Monday, November 23, 2009

An Award.

I recieved this award last week from Cora at Heartfelt and Homemade,  Thankyou so much Cora! I was touched!
The idea behind the award is to list 10 fun things about yourself, and then forward it to 10 of your favorite here goes!
1.  My favorite music is jammin, this is a new phase for me, love all kinds, but really relating to Bob Marley these days.
2.  I learned to Karaoke by listening to my best friend sing all her songs and once I heard her do them, then I would get up and  try them. I think the first time I sang you could hardly hear me! That is how I met my husband. He was singing Hello Darling by George Jones....I am a sucker for a man with a deep voice.
3.   I think I have a great sense of humor, and believe I will be remembered for my ability to laugh and be comical.
4. I am a fanatical dog lover, and have been informed by the city pound that my dog Kula is on the High Risk offenders list. He has only got away on us how does this a High Risk offender make?
5. I can cook, but I can not bake and one batch of cookies has been given to the dogs for treats and they have turned up there noses and walked away. The ungrateful beasts!
6. I have a Condition called Cataplexy that causes me to fall down when I laugh. It is severe so when I get tired I fall down alot. The thing is if something is funny it is usually quite funny so sometimes I have trouble quitting laughing long enough to get back up again. So no Comedy Clubs for me!. I think God must have a sense of humor because when I found out about this I thought to myself of all the things to get, this is the silliest.
7.My husband introduces me as his first wife, people look at us and wonder what we are doing together, I am his only wife. Silly sod.
8. I get attached to shoes, especially gold lame' thrown out by my best friend, and a pair of white flats thrown out by my Mom. Now was it really necessary! They should go through my underwear drawer. They would have a heyday. Actually my friend has thrown out my mumus too. She does not know it but I have a new one. Ha Ha!
9. When I got married to my husband we were the very last ones at our dance. we danced the night away. We both had so much fun. At the gift opening one of our truckdriver friends dropped by and this is what
he said, Darlin I heard last night you just looked beautiful, but I have to say you look like heck today!After looking at pictures I believe he may have been a little correct. We had a good laugh about it anyway.
10. My nieces and newphews tell me I am the coolest Aunt ever! What they don't know loving them has been the best thing in my life! They have kept me young at heart, and I tell them all the time, they have mistaken me
for someone who has money. When they come to my house, there is no tv, no game boys, no texting, we are outdoors playing or painting or just being kids. One of them asked for a computer one year for Christmas. I told him his limit was five dollars, that he better get a job. Oh how they love me.! ha, ha!

So  now I am to pass this on to 1O of my favorite blogs.
1. Holly from Your Mother Knows..But won't tell you. If you have not been to her blog you need to run over and have a visit. Sometimes she makes me laugh hysterically. Check out her post on the Brooke Shields
eyelash commercial. Her blog is listed on my blog List.
2. Bernie from On My Own. She is one of the nicest, kindest individuals I have ever met. She does so much for others. You will love her. Her blog is listed on my blog list.
3.  Joanna.from The Fifty Factor. Everything about her is just wonderful. She makes me laugh, has been a great support system for me and is involved in many things. Her blog is on my list as well
And the rest of my blogs, if any of you want this award please feel free to take it. I think you are all deserving of it. I thank you for visiting my blogs and for the friendships we have made.
Take care.
Remember ....A Day Without  Laughter Is A  Day Wasted.


  1. Next time your husband introduces you as his first wife, you can jump right in there and say "No, sweetie, I am your last wife".

  2. That is an awesome list of things about you Cinner. Great Job!

    I didn't realize Cataplexy was laughing triggered. If we spent the day together we'd have to spend it ALL sitting down because I think we'd have a blast and laugh the day away together.

    Thanks for passing this award on to me. I'll work on it and let you know when I post.

    In the meantime, thanks for YOUR support about Thanksgiving eating. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your ONLY husband :-)


  3. Congrats on your award...I love the bit about dogs and your cookies. xo

  4. This was great! I enjoyed reading about you...and I, too, didn't know that Cataplexy was triggered by laughing. Oh dear...and your great sense of humor + Cataplexy. Yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor. But, He is Perfect...and knew exactly what He was doing...and I'm so grateful to have found your blog...and your friendship.
    I laughed at your cookies being ignored by your dawgs. (And one 'escape' does not the 'high offender' list make!....We need to talk to the list-makers in your community...)
    You are blessed to have your neices...I can tell the love runs deeply....both ways.
    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it.
    Have a great week. I'll be back!
    Smiles from Jackie

  5. Oooo I love your laughter quote!!! So true...
    Thanks for playing along...this is a great post about yourself. Love your humor, but I think I have told you that before! :)
    So....the dogs wouldn't even eat them huh? Oh no!!

