Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There More Than Just Some Flowers!

Today I needed a reminder
To see beauty in everything
To try to be kinder
And let my heart sing!

These beautiful flowers,
One set apart,
You have to own the differences,
Before there is complete love within your heart.

So if by looking at a flower,
can make my heart smile,
And pass away an hour.
Then I am going to reflect awhile.

I will reflect upon this year,
One of love, fear, and sorrow.
The loss of a loved one that we held so dear,
Through our grief and memories, we now look to tomorrow!

These flowers also remind me
That after winter then comes spring,
Right now things are as they were meant to be,
So with some peace and comfort, I look forward to what the day will bring!

It could be my best day ever!
Enjoy each and every moment!


  1. Beautiful words and beautiful 'Pink" flowers! Pink's my fave!

    I love your "new" fresh look!

  2. Very pretty...poem and flowers. Enjoy your day.

  3. gorgeous shot and such a beautiful poem

  4. The flowers, like people, are different and lovely in their own way.

  5. Thanks Ladies, you are all lovely and special.Have a great day.

  6. Your days are getting better and better!
    Now there's a smile for me...and the flowers are beautiful!


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