Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Lone Tree!

Some days my heart feels heavy yet empty.
Our family has shattered like pieces of glass.
I pray we can stand strong again
I have to ask Dear Lord,
Please let this grief pass!
He was only one person,
Strong like that Lone Tree!
He held us all together
We are struggling blindly trying to see!
To see the love in one another,
Our differences may be too great!
We have tried to be strong  and do things right
To put our emotions aside,
But in our hearts anger seems to reside.
Give us strength Lord to be strong like that Lone Tree,
to cope with all lifes hardships
and once again be a family!

 written by Cinner


  1. All families go through difficult times especially after the death of a parent. Keep praying sweetie, I am praying right beside you and know all will work out well....:-) Hugs

  2. Thanks Bernie, I Guess you must be right. I was just talking to my husband, when he read this we both had a good cry! We both said we will find our way in time. I do believe. I do feel better after the cry. How did you do at your doctors.Hugs and thankyou my friend.


    this is a powerful and profound poem. I believe this poem was inspired because of your Dad's passing a few months ago. I willpay that your family finds peace and harmony again as you all adjust and redefine as a family and surrender to this great loss.
    love and hope

  4. My dear sister, last night i sat up reading about toxic people. Something I know is that family are those who love and support you. For me there is no desire to be a family again as that is a false hope. I never had what I should have and that is what my heart weaps for, for the family that I never really had. Only I will not waste time wishing for what can not be instead i will put my energy into the family that i do have. What is real. You are part of that family. I love you and i want you to be the best you can be to yourself. love you and talk soon.

  5. Precious Cinner
    That Lone Tree - It is actually alive and connected. It isn't "lonely."

    Sometimes, in Hospice Nursing, when the Patriarch of the family dies - yes - the family fragments like broken glass. Holidays are a hard time for remembering...all the questions, hoping, crying...
    But Cinner, you are ok, despite the turbulence. It's almost always "transitional noise."
    Try to stay focused on something rewarding and worthwhile...
    and know that you are loved!

  6. Anne, thankyou for your kind words, I think you are a special person to be able to do what you do...transitional noise, I have so much good in my life too, thats what I focus on most days. Take care my friend. Big Hug!

    Penquin, you should be sleeping in the middle of the night dear sister. We both have to be kind to ourselves, don't take on too much. Concentrate on your wedding! love you.

  7. Thanks Gail, I have more control on my emotions today...we will work through it all. Hope you are well, Have a great weekend. I left a message on the other blog for you. Hugs.

  8. Your family is still a family, just adjusting and individuals adapting and healing. You and your hubby are family. That is what my hubby and I tell each other all the time. We are family. We are here for each other. Your blessings are many, I know by what you write in your blog. You are blessed!!

  9. Keep faith that all be ok, Cinner.
    Your poem showed a deep sadness.

    A hug for healing!


  10. Cinner your poem touched my heart. Time my dear Cinner time...things look better when time passes like leaves in the wind. Things will get better I promise you that.


  11. Hello beautiful lady!!! How are things going? Have had an ill child for 3 weeks, she is better now thankfully!! Just dropping by to say hello to you!!!

  12. Cinner, my heart is aching for you. Even close family need time to recover and it's never really the same again. I wold like to tell you the bitter family member will come around, but I have to agree with your sister. Concentrate on the people you know are true. It takes dedication to make things better and from what I am reading you seem to be the only dedicated one. If they others that are being difficult don't want to fix the issue then it wont get fixed.

  13. Liss, Thankyou for your kind words. I am going to concentrate on the people that are true. It takes too much energy for all this. I thankyou for your understanding Liss, all I can do is carry on with my husband, that is my focus. I just have to remember I can't fix everything.
    Imagine that LOL. Take care.

    Kathie, how nice you came by. Sorry, nothing worse than when your babies are sick. I always look at your layouts. I will be by to see you soon my aussie friend. I have snow on the ground and you are probably looking at flowers.Take care, wait till you see all the will think that it is official...i must be insane. In all honesty I love it, it is a little early for it though. Big hug.

    Crista, yes time usually helps make things all leaves in the wind. I have to ask you do you ever take photos other than nature, just curious! Take care, have a happy thanksgiving!

    Thanks Margie, a hug for healing...and that is what I need. Take care my poet! Be well.

    TechnBabe,,,my hubby is my family and I love him with all my heart. We have both lost our fathers! His was our best man when we married in 1999. I think it was one of the proudest moments for both of them...adapting and healing. that is what we are doing. Some just in different ways! Thankyou for your insight and knowledge. I really do appreciate it.Take care.


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