Friday, November 13, 2009

There are Cowboys Everywhere!

Brighter Days Ahead!
If anyone knows me, they know there is color in my world.
The painting I did above was of a memory I had of a picture,
I wish I could remember who did the original because I am not even close .
I am reminded today of horses for a couple of reasons.
One the rodeo is in town this week so there are cowboys galore to be found.
I knew a cowboy years ago and everytime he would pass a cemetery, he would remove his stetson,
and make the sign of the cross! I have never forgotten that act of respect.
He said his father had taught him that!
I have not seen him for approximately twentyfive years,
and there will always be a little place in my heart for him.
He has no idea how that one little thing has stayed  with me all these years !
I wonder if there are things that I have done that are remembered,
I hope so!
Another reason I am thinking about horses is that a local lady found her horse
shot. of course nobody knows why, maybe it was hunters,
there is an investigation going on.
I felt so bad for the owner.
She was devestated!
I think someday I would like to have a horse,
I will need to move to an acerage.
I may never have either but there is no harm in dreaming!
We have to have the idea to put it into our thoughts,
And it is our thoughts that make our attitude,
So who knows what we can accomplish.
Today I am eating healthy, exercising...stretching exercise as my back has been quite sore lately,
Drinking lots of water.......and somewhere along the way I need to start on any
Christmas projects I got going.
So that is the ins and outs of my day.
I hope you have a great day.
I would love to hear if something has touched your heart that you have never forgotten!
                                                             Heres to loving cowboys!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! (I'm actually abusing the exclamation point because this is the first time in 2 weeks I've even been able to get INTO your comments to try to leave one. !!!!!!!!) I can't believe someone would just shoot a horse. WHY?!!! AND I have to say that the genuine cowboys I have known are some of the most respectful men, true gentlemen, I've ever met -- your memory reminded me of that.

  2. your painting is amazing and when I use my artists eye, I also see the faces of people in there.....just beautiful !

  3. Thanks Beth, I will have to go back to see the faces. have a great weekend.

    Toni, thanks, all seems to be working better with blogger and i now have firefox so seems like no more problems. Most of the cowboys are true gentlemen! yes any I have met. So glad you got your Happy Day Gift. Take care my friend.

  4. HI CINNER -
    I love your painting and I love horses. A memory I will cherish always is when I suprized my daughter, when she was 10 with her own horse. a chestnut appaloosa!! She was beautiful - I had her boarded just around the corner from our house. When I brought my daughter there that June day - and she realized that the horse was hers her face had an expression of joy that I will remember forever.
    THanks for sharing so I could go back in time and feel such joy again.

    Love Gail

  5. There is something about cowboys. Not that I have ever met one or am likely to... Probably just as well!

    Such a shame about the horse... I remember as a kid there was some sicko going round disembowelling horses. Why? Just evil.

  6. cnner, I have witnessed the good and the bad so many times in my life, (I am old) but the one things I remember is an older man holding a child, I think it was his grandchild when there was a car accident on my street. I was only a child but thought he was so kind and comforting to this frightend child....I will always remember his kindness.....:-) Hugs

  7. A number of years ago I was in the hospital for over a week due to an operation to remove part of my colon. There was a tube down my throat and other intrusions into my body during that week. I felt yucky, dirty hair and no shower. A woman nurse could see how awful I felt and she hugged me. That loving touch did so much to aid my recovery. I wasn't much of a toucher until that happened and then I realized how much a warm pat or touch can mean to someone who feels unworthy or unwanted.

  8. Love your painting Cinner!

    Oh, so many things have touched my heart that I will never forget!
    One of them is when a very dear friend stayed on the phone with me most of the night when I was in great distress.
    She got me through a very hard time.
    She was (is) an angel!

    Joy to you!


  9. Gail, oh what a nice memory, she must have been thrilled. My Dad always talked about getting the grandchildren a horse, but he never did. I just thought about that today. I am glad you remembered such a happy memory.

    Rose I don't know what posesses people to do these horrible acts. My husband came home last night from work, stopped at the local coffee joint, and says to me I have never seen so many cowboys in one coffee shop...I thought gee I should walk over.....just kidding. lol.

    Bernie, your not old!, your spryer than me, I do love your memory though, same with my Grandpa I only see him as kind and caring, I was grounded once and had to go clean the toolshop and he had come out to see me. He told me Dad would not be mad in a couple of days. Funny but I knew it was all going to work out. He used to pull our ears and feed us those really fluffy cheesies. Memories.....take care.

    TechnoBabe, this one made me cry. Sometimes a hug can make all the difference. When my Dd passed away, one of the woman in the ICU that had been with us for two days...she cried too, and we hugged each other, she felt like family by this point. I just know how kind she was and so professional, called my Dad by his first name. If it was not for her I don't think none of us would have had the strength that day. so about the long post, jeepers where did that one come from. Big hugs across the way from Canada.

  10. Dear Cinner, it's always a great pleasure visiting here! Your words are sooo inspiring! And your painting- JUST FABULOUS!

  11. beautiful beautiful painting - you are so talented. :)

    i need to get kick started on christmas too. very inspiring

  12. Margie, there is nothing like a great friend to hold our hand along the way. I am glad your life has been so blessed, I can tell it in your poetry.

    Monica, thanks that means alot coming from you. I think you do more in a day than I can accomplish in a month. lol. Take care my friend.

    Char, thanks, Every year I am like this, have all these plans and then at the last minute I rush, rush, and I have no meetings in Washingtom, so I have no excuse...Take care, I hope you get a chance to relax. Or to go take some more photos.

  13. Wow, that's a wonderful painting Cinner! You're so talented and that's a brilliant expression of what you think and feel. When I was a kid, I wanted to have my own horse (I even look up for breeds in the encyclopedia, LOL), and was actually dreaming to have a unicorn for a pet! So it will take me to far away places unreachable by a running horse on land.^^

  14. Sashindoubutsu, Dreaming to have a unicorn, that would be wonderful and magical. Not so long ago I watched The Black Stallion, the movie was from a horses view on how he grew up and things that happened to him. I must have cried for an hour after the movie. Yeah I am like that. aahhh, far away places with castles and princes thats what I used to dream Take care, I always enjoy when you pop by. Until next time.


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