Sunday, October 25, 2009

Antipasto, Margaret and Vegas!

I just had to post another photo.
Yesterday I went over to make some anipasto with my Mother in Law
and my sister in law...I thought to myself before going. Note to self...grab camera.
So I took a lovely photo of all the cut up vegetables,mixed everything together,
I was quite excited as I have never posted a pretty food photo.
To make a long story short, no SD card in camera,
Does not a picture make!
Can you bleieve it?
In my house I call this pulling a Margaret.
Margaret is infamous for taking photos of lovely hummingbirds,
And after you would hear,
Oh for heavens sake I forgot to put the film in.
So now it is official, I am my mother's daughter.
Note to self....Don't tell Mom!
All the teasing with her over the years about it,
I think I will just keep this one under my hat.
This would be the scenario, Why would you take pictures of antipasto anyway.
Why do they make it every fall, sounds like an awful lot of vegetables.
They should make cabbage rolls and perogies for Christmas!
I would smile to myself knowing all was good and to each their own!
My Mom is pretty set in her ways, note to self...let her do things her way!
The moral of the story is this, Camera need SD card and Mama
does not know what Antipasto is!
Later I might go to the riverbank and take some photos, late afternoon as that is the hottest time of the day..
It is supposed to be plus 4 tomorrow.
My sister is on her way to Vegas with a girlfriend!
I wish I could have gone with them.
But I also know within an hour,
I would be exhausted, all the bright lights bother my head,
With the two of them and their sense of humors,
I might have lauged alot, but I know I would have fallen due to my Cataplexy.
Trust me if I got tired in Vegas, I might have to stay in Vegas!
lol. They will have fun, I would have slowed them down alot.
Psst..Don't tell them, but I am much happier here at home.
It is going to be a quiet week with them away.
Have a Gtreat Sunday,
and to everyone that has not been feeling well.
I hope you wake up feeling much better.
Take care.


  1. I am just recently getting to know my digital camera. Hubby has been the one using it and I would occasionally snap a shot or two. Sounds like making antipasto is a tradition for your mother-in-law and you have joined that side of your family with their traditions. How nice that you live close to them and that you all enjoy being together.

  2. is it really that cold where you are ??......yikes !

    we are being blessed with another sunny day and it looks to be in the 40's I will be out shooting, when I should be inside working, but that's just how life is these days or at least how I choose to live my life....

    and that memory card....we have all done that more than once so you are not alone sweetie !!

  3. gorgeous shot!! yes, I buy extra cards just to have around. which reminds me - i need to charge my battery (that happens a lot too)

  4. Char your right, the batteries too, I have to find my charger, So in the meantime I have had to buy extras....Lordy, lordy,!

    Oh Beth, sounds like it is much nicer there. cold today, but the sun came out full blast, so I might venture out too. Have fun, put your sd card in camera. lol, i guess we all have done it.,

    TechnoBabe, yes it is a tradition! Most of my husbands family live here, we tend to spend quite a bit of time with Mom since Wains Dad passed away over 7 years ago. She is 83. One of the reasons I married my husband was how he was with his family. I think you can find out alot about someone by watching them with their family, how they treat their parents! It sure worked for me. Good luck learning about your camera. Have a great day, take care.

  5. I think we all have done these things at one time or another....did you have a good time? You would of had fun in Vegas....but you know how your health would handle it is sunny and cold here today as well....:-) Hugs

  6. Cinner...I have done that (left my card out of my camera) more times than I care to admit....and I get soooo mad at myself. I am in good company, I see. :)))
    Enjoy your quiet week...I am envious of your quiet time that you will have. Enjoy it, my friend. Love to you from Jackie

  7. Jacki, you are in very good company my friend, it seems like there re a few of us. think of all those missed photos. A quiet week that seems to be turning into appointments..Need new glasses, I think they are making the printing in the papers smaller and smaller!

    Hi Bernie, yes I did have a good time, much needed girl time, heard stories of my hubby when he was a little boy, and well we just had some laughs, got a new pair of knitted slippers from my Mother in Law. They are so nice and warm. I have hardwood floors, but there is just a crawl space so in the winter, brrrrr. Todaay I am kinda feeling like I should be going with them. i talked to my sister and she said we would have had so much fun...she said next time I am going EVEN if she has to get me a wheelchair. Have a great day Bernie, Be well.

  8. the battery thing happens to me. : )
    this is a glorious photo.

  9. Cinner, my family are going to Vegas on Thanksgiving and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Beautiful picture the colors!


  10. Happens to me quite often as well. Or I forget my camera all together. :)

    That is a lovely picture.

    Have a great week! xx

  11. Hey there - The Golden Girls have kept me from blogging for a while but I am back now and wanted to say 'ooooo get you and your sexy new blog!!' ... Looking good :0)

  12. Hi Cinner:

    Catching up on your blog...your photos are amazing. Love this one. The colour is so glorious.


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