Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Summertime in November!

It feels like a summer day outside today, the warm breeze is blowing and I was out sitting on my bench having my morning coffee thinking how blessed we are today. It could easily be minus 30 at this time of year, we have had snow twice already but luckily it has not stayed long, needless to say I am a very happy camper. Even though it is a working day for most our neighborhood is abuzz with people doing their last jobs in the yard. My next door neighbor has set up a blacksmithing area in his shed, so all was calm, now I can hear the echo as his tools hit the metal, over and over, but he is having a good time. He gave me a little tour and showed me all the tools that he has handmade. It actually is quite interesting. He has his dog with him as well, so mine go crazy because they are not quite used to him yet. Anyway we are all in the house listening to some jammin music. As soon as my neighbor leaves for work, we are all back outside. Anyway I just wanted to touch base and say hi and wish you all a wonderful day.

Life is what we make it to be, enjoy every moment!


  1. Hello Cinner! The weather is quite strange at the moment over here, it just doesn't seem like November!

  2. i think i would love the sound of a blacksmith's hammer clanging - i don't know, but i think i would. it sounds like a beautiful day - i'm so happy you're enjoying it.

  3. Interesting hobby, blacksmithing. There are so many things in life to admire and learn from. It is cold here today. Cozy inside, think I am going to make some new curtains for the kitchen this week. I took down the curtains I had up there and washed them and will put them back up in summer. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. TechnoBabe, that will be a nice change, Every once in a while I will change mine. I need my husband for that though. No getting on ladders for me or I fall off of them because of my Cataplexy and when they found out about this, I also have fluid on the brain, not serious enough to get a shunt put in though. I often wonder if that would change everything, but the surgeons said they did not know enough about how it would effect me with the cataplexy, so until it becomes a real problem just to leave it how it is.... so no heights for me...sorry I kinda got off subject. Well stay inside and be cozy and warm. It is 2 oclock here and by 5 it will be dark. have a great day.

    Char, the sound was not that bad, but the coal he was burning or whatever it was, wheeew! lol. Have a great day.

    Claire, I think the weather is strange all over now. But I will take these days! maybe the moon and stars are out of alignment, lol, You are the authority on that one my girl, I am amazed at how much you and others know about it all. Take care and enjoy your day.

  5. Hi Cinner
    I'm glad you are having a happy day!
    I wish I could say the same but *sigh* it's just not the case!
    Tendonitis is very painful!

    I shall miss you while I am gone!
    Till I return be well, be happy!

    "Bye" for now!
    I have so appreciated your kind words on my posts!


  6. It's so nice to get outside...It was rainy, foggy and wet here!
    Happy day!

  7. Cora it was the most beautiful day! It was lovely to sit outside.

    Margie, be well, I hope you get over this soon, I had it in one hand when I used to knit. I pray for a speedy recovery for you. And I always thankyou for your kind words too.

  8. lukky u!

    we're getting actual fall-like weather-- a nice change and treat for turkeyday here in the nation's 4th!!



  9. cinner, it was 17 here today, a record for this day in November......I love it but it is suppose to cool off tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your day as I did mine....:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, yes I can not believe it got that warm. it was wonderful. I was outside as much as possible...five oclock and it was dark. I am glad you enjoyed your day. take care. be well

    Cignus, it was wonderful. nice to have fall for Thanksgiving day. It is always such a celebrationa and a build up to it. we just kind of oh la, di, dah. By to see u soon, Take care.

  11. HEY! I recognize that page! (woot!) You're having a ball, aren't you? I love how your posts are filled with the weather ... mmmm.

  12. Hey you Tonigirl. I had fun doing that book for you. YEAH I should change it to weather of the day. But damn it was so beautiful....you wait till you see all the snow pictures in awhile from now. how are you. Whats new.

  13. I LOVE your expression through art! Keep it up!

  14. Thanks Dreamwriter, I don't know how you keep all your blogs so organized. great stuff btw.Take care.

  15. Cinner, I'd looove to see more of your journal! I finally have started mine! I like the new background too.

  16. Monica, it was a gift for one of my blogbuddies! I took things she had written in her blog and then would do a page for each. It was fun, there were quite a few pages in the book. I am goin to do one for me, so will show you when done. Take care. I loved your journals with the lace, actually everything you do. If I win the lottery your the first stop on my list.Hugs.


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