  6. Thank you sweetie, you humble be with your kind words.....congratulations of a well deserved award.......:-) Hugs

  7. Bernie, congratulations to you too. Take care for now.

    Cora, the dogs would not eat them, hubby said we could freeze them in the freeze and dunk them in hot chocolate. I asked him one day how that was working for him. and they were gone that day. My Mom is one of the best bakers on the planet. I improvise too much. lol.

    Teachers Pet, jackie it can also be triggered by being startled or loud noises, anything to deal with strong emotions. About 95% are from laughing for me. Have a great week Jackie! big hug.
    Se'Lah I am sure we could have used them to knock down trees...they were hard as should see my husbands face when I say I am going to back. That painful look pretty much says it all. I am an okay cook though. He was 46 when we got married and I used to hear, oh it just doesnt taste like Moms.....I told him well then my love you should go right on over and have her cook for you. I never heard it again. lol. And he said that about macaroni and cheese...I knew I was in trouble, but I did not get this size by not knowing how to cook. We do have fun now with it. Thanks for visiting.

    Joanna, other things trigger it to but usually strong emotion, the most common is laughter, but that is why so much of my day is sitting down. And usually don't go out after 6 as when I am tired then whew hoo! I could see us hanging around for sure! Take care and Always a blessing when you show up.

  8. TechnoBabe, I will have to remember that, Sometimes I don't think too quick on my feet. I hope you had a wonderful day. Take care.

  9. I love reading about you and getting to know you better! :)

    hope you have a beautiful day

  10. Oh I love your list and getting to know a little bit more about you. Take care! xoxo

  11. hello sister, oh how i laughed about number 10. Oh how my boys do love you as do I. I missed us chatting today you must have been out partying. lol

  12. Penquin, no I was home all day, I phoned you a couple times, your answering machine is on the fritz, and you were busy! lol

    Sara, I like learning about others too. take care, surprising how some of us have so much in common.

    Char,I love reading them too about others. have a great day.

  13. Loved reading your list! I have never heard of Cataplexy. It would be hard to have to edit your own laugh. Sometimes it just must be worth it to laugh out loud anyways :)

    I see you have had snow already! No flakes in Ottawa yet. We actually had fog yesterday. Very strange for late November.

    ~ Karen

  14. Karen,there is nothing in the world like a good laugh, Inever know when something will hit me funny, I have to make sure I am not tired at all when I am out. You have no control over it either, so you just fall but you are aware of everything going on around you. a couple minutes it passes and on you go! If you get tired it happens more often and usually longer. It is a side effect of Narcolepsy!The problem is most people have never heard of it. some people think your drunk....we just had snow this week. last week a record high. it is strange for sure. take care for now.

  15. Cataplexy and a sense of humor .. that is a curl twist of fate. Can you watch something funny if you are lying down, that way you wont fall anywhere and still get the enjoyment. Or when you fall down is it a bit like fainting and you black out?
    Thanks for sharing your interesting facts.

  16. Liss It is sorta like fainting, I am on medication for it and sometimes my head will just drop forward now, again depending on how tired. If I was laying dowwn the same thing would still happen except no fall. It is also triggered by loud noises, strong emotions. I have seen videos on youtube, there is one of a british man, I find his account to be the most accurate. Take care.

  17. Love reading these! Ok...falling down when you laugh is crazy! I agree with Liss...a cruel twist of fate.

  18. Caroline, I know it is bizarre, but it is my life, no driving for me, standing on ladders, working in retail, not good for customer service, if they think your drunk...i just got this 7 years ago, so i see quite a difference from the old me. But in comparison to others problems I can't complain at all. Sometimes we just don't know the reason why yet, take care.

  19. Unless you know what is happening to her most of the spells are now so subtle you wouldn't notice. Sort of a lack of tension(in her face and neck) that lasts a second or two and then she's back.

  20. J.S. you have seen the worst and now what it is on meds...Yeah!Did you read the post about you being my babysitter? That was special. Love ya.

  21. I did read it...made me laugh...but at the time I was terrified for you.

  22. J.S. My meds have been changed again when I saw the doctor because of the shakes now, and in the evening the spells are lasting longer. Hopefully it will settle down in the next couple weeks. I will tell you when I call. Are you off on Sunday again. Love ya

  23. On six day weeks now...only have wed off


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