Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Shopping Again.

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Well it is official and I am making an anouncement!
I have finally lost my everloving mind!
Who I ask You, goes to Michaels on a Saturday!
Let it be known, Never ever again!
First of all the secret is.....I am not a shopper!
But I had a 40% off coupon and I knew what I needed!
And I had a ride! It was so busy, that I know why I used to shop on
my Lunch Breaks at work, so as never to venture out on a weekend,
in November before Christmas.
I was in and out before my husband had time to park the truck
with my purchase in hand!
I also needed some paint, but it was literally blocked by I kid you not,
two strollers for twins, one at one end, the other at the other end.
And they were chit chatting away.
I left, I had to get out of there.
Now this brings me to my next point,
I am bowing down to every person that has ever taken their children into that kind of situation that have left the building, with their hair on head, sanity, and the children.
I have decided this that all those Mothers in Michaels
need a raise, need to be praised by everyone of us,
for the strength they show shopping!
Maybe when Mothers give birth,
they are in so much pain that nothing ever bothers them again.
Not having been a mother myself, when I have had my nieces and newphews
I would turn the sprinkler on and we would play outside.
Oh no there were no adventures as mentioned above!
God bless Mothers!
If I had just one iota of their strength
I would be a happy woman!
So after leaving there and being in traffic for 20 minutes
we decided to go to the Craft Show in our neighborhood.
We looked around, talked with a few people,did not buy anything.
I was exhausted,so we went home for a nap, when I woke up my husband had gone and
had purchased the above item that I had said I liked earlier!
I was quite surprised!
I had told him that it reminded me of Canmore where we have gone on vacation many times.
So that was my day, we are about to watch a movie now!
oh and we went out for Brunch.
so it really was a lovely day!
I have the utmost respect to any mother out there!


  1. I used to love to shop...and now, not so much and weekends NEVER NEVER NEVER....I go crazy because of the people....

    so glad you survived !

  2. My friend and I have been shopping for two days and have had so much fun, and really acomplished so fact she has finished her Christmas shopping and I only a one left to buy for...we did not experience what you did. I am sure though as it gets closer to Christmas there will be many who will have.......:-)Hugs

  3. Awwww that melts my heart!!!! Uncle p****y sure does have a thoughtful side.

  4. Yes khande he does, I will call you tomorrow.

    Bernie, Oh I am so glad and that you had fun, I think Bernie because I don't do alot of shopping, I totally forget, there was lineups but they had all their tills open. I have been in there before and have spent a couple hours looking. You would have laughed at me today.Good about almost being finished.

    Beth, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat, I think we would rather be on an adventure alone or with hubbies.

  5. Oh Cinner, I **NEVER** venture in the 'jungle' of shopping over the weekend! All that mess drives me crazy! AND you should be over here to understand! Your 'jungle' is not NEARLY as 'JUNGLE' as our own!;))
    P.S Love the bears, they remind me of the Adirondack Mountains!


    I was exhausted just reading about your day. And yes, Mother's are a uniquely almost alien-like brood of strength! :-) An uncanny ability to multi-task- eyes every where-arms holding everything. Although once, with three kids in tow, my son, just two at the time, stood up in the carriage and fell out. Thank God he was fine. Amen.
    I love that your husband went and got you that treasure yu liked. :-)
    Love to you

  7. Gail, Thank God he was fine, I am exhausted today. I was surprised, the picture does not do it justice. Be well today my friend.

    Monica, oh no I will keep my jungle, there used to be a quiet time in traffic. I don't find that anymore. Your jungle probably never has a quiet time. I envision your part of it very peaceful. I tried to get on your website and it would not will try again today. Take care.

  8. Hello there Cinner! My goodness you have been busy! I know what you mean about mothers. Not being one myself, I only work with children and I am worn out! Haha! I have that extra caring smiles to dish out to all those stressed out mummies! Isnt your hubby wonderful with your surprise? Hope all is well with you Cinner and glad to see you can get back on my blog! Yay!

  9. What a nice husband. Glad you had such a good day. Like you, I am not a lover of shopping, not at all. Get in, get what I need, get out. Whew.

  10. Hi TechnoBabe, I have a girlfriend that would shop all day long, and then do it all again the next day. My shopping days are over with her. lol. You sound alot like me. hope you are well.

    Claire sometimes those smiles come in handy I am sure. I was so excited to get back on your blog take care, I will be around visiting.

  11. How fun! I love the way your hubby loves my friend!

  12. Holly, yes it was a nice surprise, the picture does not do it justice at all.

  13. i generally swear off shopping this time of year too.

  14. I used to love shopping but not any longer.
    You have such a special husband, Cinner!

    Take care!


  15. Margie, he is very thoughtful most of the time. take care.

    Char, oh me too Char. Maybe I will feel different when the snow stays. Take care.

  16. I so understand ..Nonni's birthday is this week and we had to hit Target Sat....OMG what a zoo!!!It seemed so early for screaming children and weary parents! We all were happy when we were done that day..geesh!!
    BTW your decor is sooooo pretty! I love what you have done with the place!!! Hugs, Sarah

  17. Sarah, if you can believe it I have never been in Target. We don't have them here! Thanksyou for the nice comments on the decor. I actually love this one., take care/

  18. LMAO!!!!! That is why I go to Michael's during the week when the kids are in school! Never on no no...and never with the kids (or I spend way too much money and want to pull my hair out.)


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