Monday, December 28, 2009

What a Trip!

We had drove all night,

As the sky became ablaze with the new rising of the sun,
Our heavy eyelids seemed somehow lighter,
A new day unfolding before us!
It did not seem as cold or dreary as when enveloped in darkness!
I thought to myself, funny I have not seen a car for hours,
Big heavy trucks with chains on their tires,
preparing at the bottom of every hill,
for the steady climb to get to the top,
A heavy sigh of relief,
We were in Gods country, in Gods hands,
Watching a world unfold before us,
Our safety in his hands!
The roads became less traveled,
At one point we had to stop at a little shack,
They took our names and id's,
In case we did not come back.
It was a very eerie feeling, the possibility of getting lost,
The weather was minus 40, our lives could be the cost.
We  made it to our destination and delivered a much needed part,
The oil rig was abuzz with movement, we left as quickly as we came.
I knew it would be the last time, for I thought this was insane.
On our return twenty seven moose we did see.
And to tell you the truth, they scared the life out of me.
For it had turned to dusk, and the images we could just make out.
They walked in the shadows of the trees, searching for food in snow to their knees.
Dear God I prayed, Please let us get home safe!
We stopped for a place to sleep that night,
We would be back on the road as soon as it was light.
And I would be home before the day turned once again to night.
I had seen a part of the world I thought that I would never see,
one of deafening quiet, freezing weather, peace and solitude!
We drove our way to the lights beckoning in the distance,
our trip almost done,
I  was dropped at my door, put the key in the lock.
I shivered for I knew that easily this time, that nature could have won!
I thanked God for my safe return and climbed into bed,
my adventure now behind me. gone was the dread.
and I slept........!


  1. Great writing :0)

  2. A wondrous story Cinner!!! I was enthralled by every word! I was in the car/truck feeling the cold and seeing the bleakness and beauty. Thank you!

  3. cold and scary....stopping to give your names and id's in case you didn't come back.....YIKES....I couldn't do it....I would have had to turn around right then and there and head straight for home....

    you are brave....very brave !!

    but oh how I would have loved the moose :)

  4. Your writing kept me on the edge and worrying about the events of the trip. It is great to have an adventure and even better to get back home.

  5. i'm quite breathless... isn't it in the nearness of death, that we feel the most alive. and isn't in that moment, that we hold onto it with all we have.

  6. wow - I'm so with Beth. I'm glad you made it back safely.

  7. cinner, where were you? It sounds beautiful yet so glad you are home safe and sound and warm......:-) Hugs

  8. Bernie, it was about two hours into the bush north of Ft. Nelson, B.C. To me it was the edge of the earth. I was with my brother, I had gone with him for company for him. It really was a brutal trip because of the cold...but I would never of had the chance to go again, so I am glad I went. Hugs to you.

    Char, I'm with Beth too. lol. It was a good feeling walking through the door.

    Shadow, I am honored for the comment, and yes strange when we feel the most alive...I am glad I went, but my house sure felt good to get back to.

    TechnoBabe, I really had no idea what I was getting into, you could not see the road because of the snow, and there were places in the mountains, I swear I held on for dear life. What amazes me even more are the people that originally built the roads, or built the railways across the country. I am sure the stories they could tell. There was definately no place like home!

  9. Beth, I will never forget showing our ids and having to sign in and out of that area. They give you so long and then they come looking for you. You would have been in photography heaven. You can not get up there in the summer as there is too much bogland and you can not drive the for brave, no, I had nowhere to go, and there were lots of times I just closed my eyes! lol...I am a big ole scaredy cat.

    SueAnn, It was a big 4 by 4 truck. No cars would have made it up there. It was an adventure for sure. Take care.

    ED. Sometimes our experiences do make for great writing. Have a great day.

  10. Cinner, sounds like this was an adventure of a life time but something you really only want to do once.

    I can not imaged the dread of such cold temps as the coldest I have ever experiences is about -5. Traveling in snow and freezing temps having your id's taken, I am just glad you are home safely.

  11. Sounds exciting after the fact. Love your writing!!

  12. HI CINNER-

    Wow, eerie, scary adventure - like a scene from "The Hills Have Eyes"!! :-) I am, so glad you got home safely and slept peacefully. phew.

    I looked further down at your other posts and I love the pictures and your Christmas festivities. Glorious.

    Love you girl-

  13. You have a great way with your words.... Nice story....glad you are back safe. It gave me chills just reading this!

  14. Cora, this was a while ago, but it sure stays with me, so decided to share it. This was before I got sick. So it is a nice memory....Happy New Year.

    Gail, I should have put that this was before I got sick. silly me leave out the most important part. but I am glad I got to see it, but once was enough for me. Love you girl too.Happy New Year

    Gayle, thanks, yes after the fact it was ok. lol.Happy New Year.

    Liss, It was an adventure, I forgot to say it was before I got sick, but I can remember it like yesterday. So I am at home safe and sound! Happy New Year.

  15. Cindy...did I read correctly? 40 degrees below zero. I didn't think that vehicles could travel in those conditions.....and when they took your name in case you didn't come back....sister, girl, that's when I would have turned my self 'round and headed back toward zero degrees (which is unbearably cold to me!)
    Your writing is brought out the cold....the anxiety..the quietness of a place that no one was disturbing.....well, almost no one...and I was sooo glad to see that you made it safely...and into your warm bed....sigh.
    P.S. Any Northern Lights?? :))
    Thank you, very much!

  16. Jackie, this story was not recent which I guess I overlooked for everyone. Up here we have block heaters around our batteries. My brother and I did make it home safe then. Much to my amazement! It was too cold for the northern lights that night, although the Moose were moving, saw 27. I was surprised by the signing in, My brother did not tell me what I was getting into, otherwise I think Little miss Fraidycat would have stayed home.
    That was the last time I went up there, about 2 hours north of Fort Nelson, B.c. I sure as heck can not imagine going there on a horse as in the olden days. Have a Happy NEW yEAR, Be by to visit soon.

  17. How wonderful! Glad you got home safe and sound...there is nothing (and I mean nothing) like crawling into your own bed.

  18. Caroline, I so agree, It is the middle of the night so I better get back there. lol, my husbands snoring woke me up. Big hug to you.

  19. Great post Cinner :)
    So happy you're home ... safe and sound.

    x ribbon


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