Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolution Solution!, One Word, A Thankyou and a Giveaway!

Today when I was reading through some of my Favorite blogs,
I came across the post of Dani,
Please click on her name to see her blog and post and others that are participating as well.
She came up with the idea for anyone who wants to play along, to pick one word they choose for the next year as a focus for yourself. I think this is a great idea.The word that I have chosen is Embrace!
The definition of embrace is, to clasp or hold close with the arms all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty!  During the year 2009 I have tried to live My Best Day Ever, that was my Motto for each day. With sudden life changes, I found it very hard on some days and I found myself going through the grieving process for my Dad! I really feel that I lost a couple of months in there, but I guess that is okay too.All in all I think that the sudden loss of him has made me want for changes in my life.
So for 2010 The word is Embrace, I want to embrace my life and everyday. by embracing the responsibility that I have to myself, first with my Severe Cataplexy illness, embracing my health, embracing the struggle for new energy, embracing living again, embracing taking challenges. Only by embracing myself can I embrace the people around me to the fullest of my ability. I want to embrace being a kinder, more grounded, more spiritual individual. I am going to embrace my life and be present. I don't want to just go through the motions of life.
I am going to embrace my life so I can do the things I have put on hold, or denied myself. I want to embrace others in my community, family, friends in blog land and outside of blog land. I am going to clasp or hold on to
all moments that I consider special and worth embracing.
Before I sign off for the day I want to embrace the wonderful individuals whom have been part of my blog land experience in the last year, to tell you all how much I  appreciate you! I want to Thank you for all your kind comments, best wishes, and your spirituality! You made me see the world from your different views and I felt not so closed off from the world because of my circumstances.
So now I am wrapping my arms around you, a great big embrace.
and hold you all near to my heart.
Also Thank you Dani for this wonderful idea.

This will be my 300th post on this blog, so as a way of saying Thank you
In the first week of 2010 I will be having a Giveaway, posting the items and the rules.
So make sure you drop in for all the details!
And lastly I wish you all A Very Joyous New Year and may all your dreams come true.!


  1. oh cinner, I love your word "embrace" it is so meaningful and can be used for everything....I know you embrace your life, all the good and even the challenges, I just know you are embracing the New Year and all it brings. Many hugs my friend...:-)

  2. Just popped back over after reading Dani's post, what a lovely blog......and my word for 2010 is going to be appreciate....I will post on this later......:-) Hugs

  3. ohhh... i wish i had chosen that word! excellent choice!

  4. I agree! This is a wonderful word! And I embrace you back! Your blog has inspired me and I thank you for that! My word for the year will be TRY!!! I will TRY new things; TRY to live my life fully. I could go on and on with this word. Guess I will have to blog about it.

  5. You are right, Dani has a great blog. Your choice of Embrace brings all sorts of wonderful things to mind. It will be interesting to see the many ways you use your word this coming year. In the meantime, I embrace the goodness you share in your blog.

  6. a great resolution solution. and your choice of focus is wonderful. only good can come from whay you describe here... happy new year to you!!!

  7. hi cinner! thanks for joining up with choosing a word. embrace is such a wonderful choice, i think...and it's both joyous and understanding. i can't wait to get to know you better over this next year and see where your word takes you and how we all grow together. i'm so excited about this! thanks again for the linky love and for playing along!

  8. Embrace is the perfect word for you - I'm always inspired by your 'living your best day ever'. So positive and upbeat and I totally get that. Congrats on your upcoming 300th!

  9. embrace is SO SO you !

    you embrace life as it comes to you and smile the whole time, which makes all of us smile, too !


  10. Embracing is a beautiful thing! A perfect word!
    I hope you embrace every good and wonderful thing in this up-coming new year...so much of it that your arms cannot contain it all!

    Embracing you.....

  11. You picked a wonderful word to use going forward...so much can be done with it in your life.. And I am so happy to have met you and celebrate your 300th post...a milestone!
    blessed new year... embraced!!

  12. Embrace!! What a wonderful thing!!

  13. Such an inspiring word and post as well. You always make me feel good.
    Happy New Year, I wish you all the best!

  14. Monica, thanks your the inspiring one with all your creativity. I am glad you like to visit. Happy New Year my friend.

    Gayle, you know I even embraced housework today, hard to believe. lol.

