Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whoo Hoo! A Present

Here is yesterdays sunrise, I know lately I keep talking about them,
there really is a reason, because I am transfixed by them!
To awaken in the morning in pitch darkness and to have the day unfold
before you, how can one not be happy?
I wonder what beauty shall light the sky today!
What is just over the horizon?
I could start my day by listening to the news,
Sometimes I find that a little unsettling.
So I choose to shift my eyes upward and forward
to the gift of newness that has arrived!
All those years I worked,
Why can't I remember the sunrises or the sunsets?
I think, then, I was too busy to see!
This is a gift I won't soon forget!
Have your very Best Day!


  1. Beautiful to photo my friend, and I love how you anticipate the day, hope today is your best day ever.......:-) Hugs

  2. i can never begin the day listening/watching the news. it really is unsettling. i cant watch it last thing in the day either. or i'll be tossing and turning in bed.

  3. You said it!! All those years working and how many of us took the time to look at the sunrise or sunset? You are truly in a good place that you appreciate the art that nature produces every day.

  4. often we are too busy to see what's in front of glad we get to see what you're seeing....

  5. I of those GREAT big smiles.
    A sunrise and a sunset are presents...absolutely.
    Your photo is is your blog.
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. Cinner, I truly love your outlook on life! Life is a gift isn't it, and it doesn't get much better than views like that! Have a great day as well!

  7. Clairedulaune, Heloo. Life is a gift. I can not get onto your blog, hollys or sarahs for about a week, it just keeps saying not responding. so if you are wondering where I have been, I try everyday, have sent a message to bloggerhelp. I don't know why it would be 3 blogs. Things that make me go hmmmmm. As soon as I can I will be back. Take care.

    Thanks Jackie, I hope you have a fantastic day. Big Hug, c

    Beth that is how I feel everytime I see one of your photos. Now they are a gift!

    TechnoBabe, That is one good thing out of me getting ill, was that I had to slow down, no choice, and I felt for along time that things were taken from me. I have gotten so much better at living in the day, thankful for what I have , not what I don't! I think you are in the same book as I. Have a great weekend. Take care, c

    Kamana, Hi I am the same as you, if I watch the late news, then like you I toss and turn. I do keep up with the local news, just so I feel like I am not too much out of touch. Lol.
    Have a great day.

    Bernie, I hope you are having a good day, you should see all the leaves coming down off of the trees here. It is so windy. Think of you often, Big Hug, c

  8. such a beautiful beautiful beautiful beginning to a day - i hope it held all of the beauty all day long.

  9. Char it did, a little tired tonight, but no I was in a great frame of mind today. R u getting excited about going back to work. I wish you all the best on Monday.

  10. HI CINNER- if i may share my post titled "A Room With A Window Facing East" - I immediately thought of it when I read your post. Please receive this with all the love intended.

    Thursday, January 22, 2009
    A Room With The Window Facing East
    She said, "I need a room where there is a window facing East." The woman nodded with understanding, assuring her it would be so. She felt accomplished, successful and certainly relieved that she could make this happen, for him - her husband of 40+ years, and for her too -committed to honoring his wishes. She said, I know how to do what is necessary for death but I don't know how to do the dieing. I answered, "yes you do Sis, you are doing it."
    Their 45 year relationship had it's share of events. They were not spared nor were they denied all life has to offer and take away. They weathered every storm and rallied together like a force to be reckoned with. Three sons - all strong and right. Their eldest? Died an untimely death at age 32. And where most would fall apart they bonded together. After all is said and done, love won. Yes, love withstood the tests of time and tragedy, and illness and became alive again through truth and understanding and honoring one simple request of millions over the years.. What brought them together back in 1962 is still evident today. I know because I witnessed it. Those words, "I need a room with a window facing East" will stay with me forever. To think of all that we ask, even demand of those we love and selfishly at times refuse or resent doing and at the end - it all comes down to just one room with one window facing East, two people that survived against all odds, loved no matter what, forgave and held on, raged and relented, believed and kept hope alive - so on this day, one day in January they can sit together, hand in hand, facing East and watch the magnificence of the sun rising upon them, together, one more time.

    Love Gail

    he died that afternoon January 23rd

  11. Gail, thanks for reminding me of this post, I had actually read it before and remember it, a truly touching love story, facing east. You know when I started reading your blog, I read every post. I was so intrigued by your story and your strength. That is why I thought we were so similar. more than I even admit. Thanks for sending this, It made me think of my Dad...listen to the Keith Whitley song on my Playlist. This reminds me of facing east too. Big Hug. c

  12. HI CINNER-

    Similar indeed. ;-) And I feel SO honored that you read all my posts. I will listen tothe song.

    Love to you and happy Sunday


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