Thursday, October 22, 2009


The sun was here for all of a couple hours and now back to the cloud covered skies.
Our winters here are beautiful because with all the snow you can almost be blinded by the brightness.
Unless you have seen it, I don't think you can really believe it!
You have to shield your eyes with your hand!
It can be -20 or -30 and the glare off of the snow is unreal.
But right now it just seems like we are between seasons,
Fall is over and winter is not here yet.
For that I am thankful as the winters are long.
and the days are so much shorter.
In the summer here lots of times we can be sitting out at midnight
and it has just gotten completely dark
and the sunrise will be in about  4 hours.
It amazes me when I am reading blogs and they talk about the flowers coming up,
and how hot it is. It makes me want to see more of the world,
but for now I will see through the eyes of my fellow bloggers.
There is so much to see!


  1. That's what I love about blogging...(well one of the things...there are soooo many)...but to be able to see through the eyes of my fellow blogging friends is wonderful to me.
    I hope that you have a restful evening...
    Hugs and warm (it is still very warm here in south Georgia!) smiles to you from Jackie

  2. and so many people are wishing they could see our season of fall right now...funny isn't it ?

    and with the beauty of photos and blogging, we are all blessed just like you said....

  3. That's exactly why I enjoy blogging. Getting to know people from different areas and seeing where they live. Great picture! Hope you're doing okay!

  4. Cinner your experience of the seasons is dramatically different from mine down here in Australia.
    Hard for me to imagine being blined by snow.
    Some of the beaches here have extremely white sand and that can be blinding on a hot summers day.

    Best wishes for a beautiful day
    Ribbon :)

  5. ooops meant to read Blinded :)

  6. Your description of your weather is beautiful, I love your writing and enjoy each post...Hugs

  7. gorgeous shot Cindy - I love seeing your world too. even when we're in the same seasons, it's so different just between us.

  8. Isn't that the truth!!! as we go through one season another part of the world is going through another amazing really.

  9. Crista, yeah it makes me feel like I Want to know more and see more. I Really never had the travel bug...its even the birds you show, we don't have alot of the same birds. When I was on the Island I was surprised at how tiny the dear were there compared to where we are, but a different kind. Anyway I am loving that about blogging for sure.

    Char, exactly there are so many similarities in our lives but life is so different from one are to the next. You are going to sleep sound tonight my friend unless you are so excited. again I am so happy for you. I know how hard it was for you to keep your spirits up but I have to tell you you did a bang up job! Good things come to all, I told you the other day I had a feeling!.lol It could have been about supper.

    Bernie, thankyou Bernie, that is so nice to say.

    Ribbon I will make sure I post a bunch in the winter for you to see. Oh white sandy beached, the thought sounds pretty darn good. Take care.

    Hi lois, It certainly is a nice way to meet people and learn about where they live, most of us on here are like a blogland family. I have been really lucky and blessed with whom I have met. I have to get by more for a visit. Hope you and the Colonel have been well. think of you often...I admire you Lois with all your goodness.

  10. Beth, yes we are very lucky, I love being able to see monarchs been born, all your adventures into nature to see what beautiful shots you get. lovely!

    Jackie I agree to be able to see through the eyes of all the bloggers it is very special. Because I am in my house so much it is very interesting. There are so many places I will never get to but I am fascinated at where others live and finding so many similarities in all of us. Have a good night. Take care.

  11. Cin, is that your photo? I love it! Wonderful.

    Seems to me that most of life takes place in the in between places...very little is so obviously something, you know?

    But, what I loved best about this post is that you noticed it...the gap between what's been and what waits....I love that you captured that and shared it with us.

    Yep....I sure do love it.

  12. Hello Cinner
    I think your winters are a lot like ours here in Colorado .... in spite of how cold it can get here I so love our winters.
    The sun shining on the snow dazzles like diamonds.

    It's so nice to share and learn from bloggers from other parts of the world.
    Makes me want to go there and experience the beauty of their part of the world ... so many share such wonderful scenic pictures.

    Loved this picture you shared here Cinner.

    Have a wonderful weekend ...take good care and keep a smile on your face and joy in your heart!


  13. Holly, I am so glad you liked my picture, yes I have been getting more into the photography since I joined the group Lens Us Together. If you like and want to copy it Holly, go ahead.

    Margie, the sun dazzles on the snow like diamonds. Now why could'nt I have said that! lol Thats what I meant. Obviously you know the feeling. If you like the picture feel free to copy it if you want. have a great and fabulous weekend too. Take care. c

  14. Yes, there is much to see and appreciate in this world. It is fun to see some of it through the words and photos on the blogs.

  15. I would love to experience a true winter - with snow...and not have to work for the season. I went swimming in the river yesterday!

  16. Cypress Sun, oh that swimming in the river just sounds wonderful, even just walking at the waters edge. Hope you have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, even from province to province here it is different. I wish I could travel more , maybe one day. take care, have the best weekend.


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