Saturday, January 9, 2010

I love Those Red Hots!

  It was cold, the snow in the foreground and yet a fire looked ablaze in the distance.
From the reds ablaze, the orange and the bright yellow, hard to believe the sun was rising.
In the summer it could have just as easily as been a Forest Fire!

The intensity becomes stronger, more beckoning, more hauntingly beautiful.
Mesmerized you continue driving as if something is pulling you there
You pull over and stop, as if in a trance you sit taking in all the beauty,
gasping at its brillance, knowing in a few moments that any signs of the night
will be erased as daylight takes its turn in the sky!
Without hesitation you linger a little longer.
knowing you are late for work,
but loving your reason
Have a wonderful day,
take the time to embrace your day
and may it be Your Best Day Ever!


  1. Sometimes the view is so awesome it warrants the time to pull over and drink it in and receive the gift of nature.

  2. I love how you call them red hots....

    I rarely see amazing winter sunsets here.....maybe I'm not looking at the right time or the right place or the hills by me are too high...

    hmmm....sounds like a math problem I need to figure out !

  3. Those pictures are breathtaking!!1

  4. Wonderful photo's....I love how you stop and enjoy all the beauty around you no matter what the time of day is........:-) Hugs

  5. what a gorgeous sight - beautiful shots - how wonderful that you got to witness it all

  6. glad you embraced it!!! And I am the recipient of your gorgeous gift!!! You are a fabulous and beautiful person...inside and out, dear Cindy! And I, for one, would not have missed this post for all the world!!! ~Janine XO

  7. great captures Cinner! mother nature is so beautiful.

  8. Wow!!! That's the first word out of my mouth when I saw these spectacular photographs.
    (When I saw the title, I smiled...because I had just eaten a red hot on Monday...been a long time since I'd had one....and it burned just like it used them!...) These are 'red hot' photos!! Keep 'em coming, Cindy!!
    Smiles from Jackie

  9. Oh my gosh!! I have never seen anything like glad you posted these amazing photos!!!

  10. It does look fire like, very eerie for me as we are in fire season here and after the devastation of last year and the worst fires in Australian history there are a lot of precautions.

  11. So, incredible, this world of ours so long as we take the time to 'see' it.

    Love you.

  12. What a magnificent sun rise Cinner!!! And I love that you captured it just for me. LOL!! You are so right...a perfect excuse for being late for work!

  13. Liss, I am so sorry to make you fee eerie, did not even think of it, it was about minus ten with about two feet of snow in the country. I am praying everything will be fine in Austrailia.

    Beth, maybe you don't get up early enough in the morning. My husband takes me for a drive usually we leave about six and are back by about eight. We love getting out of the city...but then we have an afternoon nap. Also we are pretty flat here, about 4 hours away or a little more you are in mountains. Take care.

    To everyone else thankyou so much for your comments. I did not get a chance to repond to all the comments, I am thrilled you all found them so stunning. Goodnight to all.

  14. oh. my. gosh. that. is. AMAZING!


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