Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Early Christmas Surprise!

I  love the above picture,
My dog looks like he is asking for a present,
from my husband who can play a really good Santa.
I have Sleep Apnea and for about two weeks my mask that I wear just has not been quite right. Unfortunately you have to replace them about every year, but I have been making do with what I had.
Because of other expenses the last thing I wanted to do was spend money on another one at the cost of close to 250.00 dollars.   So yesterday I wake up and I was yawning and yawning, my husband says honey are you going to be okay, and I said, Oh yes, I just need to get some sleep. We laughed because I had just gotten up.If I don't get my sleep then I have my Cataplexy I was thinking to myself how am I going to get through Christmas feeling so exhausted......To make a long story short, I went back to bed, my husband went grocery shopping.   When he came home he had an extra package, we put the groceries away and then he said come sit by the tree. I have something for you. I opened the bag and there was my new mask. He had gone to the respiratory place and had them pull up my file and bought me a new one. I burst into tears, telling him this was the best Christmas present he could have ever bought me! And I really meant it, he knew how much I needed it, and did not bat an eye. I awoke this morning after twelve hours of sleep feeling rejeuvenated and ready for my day ahead. I am going shopping and have some energy.
I am in love and loved and I have everything I could want for Christmas.
I am off to have my Best Day in two weeks.
Have your Best Day and Happiest of Christmas's Ever!
For more information on Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Cataplexy google Sleep Disorders


  1. Cindy...I smile a big smile with you and for you. You have a sweet husband...what a jewel he is!
    I love the photo of him in your blog today...
    Have a happy day....!! I am so glad that you are rested. I will never take for granted one breath of air...or one moment of restful sleep. May your Christmas be the best ever.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  2. wow, he's a keeper alright !
    what a great surprise for you....and it's amazing what we take for granted when it comes to a good night's sleep....

    so I'm thrilled that you have some energy today :) and when you get home, if you still have some :)

  3. Awwww Uncle poohkey, he alway amazes me with his kindness and thoughtfulness at just the right times. Tell him great job and I love you guys.

  4. I know you are lovin your husband now!! My husband wears a cpack and I sleep so much better when he uses it..

  5. I have friends and nephews who have sleep apnea and they tell me how difficult it is to get up in the morning so tired from not getting the proper rest during the night. Your husband understands that and he is such a sweet man to help you. Enjoy your Christmas!!!!

  6. An awesome surprise!

    Happy Holidays, Cinner! May your days be just as joyful as today! Every day your best day!


  7. Hello, Cindy!!! I signed up to follow the wrong blog...I got confused, and thought the "lens" blog was yours...and I see now that you are a contributor, but that it is not your personal here I am to rectify the situation for myself!!!! Love your art and photography!!! You are so very talented! And this is such a happy post!!! My husband has sleep apnea...and so I know how important that mask can be...Your husband was so very thoughtful!!! And you brought a huge smile to my face with your post!!! So glad I figured out that this was your main blog!!! I can't wait to get to know you better!!! Merry Christmas, my new friend!!! Love, Janine XO

  8. Hi Janine,, Oh I am so glad you found me. If your husband has sleep apnea, then I know you know what I am talking about.It is like night and day with the mask. Merry Christmas to you and I am excited to read your Smiliffles!Hugs, Cindy

  9. Cam thanks for stopping by over the holidays, I hope you have a great one, will come visit as soon as I can.Be well.

    TechnoBabe, It can definately make a big change in someones life. They say it is hereditary. I have a sister that has one too. I can't believe Christmas has come by so fast.Happy Holidays, until next time.

    Gayle, I bet you do sleep better. I should do a commercial for them because the change is so drastic. My sister could tell in my voice today that I had a good night sleep, I think that is the first one in about 3 weeks. Merry Christmas Gayle, can't wait to read about it.Take care.

    khande, we love you too. your Mom says you are a little homesick. I told Grandma you were missing her cooking, that made her happy, she said to say hi! Give luis a hug and kiss from us too.

    Beth I did dance and had a Bannana Mudslide...I don't drink but oh they were yummy.Can't wait to hear about your Christmas.

    Jackie thankyou so much. There is nothing like a restful sleep. Thankyou for all your positivity you give to me with your comments. I can not wait to hear about your Christmas. Until next time my friend, big hugs.

  10. What a heart-felt Christmas gift! It shows a deep and profound love! Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment.
    Merry Christmas and Hugs

  11. Wow...what a thoughtful person he is. And you are a good receiver of the gift that most would not want as a Christmas gift. Thats what is needed!
    Blessings to both of you this and every Christmas!

  12. such a wonderful man!!!!

    i wanted to take this time to tell you that you are a special person in my life and i'm so glad to have 'met' you. thank you for being the wonderful you that you are.

    Merry Christmas! may all of your holiday dreams and wishes come true.

  13. What a sweetie your hubby is :) A good night's sleep is priceless and he knows it. So is your health. Merry Christmas to you too! Karen


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