Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feeling Sentimental!

I am sitting here reflecting on the last year,
It was a year of ups and downs,
I never in a million years thought  I would ever venture into blog land,
Nor was I aware of what I would find here,
Or that people could connect with one another,
showing, kindness,grace,interest, compassion, encouragement, friendship to be just a few
of my delightful surprises along the way.
I  have also brought some awareness to my condition of Severe Cataplexy.
I have been encouraged many times, asked many questions,
and have explained how it is to live with a Chronic Illness!
A genuine interest was shown. It is hard living with an invisible disability,
but I do my best and through you  I have got to see other places
through photography, laughed through your humor and have cried through your compassion
when my father passed away. The fact that people I had never met were genuinely
concerned and offered their blessings during such a difficult time
restored my belief in the kindness of others.
In my profile I have stated that I am comfortable in my skin, peaceful in my heart, proud to be me.
And I am now more so than ever!
I put the picture of the house in as I always have to look up to see it sitting there next door,
And a learning for me is that I am prone to have power lines in more than a few photos.
And that is okay!
I feel blessed that in the past year I have crossed paths with so many  beautiful souls!
I wish you and your families a very Happy and Joyous Holiday Season!
I have felt the true Holiday Spirit of Christmas through your blogs,
I believe, I believe!
I had very many Best Days Ever this year!
I am so excited for my future,
I am living my life
to have my
Best Day Ever!
I will be popping in and out until the end of the year,
So be well, be safe, Enjoy!


  1. Cinner, you are a lovely human being and your light shines through the screen into each one of us who reads your positive words. You are the most up beat person I know. You mention the power lines in the photo. Life has things like power lines in the way, but the magic is in the spirit of the person who took the photo and had the courage to post the picture in her blog for the rest of us to see. You share more than just words in your blog, you know. You share your resolve to be the best you can be and you encourage us to do the same. Thank you for that and so much more.

  2. Cinner, such a touching post! I know I have gotten to know you recently...and you have brought such laughter and courage to my life. I love your honest writing. I hope that you have a beautiful holiday and that this new year brings you much peace and happiness.

  3. It has been a joy and pleasure meeting you dear one. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Merry Christmas and blessing to you dear friend. You are indeed a shining star in this blogging community we share. xoxo

  5. Written so beautiful and with such sweetness!! I look forward to getting to know you better!!

  6. Very touching and personal words. I too can agree with what you have found through blogging. I world I would have not known otherwise! I love it! Words to words we are connected with love and kindness...what a joy!
    Blessings to you!

  7. Oh Cinner, I love our post. It made my heart soar. You are a lovely lady and I am very glad we have crossed paths through blogging this way! ((hugs))

  8. cinner I never even imagined becoming a blogger and I too have found so many wonderful and encouraging is one of the things I am so thankful for this Christmas, as I am so thankful for meeting such a wonderful, caring woman.....YOU! Merry Christmas sweetie and I hope 2010 will be your best year ever. as always many, many hugs......:-)

  9. blog land truly is a place to have your heart warmed completely, day in and day out...

    and as good as your year was, I think next year is going to blow your socks off....yep, I think it's going to rock your world sweet angel !!

  10. Cindy...How eloquently you expressed your joy!!
    It shows... It shows, my friend.
    This has been a rough year for you, and as the next one approaches, may your friendship tree grow even fuller. Mine has. Thank you for being my friend.
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Blessings and smiles to you from Jackie

  11. sweetie, you touched my heart with this post. i wish you in return only the best and merriest of christmasses, may your blessings be plentiful and love flow freely whereever you may find yourself this year. love and hugs!

  12. and the same feelings and wishes from me my's hoping the new year brings much joy

  13. HI CINNER-

    I am SO glad we found each other. I feel we are sisters - kindered spirits that are traveling together now. You are so full of life and love and laughter and intention. :-)
    "Merry Christmas".
    Love Gail

  14. This is so inspiring, as usual! I'm sooo glad my path crossed yours, or yours crossed mine ;)
    A heartfelt wish for a joyous and peaceful Christmas, filled with happiness and smiles!

  15. Monica, your a darlin, a very Happy Holiday to you too and all the best in 2010, Big hug to you my friend too.

    Gail.,I feel it too, Thankyou for your Christmas card, it was a nice surprise. I will email you later.

    Elk to you too, glad we met for sure. I am starting to spot your photography without even reading on Lens Us Together. All the best to you and your family.

    Shadow, you need to know how inspired I am everytime I come by your blog, always wowed by your words. Thankyou for that.

    Jackie, my friendship tree growing, I never thought of it like that but yes, so many caring people out there in this wonderful world. Big hug to you and all the best.

    Beth, thats what I need is my world rocked. lol. I am excited about 2010 and new beginnings, also getting more focused on my art, ALL the best Beth. I show everyone my treasure you sent me, my one girlfriend the other day must have stood in front of it for about 10 minutes. she was entranced.

    Bernie, I agree, I too am so thankful for these wonderful people that have enriched my life. I know your extremely busy, have a wonderful Christmas, can't wait to hear your stories. Be well.

  16. Claire, your the one with the wonderful heart, I loved what you did on your blog for Renee, that would have been very touching for her. I love what you have been doing with your blog. all the best, and may our friendship keep growing. Be well.

    Cora, I find it really amazing, I guess because we right our feelings down it seems we get to know one another quicker this way. I am glad our paths have crossed. Have a wonderful holiday.

    Gayle, me too, I am looking forward to the same. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family.many blessings.

    Sara, thankyou, I was so glad when you decided to keep your blog, just post us when you can. You must be excited about the changes in your life. I wish you all the best and happiness in 2010. Hugs

    SueAnn I am looking forward to getting to know you better. All the best, happy holidays.

    Caroline, what a kind thing to say, I am looking forward to knowing you better, you inspire me and make me smile. take care.

    TechnoBabe, Your just the kindest, your words brought a tear to my eye, I am glad I have my little blog that is blessed by friendships like yours. I wish you all the best my friend, now and in 2010. Big hugs!


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