Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is A Rubyluna?

This  photo above is one of my most valued treasures.
I have always loved old houses, old barns, rustic everything!
I want to give a shout out to Beth, whom sent me the photo
out of the kindness of her heart.
She has opened a second blog. You must visit her.
Her photography will make you smile, and laugh,
look in amazement, and sometimes wonder
how can they all jump so high!

Beth has started this blog and the blog is named
Ruby after her Grandmother and luna after butterflies that she had
at her home and actually showed us how they were born, or hatched.
I don't know the exact terminology for this.

You may want to have a visit over at
It is a group of photographers and little ole me with my point and shoot camera!
We have a different theme each week, and post a picture and words to go along with the theme.
There work is all amazing, and every week I am wonderfully surprised at their work.
All is different and unique, and demonstrates their style in their own way.
I am honored that Char from Ramblins, whose work I love as well invited me to join.
I have to laugh, sometimes they use photography words I have never heard before.
I am enjoying the friendship of others from this group.
And all of their pictures wow me everytime I see another.
It really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words...
And all the members in this group...speak volumes!

I value all the other photography blogs that I follow and I am grateful for each and everyone of you. I
am going to do posts about your blogs as well because I am thrilled everytime I visit. I know who is next.! 


  1. what a surprise to stop here and see all the love that you're throwing my way....
    you are so special !
    thank you for being one of my fans and cheerleaders and making me want to keep doing what I love to do !!
    big hugs to you my sweet !!

  2. Love your new look! Love photography as well. I never seem to have time though to really indulge like you seem to!! Hope your day is going well! Enjoy!

  3. Cygnus, your back,how wonderful for us. Thanks I like the new layout. How has your course gone. I will be comin by for a visit.

    Lois, thankyou, I like the new look too. I thought of you today on Veterans day and our Rembrance Day. I will be by to see you in the am. Love to you and your husband, and our gratitude.

    Beth. I am glad you were surprised, you are most deserving of this. I am so glad it made your day. I thought I would surprise you with the printed framed pic that you sent me. do you like the fram with it. Take care and keep loving what you do. we do! Big hug back.

  4. Hello sister, I am so happy that you have this blog I read the comments and it makes me so happy for you. It was a crazy busy day here but very productive. I will call thursday morning. I am writing this here as i know you check this more than your emails. lol will talk soon.

  5. You give me courage to pick up my little digital camera and actually use it! It is so good to hear about all that you accomplish.

  6. TechnoBabe, oh you should. I love to play on it and every once in a while I think hey not bad. Thankyou, I love you coming here.i highly recomend picking up your camera....If I had money I would buy a better camera, but it is really something what you can do with a little one. let me know, i will check on your blog. take care.

  7. My hubby takes wonderful pictures and now after reading this post I want to click, click click my camera.

    Sorry I have not been here for a while.
    Just had a lot going on.

    Take care, Cinner.


  8. such beautiful friendships, formed through blogging.
    i love your sharing heart.xo

  9. Love your new look, I so wish I knew enough about the computer to be able to do what I see so many others doing....your picture is lovely and what a wonderful friend you have to send it to you....stay well my friend...:-) hugs

  10. Thanks Bernie, I can help you Bernie, no problem, once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy. I can put it into the easiest terms I know how. let me know if you want some help with it. Take care.

    Christina, we are all so lucky arent we! You always make me want to be a better person. Take care.

    Margie, I figured you must be busy or up to something, love that you are back. you should take some pictures, your poetry is amazing. You should make a book for Christmas,,,would be amazing.Be well.


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