Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is Just my Preference....not intended to hurt anyones Feelings of Choices!

Call me!
There used to be a time
when there was a party line.
Sometimes during an emergency you would have to ask the neighbor if you could use the phone,
afterall she may have been on the phone for a few hours.
Oh and if we ever picked it up and overheard something,
we could not tell anybody because we would have been accused of eavesdropping!
Now heres the thing, I believe that we have become too dependant on this facebook thing,
yes I was on there, to stay in touch with some of my family members, but then I decided one day that  I
did not like everyone knowing my business, so here I am on blogger, but there not here unless I want them here.
Besides if you can't  make an effort to phone someone,
then maybe your not as good as friends as they say they are.
So today the phone rang and I had a coffee in my hand and I jumped about three feet off the couch,
startled, so I spilled my coffee because I had a Cataplexy spell and was unable to answer the phone
anyway! The call went to my answering machine and when I went to listen there was nothing.
So who phones and never leaves a message!
I know because the numbers show up people.
You need to remember this.
Anyone that has done this I have asked to please leave a message next time.
On our cell phone we appaarently can text,
I f  I could read the buttons, by the time I would be able to text
We prbably could of had a fifteen minute conversation !
So I know this makes me sound old and out of date,
I know alot of you use all these new contraptions.
Maybe the phone will be obsolete one day.
Note to make us laugh,
one of my nieces were here and I had an old antique phone.
She did not know how to use it, so I showed her ,
Then whomever on the other end said,
If you would like to reach such and such a department please press 1.
She slammed the phone down, and said how can I press 1 Auntie Cindy!
I thought we were both going to die laughing!
I really think I laughed the hardest that day.
So I am leaving this post on a good note!
The last few days I have noticed other blogs talking about facebook,
A note on facebook does not a Christmas spirit make.
I will be sending cards  and phoning the ones I love.
I usually spend about an hour a day with my Mom on the phone!
Always get a phone call from my sister every day , we check on each other
and have for years and years.
I  also have an elderly friend, she told me she has texting she can do on her cell.
I said to her do you know how?
She said she has her cell phone in case of an emergency,
and if there is one,
the only thing she will do
is call 911.
And we laughed.!
Have a great day everyone!
Oh, oh, oh my favorite message
is the ship foghorn telling me I am going on a cruise.
They better phone someone who cares.!

Have your very Best Day!


  1. mmmm, i suppose the letters and cards have been replaced by e-mails and texting. and even facebook... sad how things change.

    and i LOVE your christmas look. it is so so beautiful!

  2. I cancelled my cell phone last August. I called it my personal tracking device!!! I like to be left alone and not found :) every now and then. I rent my daughters phone from her when I think I need one for the day. It helps pay her monthly bill . . . which she does pay with her own money. I agree Facebook is awful. I like personalized blogs better. At least you can control backgrounds, photos, and the overall look and appeal of your page. I like that! I'm in your camp :) Karen

  3. I have lots of feelings about this very thing. I have a cell phone and I have certain people programmed into my cell so if they call it shows who it is. If it just a phone number I don't answer and expect the caller to leave a message. After all, they are the one calling me. If it is important, they can leave a message. This has worked for me so well and I wonder why it took me so long to get to this place of peace and not be at anyone's beck and call (pun intended). I decided in the beginning not to do Facebook and then also not to Twitter. I also do not have a MySpace page. Hubby had MySpace last year when we thought he would finish his CD and we thought it would help him market his music, but then he had the manic episode and was in hospital and is starting over with getting close finishing his CD, but for me personally, I only want to blog and read other blogs and get to know people through their blogs. That is enough for me. I want to concentrate on the one medium and not spend my life keeping up with all sorts of gadgets and traps and more pressure. I have a busy happy life and want to keep it that way. I like the way you describe how you want to live and how you stay in touch with the people close to you. Hugs!!

  4. I don't like facebook at all and am rarely on it....people who want and need me, know where I am.

    and luckily, I'm still on the phone LOTS ! phone, cell phone...doesn't matter, I'm a talker !!!

    and we text all the time,'s just a convenience thing when we don't have time to talk, but have a quick question....

    but I totally hear you...and if anybody wishes me a merry christmas via facebook they will get coal thrown at them !

  5. Here's my take: FaceBook-I got along fine without it but there are a couple of things that I like about it. I have found several of my highschool classmates and are up to date with them. The other thing are the prayer requests for problems, their families, surgeries, etc...One quick post and the prayers are going questions asked! Other than that I rarely visit there and could do without it.
    Now for Christmas wishes....sending a real card in the real mail with a real stamp is the nicest simplest greeting this time of year...that you can touch, read, and re-read and treasure forever. Its personal and cheap too! Love it!
    My cell phone----well with my daughter living in Louisiana with her husband....Verizon to Verizon is talking for as long as we want! And I would never travel without it either especially alone. Other than that I really hate talking on the phone!
    All in all I guess it just depends on what kind of life style you live...what you can do without and what you need. These things are nice like FB, but not necessary. Blogging is my favorite for here I can be personal and share personal thoughts without anyone judging me. It's our little network of support for each other! :)

    Have a great day Cindy, and a great weekend!

