Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it Haunted?

This house is right next door to us. I love this house, It has stood empty for almost 4 years now.
The veranda and the balcony upstairs, oh I can so picture some white wicker furniture to sit on!
When we first moved to the neighborhood, it was all concealed by huge carriganna trees!
And every year, at this time of year, I would walk quickening  my pace  as
Thoughts of it been haunted, just for a moment visiting my mind!
Why is it our mind can take us so quickly away?
I am not much a lover of Horrow Shows,
nor do I like to read Stephen King books.
I was thinking today, that just like people being stereotyped,
so can a house, this is the epitomy for me
At night sitting outside my front door, I can hear the creaks and the groans coming from that house.
I hear the winds rushing over and through the building exploring the world within.
This house reminds me alot of the old farm house I grew up in,
There was a staircase, and as a little child I would run up the stairs to my bedroom.
Off of that room, there was a little closet and I always used to think that something was in there.
Run, run, run up those stairs onto my bed to safety shielded by a protective blanket.
I have to laugh now, as if a blanket could save me.
This is a memory that has been hidden for many years, maybe not hidden, but forgotten!
In the movies you most often see big, old, creepy, dark homes,
Maybe because they stand empty now, that you are reminded that there used to be families living in them,
and now they sit, dark and dreary, with a history and memories unknown.
The house next door does have visitors on a daily basis,  they are the pigeons that keep coming back year after year. In the early morning I can hear them  cooing while I lay in bed.
When the current owners started renovating they found in the left hand corner at the front of the house,
An actual pigeon coop, so true to form they continue coming back to the same place.
To their home, this big old house, the not so haunted one next door.
Have a great Monday!


  1. Haunted house?
    I wonder!!!
    It loooks beautiful!

    I hope you had a great day Cinner!


  2. I think it is tooo lovely to be haunted.
    Did you take this photo? It' lovely...I love the colors of the sun in it...and the reflection on the hood of the vehicle.
    Funny how we think that if we hide ourselves under a blanket or cover, we are 'invisible'...
    I remember doing the same thing.:))
    Enjoy the cooing of the much as they enjoy their 'home.'
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  3. it looks too modern and cute to be haunted!

    I used to leap on my bed when I was a child to keep the monster underneath from grabbing me.

  4. Are their fairly new owners who are renovating the house so they can move there in the future?

  5. Oh it doesn't look haunted, it looks quite nice really and I can see the wicker furniture there as well......:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, you should have seen it before any of the renovations and those big carrigannas. I would love a house like that, I would probably live on the veranda with lots of plants. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs.

    TechnoBabe, They bought the home 4 years ago, The second year there was a real estate boom, so they started renovating, then prices dropped and now they are just taking their time. Since we have lived here there have been 9 tenants in 5 years, and empty for the last 4.
    But it will be beautiful when they finish it.

    Char are'nt we funny as kids. Where did we get that from running from monsters. Naybe all those fairy tale books, the one about the trolls going over the bridge. ooooh that one always got me!

    Jackie yes I took the picture, and you know I had not noticed the reflection in the vehicle until now. lol. Everyday at about 430 we get that afternoon sunlight, just with the shadows, etc I thought it was kinda eerie!
    It is funny as kids how silly we can be. here is a cute story. one of my newphews had an invisible friend, I can't remember the name. My Dad was a wonderful Grandpa, Anyway he was driving and the little one was in the back, put on his seat buckle, then proceeded to put the seat belt on for his invisible friend. When they got back to my sisters, my newphew, not upset at all said to his Mom! Grandpa stopped at a red light and kicked out my friend and told him he better go home that his Mom was worried about him! And that was the end of his invisible friend. Take are Jackie, have a great day.

    Margie, it sure could be a beautiful house, I really could see myself living there minus the pigeons. lol. Hope you had a great weekend. Take care.

  7. not haunted...just loved deep with memories :)

  8. Beth, lots of memories I am sure, This is the only week I ever feel like it is haunted. silly halloween stuff I guess! lol.

  9. I did the same as Char...ran and leaped, and didn't dare let my arms and legs hang off the sides of the bed for fear of the boogy man grabbing them! So funny now!
    It's actually a great looking house!

  10. Cora, it is so much better that they have actually done alot of the renovations, rebuilt both the balcony and the veranda. I think I am caught up on it and what it looked like before.
    I can just see us all as kids running, jumping, and covering up because of the boogeyman. Thank goodness I have grown up. lol.
    take care.

  11. HI CINNER-

    Great house. Haunted? Ummmmmm, YES! :-) I love how your mind questions and explores. And Cinner? How do I get a signature like you have for the ending of my posts. Is that something you "do" each time or is it something you added as a feature??


    Love you

  12. What a GREAT story about the invisible friend!!
    I had a student tell me today that she has an invisible friend. I told her that is perfectly wonderful....and your story about Grandpa kicking 'him' out made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing that, cinner. Hugs to you...

  13. Hi Jackie, oh that is cute, I guess alot of kids do have them. I will always remember my Dad telling that story! I am glad you had a laugh. I have been raking and sitting down, raking and sitting down, just came in for a rest. It is supposed to snow on Wednesday. my hubby is off tomorrow to do some yardwork. yeah. Take care, have a great day.

    Gail or anyone else whom wants to know for putting your signature on your posts...good luck Then you just go in and create your signature, you can pick the slant the size etc, at the end it will generate your html code, so now you copy it. once you do that it will tell you how to do this on your blog, I believe I went into customize, into settings for comments, then pasted that into your comment section, it will ask if you always want that there. anyway I hope this helps, if you have any trouble just email me at Take care.

  14. Oh, what a nice house! I am still like a child sometimes when it comes to spooky things, i have a good laugh at myself! The pigeons knew a good home when they saw it! ((hugs))

  15. Hi Cinner, I had the same cat from age 4 to age 20. Her favourite game was to hide under the bed and pounch on my feet every night before bed. I learned to jump and leap further and further away from the bed to avoid her paws. She too, learned to lunge faster. Boy she made me work every night before bed! Then she would hop up and snuggle as if nothing had ever happened, lol. Who's under that bed? she would sigh.

    I have some true haunted house stories. I should tell them before Halloween! Thanks for the inspiration :) Karen

  16. Karen, sorry to hear about your cat, our cat does that too,but she swipes at the dogs not us, so we are safe so far.i would love to hear some of the stories.

    Claire me too, i can quickly become 3 again, and scream and then that startles me, another cause of cataplexy. so down I go. Not good for any halloween parties. Take care.

  17. Hi Cinner...
    that house looks like it could be a wonderful home. How odd to be left empty for years.
    Sad to think that so many people are with out homes, yet one can sit for years being empty.

    a very lovely post :)

    big love to you
    Ribbon x


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