Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Dream!

Most of You Know My Dad Past Away the End of May!
He seems to be more in our minds this past month.
We miss him and loved him so!
I have to tell you about my dream!
It was just my Dad and I and we were sitting in a room!
I said Dad I miss you,
He looked at me with his one eyebrow raised,
I said Dad I really miss you!
He then gave me a great bear hug!
I swear I could hear him and smell him!
I felt the warmth, and he smiled at me!
I awoke with a start,
feeling very content!
And that was all I could remember.
I believe he paid me a visit to let me know he is not too far away!
I know this sounds crazy!
It was the best gift I could have ever had this Christmas!
He has not been there before in my dreams,
But I do realize or feel he is somehow watching and with us!
I hope no one thinks I have been sipping the Eggnog!
I feel better to believe than to not,
So it must be a good thing!
It was my Hallmark moment for the Season!


  1. Cinner, what a wonderful dream! This time of year is rough on a lot of us. My mum died at Christmas and every year seemed harder, especially last year. So i was dreading this one. But I was so busy with work and everything else that I thought "It might be a bit better this year". I finished work yesterday, sat down grateful for the break and then it all hit me. Nightmare! Thank you for your lovely comment, I can not believe some one wrote you such a horrible comment. Nasty people in the world and so terrible the were choosing such a wonderful person as you Cinner on such a great blog! Grab that egg nog girl and two glasses, we need a drink! ((hugs))

  2. Hi beautiful Cinner... lovely to read of your dream. I too have dreamt of loved ones who are no longer with me and it is comforting.

    I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the coming year.
    Also I would like to thank you for being such a lovely friend here in blogland.

    love to you and your family
    Ribbon xoxo

  3. Such a wonderful dream and I totally believe you. I had the same thing happen to me. My dad and hugs and I could feel him and hear him. He smiled! I loved that dream. It was real!!
    Merry Christmas dear one

  4. I believe! He is to him, feel his presence, be with him. Eggnog or not it works! Thanks for sharing this wonderful dream of realility.

  5. Feeling close to someone we love brings a peace and I am happy you woke up with joy and contentment.

  6. I too have had dreams with loved ones who have passed away, in them. They have always brought me so glad you had this wonderful dream of your dad, indeed a true Christmas gift......:-) Hugs

  7. Oh my gosh...what an incredibly special dream. I am sure he did visit...and what a present. I am just sitting here with a big smile on my cool!

    Thank you for the bday wishes too :)

  8. I've no doubt it was real cinner... i've had my mum stop by like that... it's a special feeling isn't it? loads of love hunny x

  9. OH...a Christmas hug from your Daddy...His spirit will always be with you...and I know that this dream was extra special to you, Cindy.
    Daddy's girls are and always will be 'Daddy's girls.' I know...because I am one.
    I hope that you will come and see my Daddy, Mama and me (I finally posted my face on the web....can you believe it!!) I was afraid to do that at first....being a new blogger, but I have such wonderful blogging friends, I know that I trust and love each of, I put myself out there. I'm with Daddy and Mama on Friday night as we were out to eat.
    Reading your post about your dearly departed Dad caused tears to come to my eyes, Cindy.
    I just don't know what I'll do without my parents. Is there any way to ever get over losing one or both of them...? I respect your thoughts on this...and I hug you as you spend this Christmas without him. Much love to you, Cindy. Warmest hugs and prayers for you....

  10. Jackie, Cherish every moment, I don't think one can ever get over it, but time might make it easier, this year we have been going through alot of first...first Christmas gone, first birthday gone, etc. You know I really can feel him and that dream was a Christmas gift in my mind! I wish you the very warmest Christmas Wishes. I did stop by and left a message there too. I will be coming more often once I get through Christmas. Your pictures were awesome. Hugs, cindy

    Hi Suzi, thanks for visiting, You have had that with your Mom...My dad did not really like to hug. but I told him I needed it and he hugged me and when I woke up, I just knew I would get through all of this. Big hug for sharing about your Mom. I am sorry for your loss too. have a great holiday season, big hug to you.

    Caroline, you made me smile when you said you were charging in to that year. loved it.Merry Christmas, I probably won't get a chance to visit until after Christmas. Because of health issues I have to take it easy tomorrow, so I can enjoy the next few days.we do what we gotta do. Be well my friend.

  11. Bernie, I am so glad you have had those dreams, they truly are special, give me a peaceful feeling for sure. I read your post, could not comment for some reason. you have a busy few days ahead of you too. Have a great time with your old friend they are having the party for.
    is it not a blessing our cold snap finally broke. YOU are a wonderful person and I truly hope for a fabulous Christmas. big hugs!

    TechnoBabe, thanks it was a great feeling, it happened with my Grandpa years ago, but only once, and once again I knew I would be fine. Take care and all the best.

    Cora, thankyou, it was really special to me, I awoke and tried to go back to sleep but it was over. I feel at peace. Big hug to you.

  12. SueAnn what a beautiful dream for you too. That is truly wonderful. I know it was a visit. Be well my friend. glad you shared about your Dad, thankyou. Big hug.

    Ribbon, what a lovely comment, I am glad our paths have crossed. I thank you also Ribbon for being such a kind caring friend. you were one of the first people I met and from Australia, and there was Kathy as well. I really felt welcomed by you. That is who you are, and we are so truly blessed to have met someone as kind and loving and the funny. If we lived closer we could have some fun. lol Love to you and your family.

  13. Claire, we do need the eggnog. that was from someone from Crap Blog Detective! How s that for the kicker. I think i thanked him for his kind comment. So when I read your post I had to tell you about it. lIKE you said I am not going to let one person take from what I am doing. I just don't understand if you read something you don't like, move on to another blog. It is that simple....and the majority of whom I have encounterd like you are some of the kindest, most caring, funny people EVER. So I am not going anywhere. I Think we need another glass of eggnogg~ hicup lol. Big hug. I will be thinking of you on this Christmas. Big hug....

  14. Our subconscious is stronger than we realize and I believe he is looking out for you and your family and will for some time. I am sure he wants you to enjoy your Christmas as much as possible and he will be doing all in his power to ensure is warm and filled with love.

  15. I firmely believe that your dad WAS with you ...........because after my dad died I had tons of dreams about him...I had told him before he died I didn't know what I would do without him and I believe he came to me in many dreams to comfort me. He passed away in 98 and I don't dream about him much but I sure wish I would dream more because the next dayit is always like I was with him.

  16. Gayle, oh my, I wish we both would dream more, I have only dreamed about him once. I did feel like I was with him too. A big hug to you as I know how hard it is to miss a parent. Thank you for sharing with me.All the best.

    Liss, thank you, i BELIEVE it too. It is funny how at piece I feel since this dream. Big hug my friend. Take care.

  17. I am standing on this trail of loss, with you. I know these feeling all too well.
    I send you love, my friend.


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