Friday, October 30, 2009

What Would Possess Someone?

Don't Panic! No this is not from this year. This was taken in January of 2008. I t is too bad that it was taken from the inside of my brothers truck, or you would not have to look through the dirty windshield!
So what would pocess me to post this picture your asking yourself, I have a very good reason.
Yesterday I recieved an email from a woman in California about computer issues  with some blogs opening and otheres not. It does seem better today although Holly, Sarah and Claire, I still can not open yours.
Anyway she said in her email that where she lives she has only seen snow  there twice in 49 years. When I read that I instantly thought  how lucky I was to have grown up where there is the snow. California sounds great too, don't get me wrong....but there is nothing like getting all bundled up in a skidoo suit, boots, scarves, hats, helmuts and then before you are outside the house, you realize, oh jeepers I should have used the washroom! After you get undressed and dressed again well now you have increased your temperature by 10 degrees and yes by Goodness sakes you have increased your size by about a third of another person. There is no such beauty to be found in any snowbank within a hundred miles...So out into the brisk minus 35 degree snow to now be on the back of a skidoo, doing 30 miles an hour behind some lunatic that is driving determined to drop you into a snowbank down a hill and then watch as you struggle to get back up the hill. You warm up so fast from the exertion of putting one big honking snowboot in front of the other that by the time your up the hill, you feel as if it is 20 above. The good news is you still look as gorgeous as you did when you went down the hill. After all you should be able to see the slit where my eyes can peek through the ski mask. Yes those eyes that are now decorated by white foggy eyelashes that even Brooke Shields would be proud to have(Holly, you know the add I am talking about).lol. Then comes the question, Hey should we build a fire? I think to myself,  just what part of the snowmobile does he think we can use to chop down wood, But you see in Canada we are strong like Bull, no axe needed or part from snowmobile. And again I think to myself, maybe a nice fire inside with hot chocolate and a blanket would be more up my alley...but oh no, lets just sit my big large behind into a snowbank,,,oh down you go until the snow is at your neck,,,sure am having fun today!  Oh and while I am in the snow up to my neck, yes I could dig myself out and make snow angels, however once you are on the ground in a somewhat semi frozen state, you hear a call saying, Hey are you getting cold yet? If at this moment I had any sense of humor about me, I would reply oh no, I am good for another six hours. But since I have no feeling in my round donut toes frozen at the end of my feet,  I have to admit that getting warm was a thrill, because the fire that he had started all that did was melt the material on my skidoo suit, so instead of warming me up well lets just say there was a bit of a breeze going through. We must get back by dark! Your wondering why by dark, well so we can unthaw by morning and yes my friends do it all over again for about another five or six months!..........note to self, I may have to rethink this weather thing, me in a snowsuit or in a bikini on a beach in California....well that settles it, I am staying where I belong!
Today was my best day ever,
Put that in your fridge and feeze it!
P.S. I really do like winter!


  1. This is my second winter in the mid west and when I grew up in southern California my aunt would drive my brother and me and all our cousins up to the mountains to play in the snow. Out of eight kids I was the one to sit on the tail gate of my aunt's station wagon and pour out the hot chocolate. For one thing we did not have the right kind of clothes to be in the snow, and for another that cold went right through me and hurt my bones. The trips to the mountains were only a couple times a year, so my experience with snow was always pretty limited till we moved here. Now we have proper clothes and boots and gloves and I found out last year that I didn't mind being in the snow. In fact, the back breaking snow shoveling was kinda fun. So were the impromptu snowballs!

  2. Your snow sounds heavenly......and the hot chocolate too.
    Sent from the deep south (Florida/Georgia line...where I've only seen snow (here) three times. We have a home in the mountains...and we see it there...but we have to travel for 8 hours to see it. I'm glad that you had a great day. That makes me happy!

  3. cinner, I couldn't live anywhere that didn't have all 4 seasons, I love them all. I love the snow as well, snowmobiling, tobaganing (sp) skating and of all things making snow angels...I do get frustrated when it last for several months though. Loved this post....Hugs

  4. I like snow, don't get me wrong.
    But it is such a rare occurrence here that we are unprepared for it.
    (Dallas, Tx)
    I don't even have a proper winter coat.
    Does this cancel out my "Honorary Canadian" status?

  5. Anne, oh no your "Honorary Canadian" Status is a go. But we would get you a new coat! Anne you asked me to email you sometime, but I don't have your email address, mine is Your honorary status is on the line hope you are well and feeling better. are you over your flu yet.

    Bernie, I knew you would, I am always good until about February, then once March hits I think well Spring will be here soon. I used to skate, it has been years and years since I have been on them. But I could make snow angels with you. Have a great weekend Bernie!

    Jackie, oh a house in the mountains, that would be nice, a long drive to get there, but beautiful I am sure. I was in Florida one year after I got divorcedm and the thing that amazed me the most was no snow and that armadillos just would cross the road. Of course I had never seen them before so to me it
    was quite exciting. It has warmed up and all the rain has melted the snow, a little slick with the freezing at night. Take care Jackie, Thanks for always being such a great support for me. Be well my friend. Take care.

    TechnoBabe, great story, why did our aunts all seem to have station wagons! To really enjoy the winter we need the right clothes...You know I like to shovel snow too. When I am able.
    The hot chocolate sounds like fun on the back of the wagon. She sounds like a fun aunt. I hope you and your husband are feeling better. How did his party go! Take care for now Have a good Halloween if your doing anything, just handing out candy.

  6. I love snow....I really do....BUT only for a week...or maybe two and then that's it...I'm done and want it all gone....I'm really more of an ocean girl and should be living on the sand :)

    I'm so glad you love it though...especially given where you live....

  7. Beth I guess growing up with it is what I consider to be normal. Know no other way, but I do get tired of it but not for awhile. Take care.

  8. Well I have to say i like looking at winter, just looking at it. There is nothing like being by a warm glowing fire and looking outside to sea the ground covered white and big white flakes coming down. I love that look but i think that is about it when it comes to winter. lol I am thrilled that for halloween there was no snow. Have a great day sister.

  9. Penquin, the pictures were great that you sent me, you looked pretty cool. and that card thingg you were doing. Rod was almost unrecognizable. you must of had great fun. Love you.

  10. You are so funny! I love it!

  11. Cora, your a darlin. Wa'nt it exciting to win Christinas pink contest. Congratuloations.


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