Saturday, December 26, 2009

It is Warming Up!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas,
There were about 17 of us at my brother in laws yesterday,
It was a lovely day with many laughs,
way too much food,
too many presents
and a whole lotta love!
Today I rest!
it is a p.j. day for me.
Maybe I will just putz a bit,
I might even curl up with a good book.
I know for sure I am not venturing out into any stores
For the Boxing Day Sales.
I hope this finds you all well!
I hope you had the Merriest of Holidays!
My husband is off to shovel some more snow,
just around oour house and one of the neighbors.
We still have lots of snow, frost on the windows,
the sun is shining, there are chickadees in the tree by our kitchen window!
The coffee is brewing,
Have your very Best of Days.


  1. Glad you had a good Christmas. Sounds nice. We still have snow. Driveway snow a couple feet and more in some parts. We can't get that much snow shoveled. The only thing we have to get out for is library movies due. Will just have to pay late fees. Other than that, things are great. We both tried to snow shoveling yesterday, I was able to get the sidewalk from back porch to side garage door enough to be able to take out trash but that is all snowed over again now but not as deep. It is up to my butt most places. And snow almost hiding the mailbox on the top of the post. I just made an apple upside down cake and the place smells great. Take care of yourself. Hugs.

  2. Sounds like a day I love....pj day!!
    Glad you had a nice Christmas!!

  3. Every day could be a P.J. day for me.... :)
    I could be such a laid-back girl....if only..:)
    I was so happy to read about the 'whole lotta love' at your brother-in-law's home.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  4. how i love pj days! enjoy yours.

  5. Hi Kamana, nothing like it girlfriend is there! I hope you had a great holiday. Be well.

    Jackie, yes it was really nice, I thought I was going to be more weepy that day with my Dad not being here this Christmas! I think we all handled it pretty well Jackie. I think someone was praying for us. Big hug to you my friend. I will come by to see how your Christmas was!

    Gayle I did stay in my pjs and even got company! I got ribbed a little, told them at least I had my best pjs on and that I was not wearing baby So all was good. I will come visit to see how your Christmas was.

    TechnoBabe, you sound more snowed in than us. I would be paying late fees too. That is if I was a reader....I know that is horrible, but in my spare time....I paint, very seldom pick up a book, but when I do I can't put it down until it is finished...Are you like that when reading...I can smell your cooking from here, tonight I am craving a bowl of chicken noodle soup....that always tells me I am not feeling the lots of vitamin c for me today..I may as well have written another post. Please don't overdo the shovelling, I hope it stops snowing for you. Take care.

  6. Your Christmas day sounds so much like mine, I arrived home today and am having a pj day as well instead of visiting friends like I was suppose too. Much to tired and will make plans for later on this week with them. It has warmed up here as well, but we have so much snow and the sub division streets are horrid...enjoy your day......:-) Hugs

  7. Your Christmas sounded delightful! We too had a wonderful time and food a plenty and gifts too! Today we are chillin' for sure. I am tired out from traveling and such.
    We will be home for New Years' Eve...going out for dinner and then back home.
    Happy New Year to you sweetie

  8. Oh, have a wonderful PJ day...I think I may follow your example tomorrow!!! Love the idea!!! So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!!! Your blog looks beautiful too!!! Sending you many, many warm wishes!!! I'm so very glad I met you!!! I can tell we are going to be the best of friends!!! Love, Janine XO

  9. Hi Cinner!! So glad that your christmas went so well.....what a blessing your husband is, getting you a new mask....sometimes men are so thoughtful and loving. Melts my heart.
    We had a fantastic Christmas!! This year we didn't give the girls so many presents, and mainly clothing, they did like what they got and did understand.....they have way to many toys anyway and we had to extend their bedroom to fit them all in!!!! :O
    Well my darling...I have a huge day cleaning, meals on wheels and lots more!! Have a happy New Year Cinner and take care...oh and Pj's for a day...I'm often in mine at 3.00 in the afternoon!!! Yeah I get teased all the time too!!! :)
    Love to you
    Ps Adult content....its a pain that we can't edit the comments and have to remove them totally, but I'm the same & agree with you 100%....that is not what I want on my blog either.....I have teens who read it as well as my own care is needed with what is allowed!! :) No offence intended guys and gals !!

  10. I'm still looking for warmth....okay, I did find it at my sister's house christmas eve, but the other kind of warmth....oh please come back :)

  11. Beth, I too am tired of the cold, I keep telling myself, once we hit January we are in the homestretch, and then a few months after. I want to get in my yard and play with my flowers. lol.Have a happy New Year and all the best in 2010.

    Kathie, so glad you had a good Christmas, the girls would be happy with the clothes, I am sure. well i Know you are keeping busy, I watch on your blog to see what you have been up to in that part of the world. Happy New Year Kathie and all the best for 2010. love to you.

    Janine, me too, it is always great to meet someone you click with. There are so many wonderful people out here in blogland. Big hug and all the best in 2010/ May we have many laughs together.

    SueAnn, your New Years Eve sounds much like ours will be or we will rent a movie and have us time here. I used to go to parties till 3 in the morning, now well if I can stay up until midnight....then it has been a great evening. I am glad you had a nice Christmas, all the best in 2010. Big hugs to you my friend.

    Bernie, I can just tell you were busy, I can hear it in your words. I am always glad when things get back to normal. Have a wonderful New yEars and all the best in 2010. Our New Years Eve will be a quiet one. Big hug my friend.

  12. i'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday - hope you found something good at the sales.

  13. Glad you had a lovely Christmas, 17 people is big to me as we only have 7 for dinner.

    I totally with you I avoid the boxing day sales they are far to busy for me and I really don't like the pushing and shoving that goes on.

    I have been to the shops since Christmas, today is the first day I'm venturing out to the mall to take the kids to movies.


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