Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Be Shy about your Ukelele!

(Hawaiian: “flea”), small guitar derived from the machada, or machete, a four-stringed guitar introduced into Hawaii by the Portuguese in the 1870s. It is seldom more than 24 inches (60 cm) long. The above pic and info from britanica.

This is my story! Last week while I was visiting my sister, my youngest newphew came home with a Ukelele from school. He was very excited. He immediately wanted to show us the two new songs his friend had showed him to play....I kid you not, it was Smoke on the Water and the other one was an Ozzy Ozbourne song that I forget what name. So of course my sister and I were thrilled, we were so excited we were all laughing! He told me he was in the Guitar Club at school and had not had any lessons yet...he has already conquered Guitar Hero you see...Anyway he proceded to tell me the Ukelele has 4 strings instead of 5 like the guitar. He said his teacher said he should get a guitar but there were 3 other kids that had a Ukelele and that he was fine with that. A deep sigh of relief from his mother. So off he went and we listened to the plucking of the strings until bedtime which could not come early enough!  I mean it was wonderful.  So the next evening he comes home and in the evening he comes up and says, that he had just caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and he did not think he looked very cool! Then started the can I have a guitar? He thinks he is going to wear my sister down, she said to him that there was no money for a guitar, and she kinda grinned and proceeds to say, but you know what when I have some extra, maybe then I could by a big Ukelele! He looked at us with great big eyes and all three of us burst out laughing! So picture 2 adults and an eleven year old rolling on the floor! That was us, little munchkin is thinking he can wear her down, she said tonight he came home with a book and a c.d but he can't play it because he has no guitar.  He will make do, she kind of wants to see how he will do, you know how some kids start somethings and then stop!It is interesting to see his next strategy. At the bottom of my blog on my playlist is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakolowi? not sure of the spelling, Have a listen, I think it is beautiful.. P.S. IF you read this Isaiah I think you look pretty cool with that little Ukelele. Remember always do your best, be it the Ukelele or a Guitar. Somewhere over the rainbow, here in blogland......! Have a Great Day!


  1. Thanks Anne, the comments are working now, if it was not for you, I would think this was a really bad story! lol

  2. No story of yours could be bad - just like the followers that's all good, Cinner!
    Just another chance to fix it!
    By the way, I like the "Hilda" pic. I agree, more clothes for yard work, raking, etc.

  3. my nephew is learning to play the drums because he got so addicted them in Rock Band. the good side of video games, right?

    cute story

  4. Love the story :) I agree about the waiting. My son starts out strong but doesn't always hang in there. It sounds like a great Christmas present idea though . . . we buy all of our instruments online. Seems to be much cheaper than the local second hand music stores. ~ Karen.

  5. Hi Cinner
    I enjoyed your story about the ukulele.

    Hope you had a great day!
    Take care.



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