thanksgiving Weekend I will give thanks for all my blessings!
And today I will have my very Best Day!

I wish for you a day filled with happiness and joy!


  1. Ooooh, you have snow too. I know what you mean about the fluffy slippers. Keep your feet warm!

  2. Oh Cinner, I did enjoy that! I love those type of days! Happy Thanksgiving to you and keep cozy and warm!

  3. I love sweaters and fluffy slippers...
    Sounds like my kind of day!
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  4. great poem...

    but oh no...snow on the ground ??

    I hope it melts and fall decides to bop winter on the head for a few more weeks....

  5. I too had a cosy day by the fire with a warm sweater and fluffy slippers and winter has arrived full force in Alberta....I have been counting my blessings for 2 days now and am still counting on this my best day... Happy Thanksgiving my friend.....:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, Have a Happy Thanksgiving, yes I have been counting my blessing Bernie, I thought of you watching calgary vs. edmonton the other night, since you said you love hockey!Next weekend it is supposed to be plus ten so maybe the snow will go for us. Big Hug!

    Beth, I hope so too my water fountain outside is completely frozen, it is supposed to be nice next friday and saturday, so darlin I have my fingers crossed...all tem of them and I can do that.Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Jackie, slippers, coffee a book and a blanket, that is all I needed this am. To tell you the truth I had a lazy day. My husband went with my mother in law to do a bunch of errands. She put her arm out playing bowling the other day, so it is in a he went to help...she is 83 and you would think she was 65. She will be here for Thanksgiving! take care my friend.

    Clairedulalune, Thankyou for your wishes. I am truly glad to know you, YOU always make me smile with your adventures!

    TechnoBabe, I hope it goes next weekend, otherwise it will be a long one, but the more we will appreciate spring then.Stay warm, have a nice rest of the weekend.

  7. Cinner, Dear One:

    Thanksgiving for you gives me a chance to tell you that I am grateful for you...and thankful to have met you.

    When it's Thanksgiving here in four weeks or so, I'll be thankful once again for you in this world of ours.


    Happy Thanksgiving weekend. And I so love the snow. And fluffy slippers and sweaters and a peaceful happy day home with your guy - it doesn't get any better than that!!!! :-)

    Love to you my friend

  9. Hi Holly, Thankyou so much, I am thankful I have met you too. You really have made an impact on me. I looked to see new posts and I said to self...She is out doing the town with that new red scottie Bag. I am so glad you have it. Take care Holly, I am on the run today...ok,,,a slow walk. lol

    Hi Gail, thankyou. If truth be told I have always liked the american Thanksgiving more as there is more buildup to here. here it seems to come and go. It will be a very quiet one, but that just leaves more turkey to eat! I can taste it now. Gail I am very thankful for you, I thinik we both know how hard some days are, you have made my life better. I also know how hard this month is for you, and you take on life with courage. you are an inspiration. Big Hug.

  10. I just can't imagine snow already. It is blowing my mind! LOL glad you're safe and warm.

  11. Char, it is supposed to warm up this week, it was darn brisk out there this am, Thanks for sending the email for me. Now I don't worry until Spring.

  12. Oh, sounds like a perfect day, Cinner.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  13. Thanks Margie, it really was a nice day. Take care, Big Hug!


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