  6. Hi!! My thoughts 'zackly!!!
    I don't text...and I block all text messages from coming to my phone.
    I hope that whoever called you will call you back...and that you will have a lovely conversation...the way phone calls are supposed to be.
    I still have a rotary phone...and I never thought about "press 1"...and what to do on it (because it is in storage....couldn't bear to toss it...) but I did laugh and smile when I read what your niece said. I had never thought about that!!!
    Technology has changed ...and unfortunately it tends to 'change' people. It shouldn't. We need to keep the same soft and loving heart...stay in touch..."real" touch....personal call...."real" letters...the ones that one can pull out and touch and hold (and smell)...
    I hope that your Thanksgiving is a blessed one.
    Many smiles and hugs to you,

  7. Jackie,We celebrate our holiday in October, but we can always give Thanks again. Heres to the same soft and loving touch...I liked that.Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Hi Cora, Good info cora, I had forgot about the prayers on FB. so that was a great point. Glad you have the Verizon with your daughter being far away. Take care my friend. Have a great weekend.

    Beth you made me laugh with your piece of coal! And you are right it is about lifestyle, I know I am at home too often!And yes if people need you or want you, they know where you are, probably having an adventure in an old house, barn, How are your new textures coming along. I love what your doing. Have a great weekend. take care.

  8. TechnoBabe, concentrate on one medium. thats what i like too. I like blogger!!!!! I hope your husband has goodluck with his CD. Thanks for all the feedback.have a great weekend. Until next week.

    Karen, oh I had to chuckle at you renting your daughters for the day! I agree with you completely about blogger. To me it is just more personal. Have a good weekend, I need to stop by and check on you.

  9. Thanks Shadow, yes I like this look too. You have hit the nail on the head, that things change. Maybe I need to. Have a great weekend. take care for now.

  10. Hey cinner... love the christmas glitz.... me too, take longer to text than talk! Think i was about 7 or 8 when we got a house phone, and it was a party line.... i used to pick up just to see if our neighbour was there... til she told my mum!

  11. Cinner,
    oh my! I think I'm soo obsolete writing cards and letters, I soo love snail mail!! Naturally I am sooo grateful to technology for emails, they helped me alot during tough times and are great for job purposes. But I do prefer to send LOVE and FRIENDSHIP via snail mail... beautiful handwritten cards, fabulous handmade letter paper (unfortunately I'm not able anymore to write long letters by hand, I have to print them but it's lovely anyhow!)... and what about seeing a colored envelope just for YOU in the mailbox??!:))
    I hate FB, as Karen said I just want to be not found ;) I'm not a fan of past times... I prefer living the present and dreaming a bit about the future!:)
    I use my cell phone to send text messages to my dear ones sometimes and for emergencies only... definitely I don't spend much!

  12. I'm with you on most of this. I don't do well with the cell phone. If it rings I'm fairly certain someone has died. It startles when it rings. The house phone? Not a fan. Michael loves to answer the phone. So I let him.

    Facebook, for just seeing what's what. Nothing deep. I use it to play games more than anything else.

    I think my favorite means of communication is email. But, that shifts from time to time.
    Have a great weekend Cinner. I love visiting with you. Wish it could be in real time.

  13. What I miss most of all in this world is the conversations. I often go to the local hardware store just to listen to the old men who hold up the counter. I love there banter , their caring and the way they just talk and listen..
    It may be slower, but it has a resonance I take with me every day.
    and BY the by, your comment word verification thing is the most difficult I have come by, drives me daft... so please forgive if i don't comment often.

  14. Sorrow, I had gone into my settings thinking I had changed it, I will check again. I like slower, I worked in a coffee shop in my home town, and every morning the locals would come/They had great fun and so did I. visit when you can, Today I will check those setting. have a good weekend.

    Holly thanks for visiting, I wish it could be in real time too. I don't mind email other than all those emails that if you don't forward you will have bad luck. Those are the kind I delete. Have a good weekend.

    Suzi, of course the neighbor would tell your Mom right. One of our neighbors had quite an exciting life. I would pick it up because I was so intrigued by her. Have a good weekend.

    Monica, yes there is something about getting a colored envelope in the mail. I agree with you and karen that sometimes just don't want to be found. THANKS for all the feedback, maybe I might move out of the past just a little bit...Take care. have a good weekend.

  15. cinner, I would be lost without my cell phone, but don't like when the phone rings and no message....I do have caller ID and am on the DNC list so really I don't miss many calls...have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  16. J.S. I know you will forgive ya! lol


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