Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking So Peaceful and Calm!

This is little Sparky as good as can be!
This year he has been busy investigating the tree!
The cat  Stinky crawls under and goes way to the back,
Sparky gets down on all  fours, ready to pounce and attack.
I tell them to behave and do as there told!
But by this time Stinky is becoming bold,
She lurks on over to Sparky and swipes at his nose.
Then she turns and runs and off Sparky goes,
Now I can hear Sparky wining in the porch,
I call him, I hear another wine.
I yell Sparky, come Sparky you will be just fine.
I have to get up from my comfortable chair,
The cat runs away, but Big Brave Sparky is still there.!
I tell him hes fine she just wants to play.
They lay on the couch side by side, every once in a while glancing at the other,
The back door opens, and in comes his brother.
Well now they are sure they can get the cat,
and the race is on and that is that.
They play and run from room to room.
I know that I will lose it soon!
So out the back door both dogs go,
to run and jump and play in the snow,
I let them in it is time to sleep,
They are all good as gold, I don't hear a peep!
So now I am off to bed for a much needed sleep!
Tomorrow they are going for a W. A. L.K.
If they don't they are sure to sulk!
So that is how we will start our day,
I am looking forward to tomorrow in every way!
I am going to make it My Very Best Day Ever!
As long as the tree is still standing it is all good!
Enjoy your day!


  1. long as the tree is standing. I really do hope that tomorrow is the best day ever!

  2. Sparky and Stinky are a couple of characters for sure!! LOL!! You need to take some picks of them trying to get at each other. I think soon Stinky will be up in your tree!! Oh dear!
    Good luck

  3. I loved this..
    I think my daughter is going to watch our dog for a few days this winter break in her totally cat apartment....

    oh the stories will be good, I'm sure !

  4. So much joy and playing going on at your house.
    Glad you are all enjoying the Christmas tree and the general holiday spirit.

  5. Great story cinner, happy animals happy house. Hope this is your best day ever....:-) hugs

  6. Our cat LOVED being under our tree. I miss Sammie (our cat...)so very much...
    Your house exudes happiness...and I thank you for sharing!
    Many smiles to you, Cindy.

  7. HA! Kim loves the tree too, but she's very calm and just laugh at it and me as well!! She sniffs all presents, and guess what?? She ALWAYS knows where her treats and toys are in!;)) Hope we'll go for a walk tomorrow too, it's snowing at the moment!

  8. Sometimes it's even good when the tree is on the ground!

  9. cute cute cute poem! glad the tree is still standing

  10. Nicely told.....they have a lot of fun! Sounds just like my daughter's house! One dog, a beagle, and 4 cats. They all love each other! Sometimes the cats think they are dogs and the dog thinks she's a cat sometimes! So funny! I got them stockings for Christmas! :)

  11. P.J Thank you.Be well.

    Cora, oh she will like that. my husbands mom wraps them up treats and toys. It is amazing and they all get to hunt for their treasures,
    the other Mom comes and she thinks they should all go back to the spca. and we know that is not going to happen. lol

    Char do your little ones take down your tree. not sure if you put one up , but even in previous years. Be well.

    Sorrow, that is true, one of my sister in laws accidentally knocked down the tree at my mother in laws one year. we all had a good laugh about. It really was an accident, we still talk about it everyear. Have a wonderful season.

    Monica, Kim is a smart one, our pets open their gifts too and find their treats. We laugh watching the kaos.

    Jackie sorry to hear about Sammie! Thankyou my wonderful friend for the very nice email you sent me. It was greatly appreciated.

    Bernie, thank you, are you excited about going to your nephews! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    TechnoBabe most of the time it is here, and our weather has realled warmed up so makes going outside wonderful again.

    Beth I am sure those stories will make her and you jump, you for glee, her for the chase that might go on. all will be good! Are you and hubby getting away!

    SueAnn I think I need to write a book about the goings on in my house. I would never get it published. but it could be a childrens

    Caroline, the tree is standing, it was a quiet day around here, they were outside most of the day! Be well.


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