Monday, December 14, 2009

Penquins, Trees and Memories!

Good Morning Everyone,
I just could not force myself to go outside and take a picture,
In the morning I will get a few more to post.
Did you know Penquins mate for life,
which brings to me this thought,
How would you pick a good penquin!
Just something to make you go hmmmm!
Just like how do we know the perfect tree when we find it,
And why one year was I happy with a little Norfolk pine that was not bigger than  a foot.
I strung popcorn and tied the tiniest little red ribbons on it!
I loved that tree, it was nothing like what I had wanted,
but that is what made it home,
So I guess I made the best of it.
Why is it the one that makes me smile the most!
How about the Christmas, all stockings were hung,
stories were told and we were chased off to bed!
And in the morning in my Dads sock why had Santa placed a rotten potatoe in it!
I can still hear us all laughing and giggling because obviously he had been bad all year!
And why was he so happy to get that rotten potatoe!
Of course it was that he got us kids all wound up!
Lots of times we would be riding with Dad out doing chores.
But as soon as we came on the houseyard,
We would always hear bells, and he would say,
Did you see that, we would all look sure that we just missed Santa or he was on his way.
Another Christmas us three girls recieved,
drum roll please....
The biggest red velour  pjs, and yes we all got the same ones!
They all had to go back as I am sure we could all have fit in one pair of them, and
if Santa showed up well he could probably join us too. I remember us all
prancing out in our suits and my parents laughing hysterically,
I think maybe someone had sipped too much eggnogg when they were ordering that year.
I remember us girls saying, well surely she does not think we are this big!
It is funny what we remember the most,
I don't think I could list you ten gifts,
but I could tell you about the smells of the food cooking,
the company all coming,, and sometimes there would be about twenty five people!
The men resting after the meal while the woman cleared up everything, that never
was allowed in my house!
Us kids sneaking away hoping to be unnoticed so we could play with our cousins or gifts.
Surely they would not miss us.
Our Grandpa would be on the look for one of us kids,
he always had a package of gum for us,
but when he would get us, there was always
an ear pulling to be had.
I swear he got one of our cousins twice as much as the rest of us.
His one ear was twice as long as the other!
Grandpa would chuckle the same way as my Dad did for many years!
They are all wonderful memories,
and new traditions are being formed
but the love of Christmas and love of our memories, and the love of making more,
It is going to be a great Christmas.
Have there been things that stand out for you.
I would love to hear them.
Have your very best day ever.


  1. The penguin I would chose is the one that can fly! That has got to be the best!! And there truly is a penguin that can fly!!! Really!! I have great Christmas memories too! What strikes me the most is the look on my dad's face on Christmas morning. He was always so excited!!! Never forget that smile!

  2. Maybe there are more good penguins than good men out there so it's easier to pick a good penguin? or maybe the lady penguins aren't that fussy?

    I always remember the anticipation and mood of Christmas eve in my house. Final preparations of turkey and pork and sitting down to watch the carols on the tv with my mum and dad.

  3. They mate for life? The one thing that I always remember is opening presents on Christmas Eve while we had the Yule Log on TV. It was video of the fireplace in the mayor's mansion in NYC, with Christmas music playing. My father loved to have that on TV. Silly, huh? Enjoy your day!

  4. Penguins have a special status in our house. Our first time together we sat and talked five hours at a buffet restaurant. So a week later our first official date was the movie we each picked: March Of The Penguins. We eventually bought that DVD so we can watch it whenever we want.

  5. Your Christmas memories are super great! It is so much fun remembering and letting your mind run backwards! I rememeber spend-the-night times with cousins and we had to sleep on matresses on the floor. There was a whole lot of jumping going on before lights out. I remember silver and tinsel and home movies with a BIG bright light!

  6. Oh, I sure enjoyed this post! So funny and I love your dry wit!!!

    You WON a giveaway on me olde bloggie, m'dear! From the Favorite Things post...kindly email me yer addy where ye want the Mysterious Giveaway Item sent!!! I see you are in Canada so it might be traveling a long while!

  7. my grandmother from Pennsylvania always sent new PJs and books - we always got to open her present on Christmas eve. I loved it.

  8. You've truly captured what's important. It's the little things; time spent together; moments shared.

    Our sense of smell dominates many memories. Even when we remember stuff, we remember how it smelled.

    I remember all the smells of Christmas, from my mom's Jean Nate that we kids bought her, to pomanders made from oranges stuck with cloves, to baking cookies, the fireplace burning.....etc.......

    Thanks for the memories!

  9. memories are such an amazing gift...
    my best ones are from my childhood while my grandma was still alive...she made everything wonderful for all of us, all of the time....

