Friday, January 1, 2010

Embracing The New Year!

Well as some of you know by now this is my word for 2010.
So this morning when I awoke, I embraced my day with open arms,
a new start, new beginnings, a fresh look at my life.
I sat with my morning coffee thinking what a wonderful life I have,
I am the one in control of what I do with my life.
On December 28 2003 I was rushed to the hospital, thinking I was going to die,and here it is 7 years later!
You see that day changed my life, and there have been rough patches along the way. Last year was a wake up for me that we can not take granted one moment of any day, so I have lived to have my Best Day, I have to admit I feel like I was just coasting along with good intentions....But lots of days those good intentions were taken over by grief I was working through,  forgotten about, or put in the back corner.
But this year I am excited about embracing each day, today I ate healthy, I even exercised, I drank lots of water not because of my previous resolutions but because if I think about it.
If I just embrace what I need to do then everything is possible.
I embraced my husband today and discussed how I was feeling and that I just don't want life to happen around me, I want to actually live. I am classified as disabled because of my illness, but I don't want to be defined by it. Does that make sense. So I am going to embrace every waking moment and be productive as I can be, even if it is my drawing or painting, I am embracing my power to take back my life.
Another thing very important to me is to embrace the less fortunate than I,
To be kind and giving and understanding, I embrace being more loving!
I think today I thought about this alot.
Who Knows Maybe Some Doors Will Open.
I am waiting to get my camera back so I can take pictures and announce the rules on my Giveaway.
So watch for that!
I hope you all had a wonderful day and a Great start to the New Year!


  1. cinner, I so love your attitude and even moreso love your word embrace and see that you truly embraced the day is really a pleasure to visit with you, I truly enjoy your post........:-) Hugs

  2. Cinner, wonderful post as always! You encourage everyone to have their best day, you are infectious! I have just spied your artwork, really beautiful! Pick up that brush girl, go for it, i would love to see more! I am also going to check out your other blog! I shall see you there! Having my best day with you in mind! ((hugs))

  3. Hello sister, I have been awake half the night just one of those nights, a list of all i need to do runnin thru my head. What i should do today after my company leaves is nothing. I should embrace the day relax, recoup from my cold and the tomorrow start fresh with my stuff that needs to be done. I do believe that is what I will do. It will all be here tomorrow. Will call you after everyone has left. luv u

  4. I love the idea of embracing the day and all that are in it!! Great post Cinner!

  5. Hi Cinner-

    I love how you wrote that you don't want your illness to define you. I SO understand that desire and battle. It is a delicate line at times and at times it is a bold division between what my illness limits and allows. For example, I am not going to be an ice skater but I can walk slowly in the cold and snow and ice with support. I know I need to balance rest with activity and exercise for toning and strength. I am not going to walk on a balance beam but I can use my W11 balance board. :-) I guess what I am saying is - I am different - my life has changed - and to use your word, I must embrace the changes, the truth regardless if it is limiting. And in that honest acceptance I am free to explore my potential realistically. I guess I am rambling. Sorry.

    Love you

  6. Your attitude inspires many of us. If it is catchy, I want to get as much as possible. You are beginning this glorious year in a positive attitude and in control of your life. Even your blog has a new look. I will be reading your posts this year and following your adventures in life with joy.

  7. I know I've told you this before but I love your attitude. And its that wonderful attitude that makes you who you really are. Embrace that attitude and you will go far my friend. I'm looking forward to see where this new year takes you! :)

  8. Embrace... love it. And love you. May this year be everything you wish it to be. xoxo

  9. let's run through the snow hand in hand....embracing life together and being patient when the ones in front of us aren't running fast enough...

    love your attitude sweet girl !

  10. What a nice post!!! I too would like to embrace everyday..Love your new look!!!

  11. "Embrace" very 'you', Cindy.
    I love your artwork, too!
    I can't wait for your photography.
    Wish I could have a cup of coffee with you.
    Until then...know that I'm sending warmest smiles your way.

  12. Cindy, you are such a beautiful lady!!!! And that beauty spills over into everything you touch!!! I am thrilled to know you...and can't wait to see all that you will embrace in the coming year...I just know it will be spectacular! You are such a talented lady, and have so much to give!!!! Love you!! Janine XO

  13. Janine, I am still thinking about your post today, There are so many amazing stories out here. But your word smilifles, thats yours. You have great strength to have gone through everything you have. We can support one another. loving you back, cinner

    Jackie, that would be awesome to sit and have a coffee together. You just never know! what I have learned in this life is anything is are you doing with the water. Big hugs.

    Thanks Gayle, I like the new look, a while ago I found a really cool site, and do you think I can find was very different blog I keep looking...but I like changing it up. Take care.

    Beth, your always so kind,,,you will have to pull me,,,YOUR legs are much longer than mine... BUT YES that would be fun....

    Sara, thanks have you started your new job yet, wondering how you are making out.

    Cora, you are so kind. I am excited about my new outlook. I finished taking down my tree and decorations today, then I crashed and burned...back to meself tomorrow. take care.

    TechnoBabe, I wish I felt this way everyday. If only I could bottle the energy when I have it....I will be following you, I always find your blog so interesting. Take care.

    Gail, you are never rambling...I think the only time I ever do that is when I am tired, and then well lets just say this....silliness abounds. Your post today was awesome, and your comments always make me feel like I am not alone, because we are in this together...just understanding means alot. love ya, c

  14. SueAnn,Thanks I don't think I will get tired of it, not for awhile anyway. Take care.

    Penquin, love you, talk in the am.

    Clairedulalune, I am glad you stopped by, I need to do more of my artwork for sure....It always seems to be the last thing I do. But very soon. I like your attitude too.

    bernie, I am glad you like coming, I did embrace most of my day, got the rest of my decoratioms down, always think my house looks so bare after....but good to get things back on track. Take care.

  15. It's fab to hear you sound so positive and upbeat. I think 2010 will be a good year for all of us...I have to say I woke with a huge grin on New Years Day and I am very much looking forward to what this decade brings. Happy New Year to you, I am embracing your positivity.

  16. What a great word to aspire to this year Cinner, I think my word would be heal. 2009 turned out to be not so great for us as you know and this year we need to heal from that loss, so here we go 2010 lets heal.


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