Sunday, January 10, 2010

And The Winner Is!

First of all, thank you to everyone who left comments during my Giveaway.
I have to say that I was thrilled with the response, and I appreciate everyone for entering.
Above is the picture of the items that I am sending,
At the last minute I printed out a picture of the Canada Geese as it represents Canada! 
My husband picked the name and without further delay
The winner is
Donna W.

I will contact you by email to get your address.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Congrats Donna!! woohoo!!! {clap clap clap} You lucky girl you!!

  2. Congratulations to Donna! What loving and sweet gifts you are receiving.
    Smiles and hugs from Jackie

  3. If that's my Donna Warrington I couldn't be more delighted. Donna is my friend from Maryland and when I was teaching at Towson University, she was my go-to woman in the Mass Comm office and helped me so much. So, if it's my gal, I can tell you, this is most wonderful! Hugs Cinner, just Hugs!

  4. Glad for you,Donna. And glad for the response you got, Cinner. That is a good picture of your husband picking out the winner. Hope you are warm enough up there.

  5. Holly, that is your Donna, How wonderful that you know her. It is such a small world. She has been a follower from almost day one, just a few right behind you. I sent her an email so am hoping to hear from her. Take care for now. Hugs.

  6. TechnoBabe, The weather has been above freezing the last couple of days, very rare for us it feels like spring to us, it is supposed to be like this for about a week...On days like this I just don't even want to think of what we could still get. This winter seems long,but wow what a nice break for us. How are you guys doing. Take care for now.

  7. HI Cinner,
    I was stopping by to see if I wonderful, it's Christmas all over again.... though, I didn't get an e-mail. Please send me what you need at the following e-mail address:

    Today is my lucky day, I'm so glad I stopped by.....and, yes, I miss Holly (in person) so much, she was grand to work with...though, since I follow her blog, I feel like I'm right there with her. Thanks everyone for the congrats, I would like to thank all the little people for without them, I wouldn't be where I'm at today, a winner!

  8. Congrats to Donna! How exciting!
    : )

  9. Hi Donna, I emailed you tonight, so as soon as I get your address it will be in the mail for you.Congratulations again. Take care.

  10. congrats to donna!

  11. Congratulations Donna, and cinner isn't the weather beautiful right enjoying it before the next deep freeze hits....:-) Hugs

  12. Bernie, I am so amazed. I am loving it, very strange after that cold snap...but this will break up the winter for us won't it. Have fun Bernie enjoy the weather, Big hug,

  13. Congratulations Donna! Enjoy your treasures! Karen

  14. Cinner, unfortunately you are not the lucky winner of the tote... but please visit my blog!

  15. Lucky Donna! Congrats to you!
    Thanks Cindy for sharing with us!

  16. Hi Cinner
    I've missed being here!
    Wishing you a most wonderful New year full of much joy and love!

    Congrats to Donna on being the winner!


  17. Wowsa, Congrats, Donna...

    Hope you are well, Cinner!


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