Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fa La La La La la

Well Haloween is over and it was very quiet here. We only had about 15 kids come to our door. Usually we have over 75, reminder to self....send candy with husband to work in the morning when he goes.So as quiet as Halloween was, the Christmas season was abuzz in any of the stores we went into today. Everyone was out shopping, we did not buy a thing! I did not need anything, or do I want anything. Finally I said to my husband, How about we just go home! So we came home after a visit with his Mom, I did a few crafts and it was thoroughly peaceful. The picture above was from a couple of Christmases ago, when I was not feeling well and that was my Christmas tree. I made it one afternoon with things I had around the house. I am good for that, take a little of this, some of that, and voila there you have it. It actually sparkled alot that year. Taking down the decorations was nothing to it that year. To me the season is here way to fast, and I had to chuckle to myself today that one thing about me not working is that I don't have to listen to the same Christmas music for days on end. It will be a very quiet Christmas, I will probably get more in the spirit once I finish the Halloween candy! It has to be outta here in the am, I am starting my weight wise program in the morning. My big goal for the week is to walk, I got a pedometer today, I have no idea how many steps I should walk, but I will average it out at the end of the week and then increase every week after. I think it will be really beneficial to me, my reward will be to buy a new outfit for Christmas(on sale)! All in all it was a very quiet weekend. I spent quite alot of time with my Mom on the phone. She really misses my Dad, especially in the evening. I am trying to talk her into doing a hobby or something. We must have spent about 4 hours on the phone over the weekend, but she needs this right now! Sorry no exciting news,,,,but you just wait Tomorrow is another Day, it could be The Best Day ever!


  1. It is exciting news to me, cinner...
    You spent time with your Mom on the phone...time that she needed you...and that was a happy time for her, I know.
    Also the fact that you are going to buy yourself a Christmas outfit as a reward.
    Those are all good things....:))
    I tried a pedometer....and I used it for about a week. After that, I basically knew how much I could walk (I'm not a runner...but I do enjoy walking.) Best wishes on your journey...
    I'm with you, my friend.

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  3. Dear Cinner,
    like the idea of not buying anything for Christmas in stores. I have been doing this way for two years now, I treated myself and some dear ones with handmade things or gifts purchased from home in my pjs! Internet is such a fabulous thing, isn't it??
    I prefer making something SPECIAL for my special ones, and spend SPECIAL time with them!
    Good luck with the pedometer... I'm sure you'll enjoy the journey.

  4. Sorry for the mess with the previous comment, I wanted to add something, and ended up with this!

  5. Monica, no problem, I agree with you something special and some special time is the best. I am going to go out walking as soon as it gets light. Take care, Hugs.

    Jackie, thanks for all the support! It breaks my heart to know someone is lonely, At times like this I do wish I lived closer so I could help her more. Take care. Have a great day.

  6. I am really interesting in following your progress with your walking. For me, walking is about how much time I spend out there. James and I went to my apartment yesterday and got more things into the car and brought over to the house. This is the last month I have that apartment so this week I will be calling around to find someone to come get the couch and chairs.
    I have been dreading this part but since we have been bringing over things slowly we only have a few more trips in the car and then I found a man with a truck who will help us get the bed and bookcases to bring over here. The sun is out here this morning and I hope you are enjoying your walk way way up where you live. Smile.

  7. Those long days of quiet introspection. They seem to go so slow.
    When I miss someone like that, there are just no words.
    A hobby is good, and so are long phone calls.
    You and your Mum are good for each other right now.

  8. Oh it will be nice to get everything done and get that settled feeling. Good luck with the move, I am still waiting for it to get light, I have to go early while I have energy or it just won't happen...My dogs will be estatic.Take care, be well, c

  9. Lordy the above post was meant for TechnoBabe about the move,

    Amme. yes there are just no words, did you get my message about your email. How r u doing. hope you are feeling better. are you still off work. Big hug.

  10. HI CINNER-

    Your home made Christmas tree is beautiful just like YOU! :-)

    Love Gail

  11. a beautiful little tree - i agree that handmade can be just as beautiful and completely more thoughtful than mall gifts.

    one year i made a cookbook with all the family recipes. people still tell me they use it and that was over 15 years ago.

  12. No, dear Cinner, I didn't get the message - nothing bad, I hope.
    But with your kind permission, I will post it here.

  13. You are suppose to walk 10,000 steps a day, it was really hard for me when I started and I was shocked when I realized how much walking that included, now after 3 years I am pretty well used to it....Good Luck...I loved your little tree.......:-) Hugs

  14. I love homemade anything...especially from the kids !!!

  15. Beth, kids and keepsakes, nothing like it. Take care.

    Bernie, I am going to need the luck, my back gets so sore when I walk, but I am really trying.

    Anne, oh no just did not want to lose touch with you, awesome about losing 50 lbs. I can sure see a difference in your face. looking great.

    Char, oh a cookbook would have been fun! of course you need to know how to cook, i envy all of you bakers out there, my mom is a great cook, i am a crockpot queen. lol

    Gail, Thankyou what a nice thing to say. take care.

  16. I love homemade too *Heartfelt and Homemade* haha. We did not have ANY T or Ters...very quiet here. I love Christmas stuff...but I do NOT need any more Christmas stuff...I'm such a sucker for it though.
    Good luck on your walking *something I really need to do too*


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