Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Things in Life!

Christina form Soul Aperture is having a Loving the Simple Things Day!
I could not pass this by.
I love a kiss on the cheek goodbye in the morning when my husband goes to work.
I like the fact the pets jump on the bed as soon as he leaves,
I love how excited they are to see me,
I love to see the sun beaming in my kitchen,
I love the sound of my coffee pot brewing,
I love to hear my little bird chirp at me as I walk past.
I love the taste of the coffee in the morning.
I love the safety and silence, and peace I feel in my home.
I love the morning phone call from my sister just to say good morning,
I love the energy I feel today, as it is always not so,
I love the cool brisk air when I walk outside,
I love to see my breath in the cold air,
I love to see my dogs get so excited when I ask if they want to go for a walk!
I see them look when I come to the front gate to come back in the yard,
So I venture just a little farther, and their tales wag!
I love that I can walk on my own without the fear of falling in the morning.
I love the smiles from my neighbors that I know, and waves from across the street,
I love my time, I love my freedom, I love that I slowed down so I could appreciate every gift I have.
I love that I know every moment counts, and I make the most of things.
I love knowing how little I have, but how rich I feel, because of how I live my life.
Very Simple!!!!!I appreciate right now. I will have My Best Day!


  1. safety, silence, and peace within your home.

    i love that.

    so glad i stopped by.

  2. I so agree with you on the sound of the coffee pot brewing. And the aroma of the coffee too. Mine is brewing right now and it is a welcome sound each morning. And what a blessing neighbors are!! You have a peaceful, rich, enchanting life, everything you want. You are blessed. I am blessed too.

  3. and I love your list and that you are part of our lives.....

  4. Your entire list was joy, but this part made me smile big time, because I can relate 100%.

    "I love knowing how little I have, but how rich I feel, because of how I live my life."


  5. I love also the safety and peace I feel in my home. Great list. Enjoy your day! Love the picture!

  6. Pure joy is this know the value of the simple things in life -- how each day matters, how the little things in each day can bring such bliss and joy to your world. Thank you for sharing -- gratitude for our blessings is one of the biggest gifts in life. ♥

  7. Your list glows with love and happiness.

  8. Beautiful and inspiring Cindy! Love your makes me stop and reflect!

  9. you seem to really manage the enjoyment of the simple things. That is so great!

  10. you have brightened my day, purely by your beautiful post!!! and i had to laugh out loud, my pups are exactly the same. they dutifully sit on the floor or lie on their pillows, until hubby leaves home, then its up on the bed to cuddle...

  11. Shadow, you made me smile. It is really funny because as soon as out the door, you hear them at full blast, and there so happy. One of them even lays there and puts his head on my husbands pillow. My husband knows and laughs, it is too crowded when we are all in there. Take care. I have been watching The Dog Whisperer and he says keep them off the furniture and off the my house I really can't see that happening! lol. Be well.

  12. Cinner - you have such a wonderful list!!!

    And don't almost everything (well the good things) that a pet does need to be on a list such as this?!

  13. you are the first person to mention chirping birds. I hope I hear some tomorrow morning :)

    PS: sorry I haven't been around lately.

  14. The sun beaming in your kitchen, birds chirping, morning phone calls from your sister.
    What a beautiful list, dear friend. A beautiful and grateful list.

  15. See...I knew there was a reason I related to you so well..there was not a single thing on your list that I don't enjoy too!! Having a house full of kiddos daily and all of their parents coming and going..the quiet is wonderful!
    I love that you have decorated for Christmas hon..I totally understand about loosing a parent. Somehow it really changes the holidays. I lost my Mom 22 years ago and my Dad 18. I think it was a few years after my Dad passed that I started looking for new ways to celebrate. Hugs to you hon...thinking of you! Blessings, Sarah

  16. Hi again Cinner:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your kind words. I so appreciate it.

  17. Fantastic list! dogs do the same...when daddy goes to work they jump on the bed. And if I even say the word "walk" they go now I sometimes spell it out...but they are even catching on to that...

  18. Lovely list! Have a great weekend!

  19. What a wonderful, wonderful list. For so many of them I kept thinking, "Yes!" Hello, friend.


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