    Elk, I am glad I changed my original resolutions. This I can deal with and I think will be able to implement it. Grateful to Dani for the idea. Happy New Year.

    Cora, I hope both of us our overfilled this upcoming year. Take care my friend.

    Beth, your just a darling you are. you make me smile.

    Char, Thanks for that, when I started my blog I did not know I even had 300 things to say...make sure you enter my giveaway. Happy, happy days.

    Dani, no thank you. I even embraced housework today and that is just strange for me, so I think you got me motivated. I am excited about this. Strange that one word can make you feel that. Happy New Year...I will be glad to get to know you better as well.

    Shadow, thats how I see it to, I embrace you and your poetry. Happy New Year.

    TechnoBabe, thank you for saying that. That word has been in my head all day. embrace the vacume when I was housecleaning. Lord love a duck.

    SueAnnm, there is never any failure as long as you keep trying...I can hardly wait to read your post. aLL My blogfriends make me want to try and be a better person. Happy New year my friend.

    Kamana I have to come see which word you have chosen. Until the New Year.

    Bernie, I am glad you are going to play along, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. If I have not told you before you are a wonderful lady. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. we are staying home, but thats what we both want to do. I will think of you at midnight.

  15. Cindy...I agree with your readers and commenters..."Embrace" is 'your' word.
    You have embraced me (and many others) as your new-found friends...and have given back ten fold with your lovely blog...your positive spirit and outlook on life. I know that I have come here several times with a little bit of 'blue'...(I'm not talking about my sweater or shirt.. :)) )....and reading what you write...your enthusiasm for life and love...turned my blue into a warm smile. I thank you for that. You have shared warmth with me...and I 'embrace' you for that.
    Happy New Year, Cindy.

  16. HI CINNER-

    Beautiful post - beautiful writer. My word? "freedom"

    I love You

  17. Happy New Year to you! I wish you a blessed year ahead! Loved this post.. Thanks!

    ~hugs and embraces~... :)

  18. Cindy...sending warm, warm embraces right back atcha!!!! Terrific post!!! Wonderful thoughts!!! You are quite simply inspiring!!! But oh, I'm so sorry about your dad...I didn't know...my heart is with you!!! God bless you in the New Year, Cindy...you are a tremendous blessing to me!!! Looking forward to getting to know you even better in 2010!! Love, Janine XO

  19. embrace is a beautiful word!
    happy new year, my lovely friend!

  20. Happy New Year ! Love this post. It's a great idea to write down our thoughts for the new year. I think my word should be flexible. I'm a Virgo that tends to like things, the way she likes'em. Being more flexible would be good :)

    Best wishes for 2010 Karen xo

  21. I love "embrace". Mine will be grace.

    Happiest New Year to you!

  22. Now, that's a word I could have used this year. I chose "fulfillment." Fulfilling has so many layers of meanings, I think it will work out perfectly....

    Wishing you a wonderful and embraceable 2010!

    Take care,

  23. Cypress Sun, oh that would be a good word for you. I loved your new look on your blog. Best wishes back,

    Hi Karen, oh I think flexible is a good work, sometimes I need to be that too. Happy New Year to you.

    Christina, I want to embrace you everytime I read one of your posts. as you say Swoon!

    Janine, thankyou for the condolensces about my Dad. I am excited about our new friendship, you always make me feel warm and fuzzy when I read your comments. So I embrace you and 2010. All the best.

    Sashindoubutsu. happy New Year my beautiful friend. Every time I see your name I wonder what it means... I think some kind of angel. I love visiting you, I have to admit I visit more than I comment. Hugs and embraces....

    Gail, freedom, that is a good one, I read how you were feeling like me, being able to cope better in our homes. Made me just want to hug you. I so so understand. Remember we always have each other on those hard days to know your not alone. All the best to you and yours.

    Jackie, you almost made me shed a tear. You have inspired me, I find that is great in this blogland world. we all seem to have so much of the same things. Trust me on my blue days, you have lifted my spirits too. Big hug my friend. take care.

  24. Roban, thanks for poppin in, Fullfillment that will be a great word. You know I really like this idea of one word. Glad to play along with it. I hope all your wishes come true. I hope 2010 will be a fullfilling year...not even sure if that is a word. lol. Take care.

  25. Embrace is a beautiful word for you.
    Happy New Year and may you embrace it in all it goodness.


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