Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

So my Mom left for home yesterday morning.
We had a very nice visit,
but she does not agree with animals being in the house
and well really has a phobia about the hair.
I did everything I could to keep them away from her.
Stinky the cat I got from the farm, By day 2 she said she should have given me a short haired cat!
Sparky our little Jack Russell, well he is a little too hyper for Mom,
and well Kula he is too hairy and wierd shaped.
I said to Mom that if I did not have Kula, I would not feel safe when I was having my Major Cataplexy Spells!

So kind of a funny story, we went out for Chinese food and she was sitting in the front of the truck beside me and she shows me her mitt and says look, there is hair from all 3, I say how can you tell, so the differences were pointed out. Anyway on the way home, she says to my husband. Oh look, there is a dog. I say Mom it is a fire hydrant. Then I say , Mom if you can't see a fire hydrant, how can you see three hairs on your mitts, Anyway we all laughed and I think she got the point.
I  knew my Dad was watching over us, just chuckling and shaking his head.
He loved pets and animals,
and when they use to come to visit
He would tell us,
Kids we are all supposed to wash our hands, we have been petting the dogs,
And he would just chuckle and shake his head!
Funny how certain things can really bother people, but we had a good visit and the first day she was fine,
by day 2  I could tell she was starting to get miffed,
I explained that Mom if you come in the summer they can stay outside,
but the temperature is  minus 41,
they have to stay inside.

The only thing that saved us was the fact I stocked up on those sticky roller brushes to remove hair and lint,
and I kid you not by Day 3 she was carrying it around with her continuously.
I took no offense to any of this though, as I knew she was trying her best
And so was I, and well look at my pets,
They just were hoping for some loving from Grandma.
Last night they slept on our bed with us.
Just one big happy family.
I know today my Mom will be washing all her clothes and then all will be well in her world again.
She really did better than I expected
and I love her for trying!
May we all accept our differences and love one another just as they are.
We really had a nice visit.
Reflected on the past,
And talked about our future.
Have a great day!
Be warm!


  1. How funny! Carrying the lint roller around. Sounds like my mom! When she comes to visit; I give her her own cleaning towel so she can wipe and dust while she is here!! She is going to anyway; might as well facilitate her! LOL! Glad you had a wonderful visit with your mom! She sounds so sweet!

  2. Lots of people have the same disposition toward pets that your mom has. I used to think it was a generational thing, but I don't think so anymore. It is good she was able to work through her discomfort with animals in the house while stayed with you so you and she could have the close time you wanted. Hubby and I have been talking about approaching the landlord here about us having a cat. We have been looking online at Humane Society site.

  3. You are so sweet to be so excepting of your mom!!! I too would have been just like her. It's nice that she is able to visit you..Will she be coming back soon?

  4. That was funny! Thanks for the laugh! ;)

  5. so glad you had a nice visit - my sister is that way about hair too

  6. Oh Cinner, I did chuckle at the thought of your mom with the lint roller! Everybody is so different in their own little ways! I freak out when anyone brushes their teeth while walking around the house, its just everything! big fella does not share this view, but we work it out! Hope you are toasty and warm in that freezing cold!! ((hugs))

  7. Too funny, and I am so glad you love and accept your mum just as she is so important to show our parents how much we love them when they are here, all too soon they leave us....good for you cinner....:-) Hugs

  8. This makes me smile :) My daughter has 4 cats and a beagle dog...and yes they all come home with her when they visit. The dog goes to her in-laws because we do not have a fenced yard. So all 4 cats get to come to "Grammies" house! Oh my at the cat hairs on everything. But I love them too! :)
    So glad you had this time with your MOM, hairs and all! :)

  9. Hi Cinner, Just love the story and the photo at the top of your post. Your pets all have the "it wasn't me" look on their faces.

    My dod is shedding like crazy right now. Seems a bit late but I know they have to lose their undercoat before the new one comes in. Cider is certainly losing lots of hair right now.

    The funniest pet hair story I heard was when my little 18 month old nephew crawled up to a large fur ball, while his mother was sweeping the floor, and announced "Hello Kitty". I laughed so hard I cried when his mom told me the story!

  10. You're so right about accepting each other's differences. I know how people can get around animals, especially in multiples...but I always tell remind folks that the animals are here, well behaved, but here nonetheless.

    It's just so good you got to spend time with your mom! And I can tell you cherish that.

  11. So good you got to spend time with your precious Mum.
    I miss my little mother. She once was mad because she couldn't drive to get her "books for the blind." She didn't see why she couldn't have it both ways! Gotta lurve it!

