Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

I swear I have not seen the sun for the last few days, it has been raining and of course calling for snow. We always seem to have snow for the trick or treaters that come around. I hope they have a nice evening.
Almost everyone I talk to is feeling a bit under the weather, I don't know but my body was aching today, for all the aches and pains I should have been running a marathon yesterday. Oh that would have been a long marathon, and now heading to the end of her street is Cinner for yes lap one...lol. I  did rake a bunch of leaves the other day, so maybe that is what it is from, anyway enough complaining from me. There are long waits for the H1N1 shots, some people have been waiting as long as four hours. I am waiting for it to slow down a bit, I would not be able to make that long of a wait.  Hopefully it misses your doors.
I had my first christmas orange today, that always scares me...how can I even be thinking of Christmas when Halloween has not passed..
I have been having withdrawal symptoms from 3 of my favorite blogs,
so a hello to Holly, Sarah, Claire!
It is surprising how much you miss reading the blogs and how I feel disconnected.

So today on Wishful Wednesday, I wish for me to have access to their blogs!
Blogger if you are listening......!


  1. I am unable to open a friend's blog as well cinner, wonder what is going on with blogger?
    We talked about H1N1 at our course today on living with chronic pain.....unbeliebable reaction.
    Hope you are doing well my friend....:-)Hugs

  2. Hi Bernie, the trouble has been for about one week, when you can't get into your does it say program is not responding, then I have to shut my whole program done. very strange. did your course go okay, was it a good reaction? hope you are well. Take care my friend

  3. Cinner, guess what? The other day I couldn't neither open nor see my own blog! Disappeared!! I waited and waited and waited, and lucky me, here I am!
    Take care, and don't get too tired for that H1N1 shot!
    Lovely flowers.

  4. Monica, can they actually lose them? you Take care too, stay healthy, I am sure glad your still here...lucky us too. Be well. hugs, c

  5. Here I closed my blog, and people think it's a glitch.
    I can't win! lol, as they say.
    I am sick at home with (you guessed it) a mild case of H1N1.
    I'm ok, just inconvenienced.
    Email me sometime, Bloggress!

  6. Like Anne, I have had the flu for a few weeks and definitely too sick to do much but at the same time grateful to have a mild case of it. I sure hope you don't get it, Cinner, even a mild case. Are you going to get the flu shot?

  7. Not much sun here lately either...sure do miss that sunshine!
    Cinner, so much flu going around ...my daughter had the flu but is better now.
    Hope you don't get it.

    Blogger has been acting very stange lately, huh?

    Take good care of yourself.


  8. My niece has just recovered from H1N1, bless her. At 6 years old she is a little toughy and I am grateful to say she is up to her old tricks ;0) ... I hope it stays away from your door.

  9. Eternally Distracted, I am so glad your niece has recovered. they are usually so resiliant at that age. hope you all stay well. take care.

    Margie, hope the rest of you don't get it, I usually get a cold in the fall and spring, have been sneezing up a storm today. everytime I do I startle the dogs...what a way to have some fun. lol Take care.

    TechnoBabe, I tried to get on your blog last night and could not. very sad! I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I have plans of getting the shot, but the waits are so long...4 hours for some and then with so many people in line, I might catch something anyway. Not sure what I am going to do. Hiding in the house, its snowing today, great big beautiful snowflakes, too soon, but they are beautiful. take care, i will keep trying to get on your blog, if I don't comment you know why. blogger, i put a heads up at blog help. take care.

    Anne, so glad to hear from you, I am thinking your looking pretty fab in red, I will email you soon, hopefully I can get that off your profile, if not know I am thinking about you. hope you are not too busy. How are things with the flu in Hospice...I am sure they got you running./ Big hug, miss you!

  10. Here's a special wish for you cinner...that you be connected to the blogs that you miss.
    I hope that the sun comes out soon...we miss the sunshine when it has hidden from us...

  11. Thankyou Jackie, I would love some sun, a sundance is going to be requested soon. Have a great day. hugs, cinner

  12. Anne I hope you get better soon, don't go back to work too soon. listen to miss bossypants. Be well.

  13. Thanks, Cinner
    This is the kind of love and supportive feedback I miss from reading blogs. It's hard to come by in the "real" world. My bosses (both) think I did better when I was blogging. It's a good outlet.
    The feelings are real, even if the people aren't....most are....some are just trying to find their voice.
    Our weight loss group is lucky since we have each other....through thick and thin, I guess you could say...

  14. Anne, I do not have your email and went to find it on your blog , mine is on my profile. please email me so I can email you....I hope you are well. Big hug, Miss you.


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