Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You can not drive with three tires.

Hi Everyone!
I have had a couple of crazy days the past few days.
My younger sister decided Tuesday that she was coming for a visit,

Oh how excited I was, so was she,
About an hour later she phoned and said that something just did not feel right!
And she kinda sounded all wound up,
I left it in her hands, no problem she was coming.
After getting totally lost in the city she finds her way to my place,
and says you know her vehicle was shaking all the way here,
a loud thumping noise, but no lights came on etc.
She thought one of the tires were low.
So all is good, my husband when he gets home from work decides he will take it to get air for the tire.
So we wait, and wait, and wait some more,
Now thinking what is he doing!
Anyway he comes rushing into the house
points at my sister, and with the shivers He says,
You, you lost your whole tire!
He was so cold because he had to walk back home!
So now off my sister goes in the truck down to where her van was and sure enough no tire,
but luckily it happened going slow around a corner in the city,
rather than when she was driving on the highway.
So we were sure God was watching her today.
She had told me that she just felt like there was going to be something bad happen.
So then we had to found AMA to have the vehicle towed,
2 hour wait on the phone, someone could get out to her within 24 to 72 hours!
They had been so backed up from our cold snap here.
Of course I automatically am thinking, yeah she will be able to stay another 3 days.
So Wednesday morning the phone rings, she had to meet them at the vehicle,
and they took the vehicle and no kidding it was all fixed by ten o'clock.
So good news is she helped me with some Christmas shopping, there were no line ups in any of the stores.
The bad news is she is leaving for home tomorrow.
We did have a great day!
She did tell me that next time if something just does not feel right she is staying home!
I would have felt horrible if something had happened to her!
So my Christmas shopping is done, I had some quality time with my sister, she cut my hair today!
I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments the last few days, I will catch up with everyone probably on Friday, if  not
I wish you all a Wonderful and Joyous Season!
Many Blessings to You and Have your Very Best Days!


  1. Oh thank the Lord that she is safe and so is your hubby!!!! But so glad you were able to have such a wonderful visit!
    Merry Christmas and Hugs

  2. SueAnn, yes if it happened on the highway, well who knows. Merry Christmas and a great big Bear Hug.

  3. Hubbies are handy huh. Sounds like you and your sister were meant to have some time together though and she even cut your hair. And your shopping is all done.

  4. what a great story to remember for years and years...
    your hubby is a saint....
    your sister....well, she will be checking her tires regularly from now on and you....I wish you would have had more time with your sister, but I know you cherished what you had....

  5. tires are very scary things - i'm glad she was okay. and i'm also glad that you had a wonderful visit. that sounds divine.

  6. Oh my that situation could of been far worse, thank heaven she made it there safe and sound. The wait here for AMA was 3 hours for a call back and a 48 hour wait for towing or boost. Our parking lot had AMA here at one time or another for almost 4 is much warmer today. So glad you had such a nice visit with your sister and finished your shopping........:-) Hugs

  7. Cindy....I'm glad that your sister wasn't hurt. What a frightening story. When I read that your husband said that she lost her whole tire, my jaw dropped. She is so blessed to have not been injured.
    I am glad that the visit turned out to be a good one for the two of you. Many many smiles to you, my friend.
    Hugs from Jackie

  8. She is very lucky indeed that she wasn't hurt!!

  9. Hello Cinner, I came here from Dame penni 's blog. I like your positive attitude towards life.

  10. Hi Amrita, very nice to meet you, I try to be as positive as I can. I love Dame pennis blog, and will pop by to see yours.

    Hi Gayle, very lucky for sure, she was glad to get back home to her boys safe and sound. We wrapped Christmas gifts this morning before she left and sang carols, but you know I don't think we know a whole song of anything! Silly us.

    Jackie someone was watching over her for sure. I SO enjoyed your email today. if you want snow on your blog just go to believe that is where i found the code to add when you customize.

    Bernie, she was lucky that way too because it had already started warming up...they did say anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours, I was thinking yahoo, what a fabulous visit, but she had to go back to work. we did enjoy every moment we had. Take care Bernie. Big hug

  11. Char, yes it was so strange too , she said the vehicle was vibrating and she felt like she was in a massaging seat. we read it up on line and now we both know for next time. the place that fixed it were just wonderful. HOPE U had a great day.

    Beth, yes this am we sang carols, ate chocolate,wrapped gifts, talked about when we were kids at Christmas. We really had a nice time. As soon as she leaves I miss her.

    TechnoBabe, it really went smooth and we enjoyed every moment. my hair turned out great. i had done it last time myself and she told me I looked like Friar Tuck. We had a good laugh. Now I feel like Maid Marion. lol


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