Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Poohkey...Surprise!

Look at little Miss Thing!
She won't be home for Christmas!
She has been on an extended vacation,
visiting the boyfriend and his family!
I know by now you have to be missing the cold harsh winters of Canada!
I remember Christmas when you were just a child,
You would open your gifts in such a hurry, sometimes we thought you were wild!
Your eyes would be big, so excited were you,
There were so many gifts, you and your brother did not know what to do.
And now I wish that just like before,
You would surprise me like last year,
And walk through my door!
That was so very special to me!
Sorry I had to get a tissue,
Blow, sneeze, sniffle,
So Little Poohkey,
From way up here,
Uncle Wain says he is drinking your beer!
So this year know we love you,
feel our old arms wrapped around you,
We cherish you as if you were our own!
Have fun with your prince and his family!
Now remember as soon as you get home,
And I am not kidding!
Merry Christmas


  1. oh cindy....your heart is just so full of love !!!

  2. Oh hon..I am tearing up with you! I cannot tell you how often over the last few years I have had my older girls missing at Christmas!! I ynderstand..I do. Here ..I am passing you one of those extra soft kleenex & gentle Mama hugs too. Hugs to you my friend, Sarah

  3. oh...she is just gorgeous!!! *passes tissue*

  4. Good picture, she looks like she is full of personality! Nice post.

  5. Oh my gosh aunt cindy hahahaha. I cant believe you posted this pic of me, this was the one you took after i had just woken up with my half ass smile. Its cute but omg. hahah love you. If you can believe it or not i actually did tell luis a couple days ago that i missed the snow and want to be in canada for christmas. I said that its just not the same. The suprising part was that he agreed and said his favourite Christmas of all was when he was in canada with all the my family and snow. We had so much fun suprising you last year, and hopefully I will see you soon again. Love you guys and say hi to my 4 legged cousins. Merry Christmas

  6. What a sweet post,Cindy...and to read through the comments and then see one from kande...
    I hope that your Christmas is a very happy one. Your post is full of love....
    Hugs from Jackie

  7. Aww..I know how hard it is to have missing loved ones at Christmas!! Hope your Christmas is a merry one filled with love and laughter.

  8. I just did my make up and you are making me cry!! What a sweet sweet poem!!

  9. Ahhhhhh now this is what Christmas is all about, your niece is beautiful....:-) Hugs

  10. this is beautiful! i feel the love.

  11. oh, I bet she was taking out a tissue when reading it too!

    Merry Christmas!

  12. I feel the love.....how sweet!

  13. Oh how sweet... Just so you don't think I am crazy...I left a comment on your other blog thinking it was this blog...anyway...have a beautiful holiday sweetheart!


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