Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder!

A scene like this will always linger in my heart,
reminding me of a childhood now lost.
Behind those walls I am sure was love.
What transpired to leave behind
A place that  once was home!


  1. this is beautiful.
    i love reading your words.

  2. ohhhhh did you find one of my loves ? an abandoned house ?
    tell me more !

  3. I love this picture....if only those walls could talk.....:-) Hugs

  4. beautiful words, with a touch of sadness, of having to move on...

  5. I agree with Shadow, there is a touch of sadness as the past is reminisced, but the words are wonderful your piece can touch anybody's heart.

    The photo can indeed bring flashbacks... joys and tears from another place and time. Nice post Cinner!


  6. At least you had a good childhood, family, love, security and safety. You were blessed as a child and you share your blessings as an adult.

  7. So so pretty...I love the colors and the mood set....with beautiful words too!

    Please pay me a visit for something special I have for you!


    Oh my such a beautiful image blended with passionate words of what once was. I feel your heart intimately and I am honored.

    Love to you my precious friend

  9. beautiful words to go with this shot.

  10. really touching Cinner. I always dream of rescuing a forgotten home.

  11. Selah, Me too Selah, we live in an old house there is so much to do, but I love the little nooks and crannies. I got sick shortly after we bought the house, so lots has been put on hold.
    On the farm, we lived in a third generation home. I loved it slanted floors and all, my Mom just shakes her head.

    Dreamwriter, thanks for poppin in, I think there is a little of all of us in here.

    Char, thankyou, have a great day.

    Gail, thankyou my friend., I am so thrilled that your BP is on track, did you do anything special for this. I feel your heart too my friend. Big hugs.

    Cora, I like the mood of lthis picture too. Thankyou so much for the award. I will do a post soon about it. Thankyou, your grateful friend.

    TechnoBabe, for the most part it was, there is
    always things that make you go hmmm. But I look forward. I was loved. My Mom had a hard childhood, in and out of foster homes because her Mom died when she was two, So sometimes she has a way of making us feel like we are never enough. I think thats why I miss my Dad so much. I just have to remember not to react sometimes. I seem to open up to you. You should send me a bill in the mail! lol. Big hug.

    Sashindoubtsu, Hi nice to have you stop by. I think there is always a bit of sadness when things change, be it in a house, or our hearts. Hope you are well. Take care.

    Shadow, I felt sad writing this, thinking of our old home, and a past that seems gone now.
    I know it is still there in memory. Thanks for visiting, it means the world to me to get any feedback from you!

    Bernie, yes if only. I have always loved old buildings. big hug Bernie, hope you are enjoying the day. take care.

    Beth I sure have, but you would not be impressed, I just took this from the road, you would be inside investigating. I was trying to fool around editing, but you are the God of photos. I took a few shots last time I went to the farm. I put anotherr old building on the other site. Have a great day/ Thanks for always inspiring me to try new things.

    Oh Christina, likewise, I want to say how glad I was to participate in the simple things on Monday. We should do it again. Hope you are well. Take care for now.


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