  12. So glad you had a nice visit. I am allergic, but the funny thing is, the owners of cats and dogs have to keep saying- "Christina don't pet them too much, you'll get sick!" I just love pets! lol

  13. your mom is sweet....and so are you !
    we have a non shedding dog, so I am a no hair person...but my daughter has a cat in her apartment and always seems to have hair on her.....

    I guess we just learn to love our furry friends no matter what....

    and even with a non shedding dog, I use a sticky brush all the time...can you imagine what it would be like if she did shed...I'd be walking around like your mom :)

  14. Cindy...what a lovely post. It sounds like you had a great visit with you hairs or not (thank goodness for those sticky roller thingies...)
    A touching part of your blog to me:
    "I knew my Dad was watching over us, just chuckling and shaking his head.
    He loved pets and animals,and when they use to come to visit He would tell us kids we are all supposed to wash our hands, we have been petting the dogs. And he would just chuckle and shake his head!"
    I can feel the love for your Dad through your post...and I am glad that you and your Mom had a nice visit.
    Tell her to watch out for fire hydrants....they might bark or bite! (I loved that! Good laugh for all of you, I'm sure...)
    Nice post, Cindy.
    Warmest smiles from Jackie

  15. Hi Jackie, We really had a nice visit, she said a few times she would just like to get through a day without still crying. Anyway I told her it was normal and she did not have to be tough about it. We both shed our tears and had our laughs but it felt good to be together.I will tell her what you said about the fire hydrants. it was dark, it was a good laugh. Big hugs to you Jackie.

    Beth I swear my pets let me vacume them, I say oh doesnt that feel nice and They have all fallen for that....I think it is like if there is a nonsmoker and someone is smoking it goes right to the nonsmoker! lol.

    Oh Christina, a lover of pets and you have allergies, just not fair. On the farm there was cattle, ducks, pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys, cats, dogs...but Mom only remembers that all her childrens pets are the hairy ones. Oh I just gotta love her to pieces. It is nice that we all don't have to be the same.

    Oh my Anne, were the books for her and if so no wonder she could not drive. It is funny when I hear myself say the same things as my parents. Lord love a duck. Take care.

    P.J. I did not think I would see her this Christmas so it was kind of our prechristmas.
    All of us girls are about 10 hours away. My brother is there but you know the Mom/Daughter connection. Take care.

    Karen, my one dog is shedding too. How is Cider doing. Now I have to say that is the funniest hair story, I would have laughed myself silly. When I worked in the mall, the dust would just collect and when we would sweep at night, we would always make sure we got what we called the dust bunnies. I wonder what your little nephew would have said then.That was a great laugh I needed Karen. Big hug/

    Cora, that is quite the thing. 4 cats are any kittens. I do love little beagle dogs. I can clean and clean and then the sun will shine in and I see it floating around. The children love my place though. It is like a little zoo.

  16. Bernie, I agree with you, I can put up with our idiosyncracies far more than I could take the death of another parent. So I love her just how she is, and I am glad I have gotten to that point in my life. Hope you are well Bernie,

    Clairedulalune, OH I had a chuckle about the brushing of the teeth while walking around. I can almost lose it if I have guests and they don't brush their teeth. That is enough for me to come unglued Claire when it warms up to about minus 20 it feels like a summer day compared to the really cold, and it usually comes in intervals. Big hug my friend. I will be by to visit you soon.

  17. Char I had a nice visit, I have one sister like that and the other has a huge greyhound and a little bichon shitzu. I often wonder why the greyhound does not think the little one is a rabbit. My sister thinks I am nuts every time I say that to her. Have a great day.

    Dreamwriter, Glad you enjoyed it! a day without laughter is a day wasted.

    Gayle, I will probably not see her until Spring, the roads can be bad up here. She lives ten hours away. I try to get home at least 3 times a year. That is one regret I have had is that I don't live closer....I do talk to her almost every morning and night, especially now that my Dad is gone. I will be glad when 2010 arrives, new beginnings.

    TechnoBabe, oh that would be nice for you. I hope the landlord says its okay. My pets have all come from the spca except the cat that came from the farm. I used to look on there every morning. I have not now for about a year. They are too much work for me now to get any more of them. In the summer I do not find is so hard. Take care my friend. my fingers are crossed for you.

    SueAnn, she is a cutie for sure. I have done that with my Mom too, I was working a few years ago, I came home to the cleanest fridge, I still hear stories from her. She makes me laugh because we both could play drama queens pretty well. Thanks for your visits. I always love your comments.

  18. glad you had some time with your mum. memories formed, never forgotten.


  19. You do have it cold in Toronto! It was a balmy -2 in Ottawa today. Not too bad at all. We're usually sitting in the cold but not so much this year. Our turn will come . . . I'm expecting it. Karen


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