  10. do those penguins do that...and how do they find each other again...they all look a like. Nature is really something!

    What wonderful xmas memories you have...

  11. You have some wonderful memories!!I have so many wonderful memories a child before my mom died, as an adult with my kids, husband and dad (before he died). Now I am making even more with my grandson.

  12. I love remembering how my dad worked the night shift and mom would make us wait upstairs until he got home from work (we all had our stockings to play with) we always woke up by 5 and dad didn't get home until 7 so for two hours we would just be vibrating, then dad would arrive home and mom would say okay kids come down now and all you would see would be feathers flying everywhere as we ran downstairs, the living room would be full of presents for us 6 kids and mom and dad and mom would of had already put the turkey in the oven, oh it smelled so good. Mom always cooked a big breakfast Christmas morning and that would hold us till turkey grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins would all be together Christmas much fun.....:-) Hugs

  13. My cousins lived in a old stone farm house (yep, the same one as the haunted ghost story on my halloween post). It was a freindly house too though! My Aunt would always have a real tree with the old fashioned popcorn and cranberries strung for decorations. We would make twice as much popcorn as we would munch along as we worked. My uncle was a great cook/chef and the smell of his Christmas dinner was always the best!

    My gramma would always make my cousin and I matching outfits. We loved pretending we were twins :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. They make us smile too! Karen

  14. Have the merriest Christmas ever, you can tell us all about it next year. Here's to memories...

  15. Donna, memories are the best, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Heres to memories, old and new. I always love when you come by for a visit.
    All the best for the season.

    Karen, Oh I remember that house. It was nice your Grandma made you matching outfits! That would have been fun. I can just smelll your Uncles Dinner, My Dad never helped in the kitchen until maybe the last five years of his life. But my Mom always put on a feast! Karen I am so glad our paths have crossed. I love your visits and me coming to see you and Cider. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Heres to memories both old and new ones. Big hug!

    Bernie, Thank you for sharing your memories, reminded me a lot about growing up on the farm. we always had to stay in bed until about seven, but cousins, aunt and uncles, etc, all came for the supper. Memories are a wonderful thing! My year has been very special and I am glad Bernie that our paths have crossed. You have such a womderful heart, that I feel Blessed to know you. Big Hugs!

    Gayle, I am so glad you have a grandchild and to be around them at Christmas. The look on their little faces, so full of excitement and wonder. It really is what Christmas is all about. You will have to tell us about it in the new year, and some pretty pictures too. I wish you all the best for the holidays and the New Year!

    Caroline, Char told me that about the penquins. Nature can be very surprising can't it. I am glad our paths have crossed and always love coming to your blog. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I can't wait to hear your stories. Big hug.

    Beth what wonderful memories of your Grandma, when you said she made it wonderful for us all the time. Beth, I am so glad that we have crossed paths this year. you are one of the kindest people I have ever met, you must be like your Grandma...because you always make it wonderful coming to visit you. Big hug my friend. Have a Merry Christmas!

    P.J. What wonderful memories you have, baking cookies, kids buying gifts together,,,wonderful...we will remember the good making the loss of our fathers easier. A big hug to you and understanding how you must be feeling. I have only known you a short time, but already love your heart. take care my friend.

    Char, We always got to open one Christmas eve as well. Nice your Grandma sent you pjs and Books. I hope you have the very best of Christmases. You have a special place in my heart.

    Olde Dame Penniwig, I was so excited to have won the prize, I did email the address. Thankyou very much. Not everybody gets my Dry Wit. I look forward to visiting with you everyday as I have done almost all year. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. All the best!

  16. Cora, you just made me think of slideshows at my Grandparents, now I don't know what ever happened to them. Those would be fun to see. Sounds exciting with your cousins I love these old memories, Ihave really been enjoying thinking about all of them. Take care.

    TechnoBabe, oh thats nice! I am glad you have the DVD to watch anytime. Have you gotten a cat yet. I keep thinking lucky you! Take care my dear friend.

    Lois, my tv is on with the fireplace snapping. It is not silly, there used to be Xmas music on it too, but now just the sound of the fire. Traditions are wonderful to many. I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas. Will your husband be home at all? I think of you often!

    Liss, you made me laugh, maybe those lady penquins are not that fussy. My Mom would spend all day in the kitchen preparing, and everything was just so. It is great we have our memories. Have a wonderful season!

    SueAnn what a special memory about your Dad, with a smile on his face! I would not forget that either. As for the penquins I did not know there was such a thing as a flying penquin. This reminds me of a video I saw, there were a whole bunch of penquins just standing around, and then a question ask if you know which penquin had just made love, and then you see one penquin swimming and doing sommersaults, etc. You would of had a great chuckle....Take care, be well.


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