Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It is so cloudy and gloomy and doomy here today, that I have decided to write a post on what makes me laugh, hoping that will maybe change my attitude today! Just feeling a little bit blue due to the weather which for heavens sake Cinner get over it.!
I love the silly little things my husband does when I try to be serious, and he crosses his eyes at me,
Or if I say to him durning a hockey game, 'Honey I need to talk to you!, I may as well have just turned the water hose on him, Actually that makes me laugh to! Or when I say, 'What are you thinking, knowing he is thinking nothing else other than watching the game. Or when I tell him something and he shakes his head and i ask him to reiterate back what I just said, and he knows I know that he was not listening, but he is pretending anyway, that makes me laugh! Sometimes I love to say things that shock him, then we usually get the giggles. Or if I am overtired, I get so silly that he has to say okay now, it's time for bed, and that just makes me laugh because I know he is trying to get back to finish watching that hockeygame. Actuallly I don't mind his sports, and he knows that but he lets me think otherwise, and I smile and laugh at that. My favorite comedian is Ron James, he makes me laugh. Babies make me laugh! Children make me laugh, people overlooking the obvious, that makes me laugh, you answer the phone, oh your home, no someone else is answering the phone, what, overlooking the obvious. This one really makes me laugh, my Mom will call and she talks into the answering machine as if I can hear everything she says. Come on Cindy, piick up the phone, are you sleeping, what are you doing? I swear I tell her over and over Mom if I am at home I always answer and I can't hear what your saying if I am not home. Next time I go out and see that theres a message from Mom, I hear Come on Cindy, you must be home, your always home, now come on pick up the phone. This cracks me up and I swear I just about die laughing.,OR this is funny too, she will call me and we talk and talk and then she will say what did I want, gee Mom you phoned me, and she will say did I, I wonder what I wanted.
Okay yyou know what I have just turned my frown that I have had all day and now I am sitting here smiling and actually laughed out loud thinking of this. I am going to wish you a great evening or a good day.
I think I am going to go call my Mom......Remember it is all the little simple things that make us remember, why we love the people around us! Keep laughing and smiling. It beats the alternative.


  1. Its quite amazing this ability we have to turn our indifference 180% and make a difference in attitude....and....attitude is just about 99% of what it takes to accomplish anything.

    Good stuff Cindy !!!

  2. I'm smiling now! It's nice the remember the simple little pleasures in life...the ones that make us simle!

  3. it really is those little things that make us laugh....and the mom thing...I can sooooo relate !

  4. cinner...I hope you made yourself smile and laugh. This post did my heart good...!!!

  5. Oh Jackie, I am glad it did your heart good. it sure turned me around for the rest of the day. take care. big hug.

    Beth, I know you appreciate all those little things. ANd your photography always makes me think of all the fun your having...and the Mom thing there is a story there I can tell. Take care.

    Cora, nothing else matters, glad to make you smile my friend. Take care.

    Hello Wolf, attitude is everything, when I started doing this post I thought nobody wants to hear me grump around, heck not even me, withing five minutes I was a happy camper again. You playing in that Zeidico Band that made me smile. Take care Wolf.

  6. Humor can turn the attitude around, huh. You made me laugh too!

  7. Hi Cinner-
    I loved all your funny little quirks that are so precious between you and your husband. :-D and your Mom too. :-)

    And that you can write opf such simple humor and joy is testimony to your spirit always choosing to soar.

    Love to you

  8. Hi Cinner
    It was nice to laugh along with you on this cold and wintery day we are having here ... I just am not ready for winter yet ... it's still fall and I want it back!
    Love your attitude Cinner!
    Never lose that good attitude and I hope you are having a day full of smiles :)

    Take care ...


  9. Hi Margie, I feel excactly the same about winter, it was supposed to be sunny, not. really windy, last of the leaves are coming down. we had such a nice September, even better than summer,,,,sure seems long ago. big hugs to you. Keep your chin up!

    Gail, simple laughter for sure, I sent you along email about the signature thing. Let me know if it works.

    TechnoBabe, I am so glad you had a laugh. P.s. Mom did it again today. LOL. take care.

  10. Hi Cinner, I found your blog through the blogger help forum. I'm having the same problem, I keep getting "not responding" message with my own blog. I was wondering if you found out what the problem is. It seems to only be happening to a few blogs.

    Your blog is very nice by the way!

  11. beautiful shot. hope the evening is as happy. i love reading your positive thoughts

  12. i adore this photo. and i am sitting here looking at your art. swoon~
    i know the feeling, this is wisconsin, and we brace ourselves for winter.

  13. Lovely photo. I so am with you with the little things in life. Thanks for bringing some laughter my way today.


  14. hi sweets, stop by when you have a moment pls.

  15. Christina, I did and thankyou so much, I am so excited. Big Hugs. I will hang it in someplace special. It will warm my heart.

    Hi Selah, thanks for popping by. I am glad I could, I sure love your photos Selah, they are always so bright and cheery.
    Brace ourselves for winter indeed. Swoon right back at you everytime I visit your blog. Big hug
    Cindy, I will email you, I have had trouble opening your blog.
    Char, thanks me too with you, like what you said in your last post on pink thoughts, that you spend your energy on positive and happy. I so agree with you. Well you will have week one in with your new job. Hope all went well, You must have missed your little pugs. Take care.


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