Monday, December 14, 2009

Walking In a Winter Covered Land!

This photo was taken yesterday in my yard out back.
Needless to say I am amazed at all the snow.
It warmed up to a very nice minus 34,
thus the reason the dog looks so happy,
although as long as he can run he does not care about the weather,
or the fact that perchance his owner is frozen....
No this would never occur to a Jack Russell.  
This gives you another angle of the yard to show how much snow is sitting out there.
That is the bench I usually sit on, when the sun shines you can actually be quite warm soaking up the rays.
This is our neighbors house. Just check out these icicles hanging down.
When they fall off it cause quite a loud crashing noise.  Luckily nobody walks under there.  
More pictures of the yard!
Billions of snowflakes have fallen,
And there will be many more to come.
Snowflakes are like people, there are no two the same.
As I left my house today the freshness hit me, waking me into my task at hand.
I could not help but smile as I tread through the snow,
I t was going to be another day that the wind would blow and blow.
I played with the dog for a little,
And then I wandered back inside,
Knowing full well, the rest of the day in my warm cozy home
I  would reside!
Have your Best  Day Ever!


  1. Kamana, when I compare it to where you live, I must be crazy, but I know no other way! We do have beautiful spring, summer and fall. Our winter is usually about 5 months so we put alot into the rest of our year. Take care.

  2. The snow is so beautiful as long as you can reside inside!! LOL!! Driving in it is another story!!!

  3. I don't think I can complain about my winter at all....yours is way worse than mine will ever be....

    how do you do it ?

  4. looks like you are iced under....
    Try to stay warm and inside. If you are able to "wish" some of the snow our way you can :)

  5. Cora, I would love to send you some. I only ever had one Christmas with no snow, then we went skiing in the mountains. This was years ago. The city 3 hours from here a Monsoon(warm wind?) can roll in and there snow can be gone just like that. But that is south of us. My two sisters live there. lucky girls let me tell you.

    Beth, how do I do it? a lot of medication! no I am kidding. I don't know any other way Beth. When I was a kid we used to get alot more snow then or maybe just so it seems, definately global warming, although you would never tell it from the pics! From your picture the other day your winter looked like ours. Take care my friend!

    SueAnn, sure it is fine inside. Driving can be another story, but they keep the roads pretty clear. A few weeks ago a storm came in and if your car would not start or you were stuck. there was about an 8 hour wait. I got sick a few years ago, so I can not drive any more. This is the only time of year that I don't mind! I hope you have a fabulous day today. I am up early hoping I can get around to some of the blogs I have been neglecting.Big hug!

  6. I'm with Beth - how do you do that? My blood is way too thin and would freeze.

  7. I definitely envy you the snow, it's grey, grey, grey here in London! But -34 in the same sentence as "warming up", I can't even imagine it being that cold, I think the worst I've ever experienced was -30 and that was VERY cold.

    Great photos though, thanks.

  8. Char, how about I say we are a tough lot up here in Canada! That and a bunch of silly sods whom may have frozen some brain cells and don't realize how much nicer warmer weather would be.
    Actually the best part of the snow is how bright things can be, we still need our sunglasses because of the glare off of the snow.

    Polly, hi, the worst I have seen it was minus 55 with the windchill. I was working in retail and it amazed me that people still went out shopping! It never made sense to me!
    My sister lived out on Vancouver Island for awhile and it was grey,grey, there. I would rather have the snow because of the sun. Glad you like the photos...p.s. I may like the snow, but I am already praying for Spring to arrive say maybe a little earlier this coming year. Have a great holiday Polly, thanks for visiting.

  9. Oooooh, snow and icicles. It is snowing a small amount today here but we still have the snow mounds and full lawns from last weeks snow storm. When it started coming down this morning, I was so glad I didn't have to go anywhere. Stay warm and cozy in your darling house!

  10. TechnoBabe, you are like me I am so glad I don't have to go anywhere. My husband said he heard on the news that with our windshield factor we were the second coldest place in the World yesterday, behind Siberia. Seems strange to me. Stay warm my friend. I have figured out why I spend time on the computer. lol.

  11. I love the snow but we don't get it that much...when we do it shuts down everything...which is fine with me because I don't drive in it.
    Beautiful snow and a beautiful poem!!

  12. those icicles look yummy. i can take a bite right now.

  13. Oh so cold, and we are colder here still cinner, suppose to break on Wednesday....Hugs

  14. Oh my gosh, Cinner!!! Sooooo cold over there!! I do love snow, but I also love warmer climate or at least, my cervical seems to prefer it ;))


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