Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who Is sleeping In My bed, said Mama Bear!

This is what I walked in on
tonight as I entered my room.
I had to smile, my husband was so peaceful,
and he looked so content!
The dogs were laying there just about to fade away!
And they even had room for my teddy bear.
This week my husband has had a cold,
and really not feeling that well,
so I guess maybe the dogs make him feel a little better.
Once I took the picture,
I whispered okay you guys gotta get down,
both just laid there testing me,
So I whispered a little louder and said
There little party was over,
and I could reclaim my side of the bed.
One dog laying on the side of the bed,
the other at the foot of the bed.
I lay there thinking how grateful I was
to have a man so very loving of animals,
and how kind he is in his heart.
I said our prayer at night that we usually do together,
Tonight I prayed that he soon feel better.
Still sound asleep,
he reached out and held my hand.
Quietly I reached and shut out the light.
I felt content and I uttered Good night!
Have Your Best Day!


  1. That's a moment to keep handy in the memory banks, huh. The whole family at peace. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

  2. ahhh cindy....too sweet !
    lucky you to have such wonderful loves keeping your bed warm....

    Oh my this is so beautiful - I love the picture and your husband looks so content, peaceful and wonderful with the dogs. I love your prayer of gratitude and I love how you are loved. I feel you so strongly.
    Sending healing energy to your husband.
    Love you,

  4. Oh I love the feeling of this post, knowing you love and are loved in return....beautiful my friend........:-) Hugs

  5. How SWEET........ Pets always make things better...
    Hope he is well soon! I'm glad you are content!

  6. Cindy...I hope he sees this. He will surely say what we've all thought and said...Ahhhh.
    This is beautifully sweet.
    I hope that he gets to feeling better very soon.

  7. Jackie, thanks, I will show him when he gets home from work. I hope your having a great weekend. We got snow last night.

    Cora, thanks for the kindness, we have no kids, so our pets run the house. I know it is silly but! Take care.

    Bernie, big Hug back to you. I think winter is here now to stay Bernie for us. Have a great weekend.

  8. Beth I am, I loved your post today. Enjoy the time with your husband.

    TechnoBabe, oh for sure I really like the photo.Thanks for the kind words.

    Gail, they do look content don't they. Thanks for the nice words. It always comes right from your heart. Take care.

  9. how lovely. and so sweet with the teddy there :)

  10. Michael's been sick, too and almost the same scene for me last night. That hand seeking yours in the quiet of night in unconscious need? OMG, that is what life is about, isn't it?!

  11. Kamana, thanks for visiting, I thought it was pretty sweet too. Hope you are well. take care.

    Holly, sorry to hear Michael is not feeling well. Rory and Fiona were being helpful were they? Love is good. Have a good rest of the weekend. Take care.

  12. sweet sweet shot and I hope he's feeling better soon.

  13. Char thanks he is, now I am getting his cold, but then I will be over the flu and a cold and I should be good for another hundred thousand miles. lol.

  14. such a sweet sight...those dogs have a way dont they?! shhhh


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